Software-update: RouterOS 6.49

Mikrottik logo (79 pix) MikroTik heeft versie 6.49 van RouterOS uitgebracht, een besturingssysteem dat zich richt op het uitvoeren van routertaken. Denk daarbij natuurlijk aan het routeren van netwerkverkeer, maar ook aan bandbreedtemanagement, een firewall, het aansturen van draadloze accesspoints, een hotspotgateway en een vpn-server. Het kan zowel op de hardware van MikroTik als op x86- of virtuele machines zijn werk doen. Voor het gebruik is een licentie nodig, die bij de aankoop van MikroTik-hardware is inbegrepen. De changelog voor deze uitgave ziet er als volgt uit:

What's new in 6.49:
  • branding - fixed LCD logo loading from branding package when installed via Netinstall;
  • branding - properly clean up old branding files before installing a new one;
  • bridge - added IGMP and MLD querier monitoring;
  • bridge - added IGMP snooping log when multicast table gets full;
  • bridge - fixed external flag in the host table for wireless clients;
  • bridge - improved controller bridge stability when adding RouterOS v7 port extender;
  • bridge - improved port extender stability when creating bond interfaces on excluded ports;
  • bridge - improved stability when quickly adding and removing bridge interface;
  • certificate - improved stability when removing dynamic CRL entries;
  • chr - fixed OS provisioning on Azure;
  • chr - improved stability when changing "flow-control" settings on interfaces with e1000 drivers;
  • conntrack - increased total connection tracking table size based on installed RAM size;
  • console - require "write+ftp" permissions for executing script to file;
  • console - require "write+ftp" permissions for printing to file;
  • crs3xx - correctly filter packets by L2MTU on 1Gbps Ethernet interfaces for CRS354 devices;
  • crs3xx - fixed LEDs for QSFP+ interface on CRS326-24S+2Q+ device;
  • crs3xx - fixed SFP and SFP+ link rate reporting (introduced in v6.48beta11);
  • crs3xx - fixed bridge controller and extender packet forwarding for CRS312, CRS326-24S+2Q+ and CRS354 devices;
  • crs3xx - fixed default MAC address calculation on management Ethernet for CRS312, CRS326-24S+2Q+ and CRS354 devices;
  • crs3xx - fixed interface flow control;
  • crs3xx - improved QSFP+ linking and mode changing for CRS326-24S+2Q+ and CRS354 devices;
  • crs3xx - improved packet transmit on SFP+ interfaces;
  • crs3xx - improved switch resource allocation for CRS317, CRS309, CRS312, CRS326-24S+2Q+ and CRS354 devices;
  • defconf - apply default configuration from branding package when performing reset with button;
  • defconf - removed overlapping IPv6 firewall rules;
  • defconf - use router as DNS server for DHCP hosts;
  • dhcp-server - fixed DHCP Option decimal value parsing;
  • dhcpv4-server - reset dynamic "bcast" flag when receiving offer from DHCP relay;
  • dhcpv4-server - reset lease's dynamic "bcast" flag on packets from relay;
  • dhcpv6-server - check if pool name has changed from RADIUS on renew;
  • dhcpv6-server - improved dynamic server entry update;
  • discovery - do not send discovery packets on interfaces that are blocked by STP (introduced in v6.48);
  • dns - fixed memory leak caused by large DNS replies;
  • firewall - fixed "ingress-priority" matcher;
  • firewall - fixed GRE protocol packets considered invalid when PPTP helper is disabled;
  • gps - improved interface monitoring;
  • health - added "phy-temperature" sensor monitoring for CRS312 device;
  • health - improved temperature readings on hEX S;
  • health - improved temperature reporting;
  • ike2 - added support for ASN.1 DN "my-id" value setting for initiators;
  • ike2 - check if TS is still valid after obtaining SPI;
  • ike2 - fixed initiator packet retransmit with DDOS cookie;
  • ipsec - fixed memory leak when processing DHCP packets;
