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Bron: phpMyAdmin, submitter: ViVa

De developers van phpMyAdmin hebben release candidate 2 van versie 2.5.0 uitgebracht. In deze release zijn alleen bugs verholpen die in RC1 aanwezig waren. Het changelog geeft de volgende veranderingen aan:

phpMyAdmin is a tool written in PHP intended to handle the administration of MySQL over the WWW. Currently it can create and drop databases, create/drop/alter tables, delete/edit/add fields, execute any SQL statement, manage keys on fields.


  • distinct Query window
  • field contents transformations (inline resized images, links, external programs, etc)
  • display column comments in exports
  • automatic update of relations, display fields, comments, bookmarks, etc after table/column changes
  • new display mode with 90 degree rotated headers
  • display query time
  • js row marker now works in vertical mode
  • SQL history: db- or not-db-based
  • optional vertical display of the columns in edit mode
  • optional lightweight menu tabs
  • InnoDB status monitor
  • print button in db view
  • new Export page with dynamic options
  • better security for docSQL importer
  • in edit mode, display first the functions that match field type
  • parameters for bookmarks queries
  • support for changing auto-increment value
  • default initial query in browse mode, based on a bookmark with the same name as the table
  • execute bookmarks when browsing bookmarks table
  • if available, display Create/Update/Check_time
  • in browse mode, highlight the fields used in the WHERE condition for the query
  • automatic layout of the PDF schema
  • choose results page in browse mode
  • automatic detection of compression for uploaded data
  • CHECK TABLE/ANALYZE TABLE for multisubmit actions
  • can now insert multiple fields at cursor position in the query textarea
  • can now choose all segments of a key (relations)
  • could not insert some words like "$enum$"
  • bad URL (extra /) for generated PDFs
  • double password query with http auth
  • check privileges only shows root user
  • display SQL query used for an index modification
  • pdf schema headers footers for long pages
  • export results and LIMIT
  • inserting values with quotes
  • $cfg['PmaAbsoluteUri'] autodetection and CGI mode
  • escaping of \n, \r and \t characters
  • handling of disabled ini_get()
  • go back to fields definition form after an error
  • support XOR in the parser
  • check for field type when doing charset conversion
  • support for HTML entities as db/table/column names
  • avoid long delays when browsing big tables (MySQL 4)
  • support for host-based privileges
  • bad arrow aligning on PDF schema in "same widths" mode
  • faster record count
  • "undefined index" error in the data dictionary when using MySQL 3.22 or below
  • the privileges administration script did not work well with host-based DB privileges
  • having added a new user, the corresponding SQL query was not displayed
  • better "superuser" checking mechanism
  • "wrong parameter count" error when connecting with some strangely compiled php versions
  • replaced the %e placeholder in the date format string of some translations because it did not have any effect on Windows machines.
  • unaligned column headers
  • MONTH() and YEAR() not displayed as functions
  • error on "Skip Explain SQL"
  • bad Edit link on tables without primary key but with BLOB
  • now we export BLOBs hex quoted
  • better check for superuser in MySQL 4
  • 2.5.0-rc1 syntax error SHOW TABLE STATUS LIKE...
[break]Let er wel op dat phpMyAdmin 2.5.0 nog niet goed werkt met MySQL 4.1.
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Het was me nog niet eens opgevallen dat ie hier nog niet voorbij was gekomen...

Ik heb hem reeds een paar dagen draaien en hij werkt echt super!

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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