Software-update: Home Assistant 0.96.4

Home Assistant logo (75 pix)Home Assistant is een opensourceplatform voor home-automation dat draait onder Python 3. Het draait via Hassbian op een Raspberry Pi 3 of een Linux-, macOS- of Windows-computer. Het ondersteunt het detecteren van apparaten, zoals Nest-thermostaten, Philips Hue, Belkin WeMo-schakelaars, Mr. Coffee-koffiezetapparaten, de slimme schakelaars van IKEA en het mqtt-protocol. Daarnaast kan het waar mogelijk deze apparaten aansturen en automatisering toepassen. Voor meer informatie verwijzen we naar deze pagina en ons Forum. De ontwikkelaars hebben versie 0.96.4 uitgebracht, met de volgende aanpassingen.

0.96: Notion, updated sidebar, advanced mode

It’s time for Home Assistant 0.96. It’s a great release, but we also made some changes, so please pay attention.

Last release that supports Python 3.5
This will be the last release that supports Python 3.5. Home Assistant 0.97 will require at least Python 3.6. If you are using or Docker, you will not have to do anything. If you are running Hassbian, upgrade instructions are here. If you run Home Assistant inside a virtual environment, please follow the instructions for your OS to update.

Home Assistant has adopted a new Python support strategy. Starting August 1, we will now support the last two minor stable releases of Python. This is currently Python 3.6 and Python 3.7. Python 3.8 is expected to be released near the end of the year. Once that is released, Python 3.6 support is deprecated and removed 2 months later.

Pimp my Sidebar
The sidebar has gotten an improved look! Idea started with a mockup by @JuanMTech on Twitter and grew into a full blown implementation. When visiting Home Assistant on devices with big screens (tablets, laptops, desktops), the sidebar will now always be visible in a minimized mode with the ability to fully hide it via the profile page. The developer tool buttons have been collapsed into a single menu item. The dev tools will now store it’s exact state when you navigate away, included the dev tool that is open. We’ve also taken the opportunity to make notifications accessible from the sidebar, instead of only via the Lovelace UI.

On mobile devices the sidebar will behave like it previously did. Check the demo for a preview.

This release includes a major clean up of our climate integration, correcting some architectural flaws from the past. The goal of this clean up was to a better job at providing an abstraction layer that fits many devices. This will improve compatibility with services that interact with Home Assistant (like Alexa/Google) and will allow us to make sure the UI works for everyone. We’ve done a lot of testing during the beta, but there might still be things that don’t work as expected. If you notice anything, please report by opening a bug report.

For a breakdown of what was driving the change, check our blog post on the dev blog.

The following things have been changed:
  • operation_mode has been renamed to hvac_mode to emphasize what the mode is for.
  • We split HVAC mode auto into auto and heat_cool. If it’s heat_cool, the user has set a temperature range the device has to use heating and cooling to stay within. Auto mode is now limited to devices that are running on a schedule or AI.
  • The state of a climate entity is now always equal to the HVAC mode.
  • hvac_action is introduced for integrations that know the current action: heating, cooling, idle.
  • set_away_mode and set_hold_mode have been merged into set_preset_mode. So instead of turn_away_mode_on(), we will now call set_preset_mode("away").
  • The is_on property has been removed. If a device is able to turn off, it should include the HVAC mode HVAC_MODE_OFF.
  • Property names have been aligned, anything ending with “_list” is now named “_modes”.
  • Integrations are only allowed to represent functionality that is present in the API. It is not allowed to add your own fake away mode.
Huge thanks to @pvizeli who drove the core implementation and to the following people for helping getting it past the finish line: @andrewsayre, @balloob, @cgtobi, @Danielhiversen, @frenck, @Jc2k, @marvin-w, @OnFreund, @SukramJ, @zxdavb

Advanced mode
As part of Home Assistant 1.0 effort, we’re simplifying the default user interface. We’re doing this by hiding certain configuration options like the customize panel behind a new “advanced mode” toggle. You can find this toggle on your profile page.

Advanced mode is only available to admin users and is a per-user setting. Enabling it for yourself won’t enable it for other admins.

In other news…
Raspberry Pi 4 support has arrived in beta. @pvizeli has been hard at work and the first beta release is available. If you flash this image, you will be able to update to a stable release later from within the UI.

Big shout out to @frenck who has been doing a lot of clean up on the website. Like, a lot lot. He has removed over 20.000 unused lines of code, and has simplified how we render code blocks, pages and headers. It takes Jekyll now a mere 14 seconds to generate the whole website! It used to be 6 minutes! 😲

Last week @balloob showed a preview of the upcoming Home Assistant Cast, a new interface for Home Assistant that runs on Chromecasts and Google Assistant devices with screens.

The Home Assistant code repository on GitHub has hit 25.000 stars! 🤩

The Home Assistant Podcast has published episode 53 to discuss all the ins and outs of this new release.

@teachingbirds has redone her Lovelace UI and it is looking fabulous!