  • ipsec - improved SA update by SPI;
  • ipsec - improved system stability on CHR;
  • ipsec - improved system stability on MMIPS devices;
  • kid-control - improved IPv6 firewall rule generation;
  • led - added LTE LED support for LHGGR;
  • leds - fixed LTE LED default mapping for wAP R ac LTE kit;
  • lora - added additional predefined network servers;
  • lora - added channel plan "il-917" for Israel;
  • lora - fixed "PULL_DATA" token generation;
  • m33g - improved support for "/system gpio" menu ("/system routerboard upgrade" required);
  • m33g - removed 12..16 pins from "/system gpio" menu;
  • mipsbe - improved booting speed on non-NAND devices ("/system routerboard upgrade" required);
  • mpls - allow to disable FastPath (CLI only);
  • mqtt - added server name indication;
  • netinstall - fixed lock file persistence after reinstall;
  • netinstall - improved bootp packet handling on Linux netinstall-cli version when multiple NIC's are present;
  • netinstall - require Netinstall version to be the same or newer as "factory-software";
  • ntp - use correct IPv6 multicast group for SNTP client;
  • package - always allow to uninstall package even if there is no free disk space left;
  • poe - update PoE firmware only on devices that supports it;
  • ppp - improved stability when receiving bogus response on modem channel;
  • qsfp - improved system stability when setting unsupported link rates;
  • quickset - use 5GHz interface's country for "Home AP Dual" configuration;
  • routerboard - fixed "reformat-hold-button-max" validation for values below 10s;
  • sfp - added "sfp-rate-select" setting;
  • sfp - fixed GPON module linking (introduced in v6.47);
  • sfp - improved 25Gbps optical module stability and linking;
  • sfp - improved SFP, SFP+, SFP28 and QSFP+ interface stability for CRS3xx and CCR2004 devices;
  • sfp - improved link stability for 10G, 25G and 40G modules on CRS309, CRS312, CRS326-24S+2Q+ CRS354 and CCR2004 devices;
  • sfp28 - changed FEC auto mode to disabled;
  • snmp - added "engine-id" OID support;
  • snmp - fixed "ipNetToMediaType" OID for incomplete entries;
  • ssh - fixed "undo" functionality;
  • supout - added controller bridge section;
  • supout - print detailed list of active user sessions;
  • switch - fixed (R/M)STP port blocking right before switching them in HW bridge (fixes possible packet loop when changing bridge settings);
  • switch - improved packet transmit between CPU and 98PX1012 for CCR2004-1G-12S+2XS device;
  • swos - fixed "static-ip-address" parameter;
  • tr069-client - added "X_MIKROTIK_LinkDowns" parameter for interface "link-downs" value reporting;
  • tr069-client - added support for Ethernet link speed reporting;
  • tr069-client - added support for interface comment reporting and editing;
  • tr069-client - added support for supout file upload;
  • tr069-client - fixed traceroute diagnostics time values;
  • tr069-client - improved XML with new-lines for readable output;
  • tr069-client - improved stability for download/upload diagnostics;
  • upgrade - fixed free space checking on flash type memories when installing new packages;
  • ups - added battery info for APC Back-UPS BX750MI;
  • user - added "expired" user status with suggestion to change password (WinBox v3.29 required);
  • user - fixed active user session purging on disconnect;
  • user - show "expired password" prompt for users with blank password;
  • w60g - general stability and performance improvements;
  • w60g - limit power output when using region EU to match EN302567 on nRAY;
  • w60g - use EU region by default;
  • webfig - added support for logo image from branding package;
  • webfig - do not show value units twice;
  • webfig - fixed "Wireless/CAP" menu opening;
  • webfig - fixed interface sorting by name;