New Integrations
  • Add Trafikverket train component (@endor-force - #23470) (trafikverket_train docs) (new-integration)
  • Add integration for Vallox Ventilation Units (@andre-richter - #24660) (vallox docs) (new-integration)
  • Add support for aurora ABB Powerone solar photovoltaic inverter (@davet2001 - #24809) (aurora_abb_powerone docs) (new-integration)
  • Add support for arcam fmj receivers (@elupus - #24621) (arcam_fmj docs) (new-integration)
  • Add support for Notion Home Monitoring (@bachya - #24634) (notion docs) (new-integration)
  • Add support for World Wide Lightning Location Network (@bachya - #25001) (wwlln docs) (new-integration)
New Platforms
  • Add template vacuum support (@luukd - #22904) (template docs) (new-platform)
  • Fronius (solar energy and inverter) component (@nielstron - #22316) (sensor docs) (new-platform)
  • New scanner device tracker and ZHA device tracker support (@dmulcahey - #24584) (device_tracker docs) (zha docs) (new-platform)
  • [climate] Bugfix honeywell misleading error message (@zxdavb - #25048) (evohome docs) (honeywell docs) (new-platform)
  • [climate] Add water_heater to evohome (@zxdavb - #25035) (evohome docs) (beta fix) (new-platform)
  • [Climate] Hive Add water heater Component post the refresh of the climate component. (@KJonline - #25148) (hive docs) (beta fix) (new-platform)
Release 0.96.1
  • Show off value (@pvizeli - #25236)
  • Fix eq3btsmart (@pvizeli - #25238) (eq3btsmart docs)
  • Make presets prettier (@cgtobi - #25245) (netatmo docs)
  • Fix the unit of measurement for ecobee climate (@cgtobi - #25246) (ecobee docs)
  • ecobee Preset Fix (@geekofweek - #25256) (ecobee docs)
  • Update CT80 Humidity call (@zombielinux - #25258) (radiotherm docs)
  • Restore SmartThings A/C on/off services (@andrewsayre - #25259) (smartthings docs)
  • Add hvac modes back to opentherm (@balloob - #25268) (opentherm_gw docs)
  • Added states and modes for zwave climate (@stboch - #25274) (zwave docs)
Release 0.96.2
  • Fix fritzbox climate HVAC mode / temperature (@cgtobi - #25275) (fritzbox docs)
  • Fixed python-wink method names (@w1ll1am23 - #25285) (wink docs)
  • [climate] Correct honeywell supported_features (@zxdavb - #25292) (honeywell docs)
  • Fix HM with use wrong datapoint for off (@pvizeli - #25298) (homematic docs)
  • Fix plant error when adding new value (@cgtobi - #25302) (plant docs)
Release 0.96.3
  • temporary patch to fix KNX climate devices (@farmio - #25356) (knx docs)
  • Restore sensiobo turn on/off methods (@balloob - #25321) (sensibo docs)
  • Update zwave climate mappings (@eyager1 - #25327) (zwave docs)
  • Restore Daikin A/C on/off services (@fredrike - #25332) (daikin docs)
  • Fix for hvac_modes list being null (@schmic - #25347) (zwave docs)
  • add available to device info (@dmulcahey - #25349) (zha docs)
  • Fix preset service call (@cgtobi - #25358) (netatmo docs)
  • Improve geniushub logging and bump client (@zxdavb - #25359) (geniushub docs)
  • Introduce PRESET_NONE for climate (@balloob - #25360)
  • bump quirks version (@dmulcahey - #25362) (zha docs)
  • Fix ESPHome climate migration (@OttoWinter - #25366) (esphome docs)
  • fix remove and re-add scenario (@dmulcahey - #25370) (zha docs)
  • change and condition to or condition (@dmulcahey - #25374)
  • Add Netatmo climate battery level (@cgtobi - #25143) (netatmo docs)
Release 0.96.4
  • Fix Netatmo climate battery level (@cgtobi - #25165) (netatmo docs)
  • Tweak evohome migration (@zxdavb - #25281) (evohome docs)
  • Bump pyatmo version to 2.1.2 (@cgtobi - #25296) (netatmo docs)
  • [climate] Bugfix/Tweak honeywell migration (@zxdavb - #25369) (honeywell docs)
  • Update Daikin preset modes (@fredrike - #25395) (daikin docs)
  • Update pysonos to 0.0.22 (@amelchio - #25399) (sonos docs)
  • [climate] Correct evohome hvac_action (@zxdavb - #25407) (evohome docs)
Versienummer 0.96.4
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Scripttaal
Website Home Assistant
Licentietype GPL

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Wijzig sortering
Super software, meer heb ik er niet over te zeggen!

Hallo medetweakers, hier weer een updateje van mijn lovelace config, nu met dynamische dag en nacht thema’s :P. Nu geschikt voor multi users met conditional cards!

Check hier voor full code/screens/filmpjes:

Check hier het filmpje van de thema’s:
YouTube: Home Assistant Lovelace By Jimz011

En check hier voor een preview vd hele setup:
YouTube: Home Assistant, Lovelace by Jimz011 August 2019
Ziet er goed uit!
Altijd leuk om te zien wat anderen doen voor wat inspiratie.
Ik wil wel updaten, maar ik krijg steeds de melding dat de image failed...
Wat voor SD kaart gebruik je? Wellichtb kun ie dit even checken bij HA of deze voldoet een anders kijken of je voeding ook goed genoeg is er wordt een orginele 2,5ah adapter geadviseerd.
Alles is zo origineel als mogelijk, SD kaart is ook een die wordt aanbevolen. Kan uiteraard een nieuwe installatie uitvoeren, maar ja, dat is niet echt de bedoeling..

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