  • webfig - show only "Close" button under "Wireless/Wireless Sniffer/Sniffed Packets" menu;
  • winbox - added "dhcp" option to "multicast-helper" setting;
  • winbox - added "fec-mode" parameter under "Interface/Ethernet" menu;
  • winbox - added "interface-speed-100G" LED type to "System/LEDs" menu;
  • winbox - added "name" and "file-name" parameter when importing and exporting certificates;
  • winbox - added "sfp-shutdown-temperature" setting to SFP interfaces;
  • winbox - added SSH settings under "IP/SSH" menu;
  • winbox - added TFTP settings under "IP/TFTP/Settings" menu;
  • winbox - allow setting MCS (24-31) to 4x4 Wireless interfaces;
  • winbox - do not allow to add/remove W60G interfaces;
  • winbox - do not allow to set empty "init-string" field under "System/GPS" menu;
  • winbox - do not show "GPS antenna" selection for devices without selection support;
  • winbox - fixed "Secondary Frequency" parameter setting under "CAPsMAN/Channel" menu;
  • winbox - fixed DNS "cache-size" parameter setting;
  • winbox - fixed health reporting on RB960, hEX, hEX S and hAP ac3 devices;
  • winbox - fixed order of weekdays under "IP/Firewall" menu;
  • winbox - fixed support for "Delegated-IPv6-Prefix" for PPP services;
  • winbox - match "MAC Protocol-Num" predefined values under "Bridge/Filters" menu;
  • winbox - minimal required version is v3.30;
  • winbox - properly show "CRL Signature" field under "System/Certificate" menu;
  • winbox - separated CCQ Tx and Rx values in their own unique columns;
  • winbox - show "System/Health/Settings" only on boards that have configurable values;
  • winbox - show "current-channel" column by default for CAP interfaces;
  • winbox - show IPv6 address in separate field under "IP/Cloud" menu;
  • wireless - added U-NII-2 support for US and Canada country profiles for hAP ac lite;
  • wireless - added override for multicast-to-unicast translation of DHCP traffic;
  • wireless - do not remove channels >2462 MHz from "scanlist" if scanning for fixed channel;
  • wireless - do not send packet back to station-bridge it was received from;
  • wireless - fixed minor typo in debug logging messages;
  • wireless - improve WMM priority assignment for packets with internal priority greater than 7;
  • wireless - improve regulatory compliance with DFS requirements;
  • wireless - improve signaling of QCA9984 interface capabilities when using 160/80+80MHz channel width;
  • wireless - improved system stability when sending packets through interface after L2MTU is increased;
  • wireless - log client signal strength on disconnect;
  • wireless - renamed "secondary-channel" to "secondary-frequency";
  • wireless - updated "israel" regulatory domain information;
  • wireless - updated "united kingdom" regulatory domain information;


Versienummer 6.49
Releasestatus Final
Website MikroTik
Licentietype Betaald

Door Bart van Klaveren

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10-10-2021 • 19:35

9 Linkedin

Submitter: schroevendraaier480

Bron: MikroTik


19-10 RouterOS 7.6 20
31-08 RouterOS 7.5 0
20-07 RouterOS 7.4 12
11-06 RouterOS 7.3.1 37
07-06 RouterOS 7.3 29
05-04 RouterOS 7.2 5
23-03 RouterOS 7.1.5 5
02-'22 RouterOS 7.1.3 9
02-'22 RouterOS 7.1.2 9
12-'21 RouterOS 7.1 33
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Wijzig sortering
We hebben er even op moeten wachten (beta was al lange tijd in omloop). Nu hopen dat versie 7 ook echt eens gereleased gaat worden.
Wireless Wire en LoRa Gateway weer geupdate!
Was al stabiel, maar gewoon leuk om laatste kleine improvements te testen.
Spul blijft gewoon werken!
Jij had het natuurlijk willen plaatsen toen je het zag. Maar je besloot het niet te doen. Maar wel hier klagen over snelheid. Goed bezig!
Wat ben je toch een #Darling ;)

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