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Software-update: Rockstor 3.8-11

Door , 0 reacties, submitter: FREAKJAM, bron: Rockstor

Rockstor logo (75 pix) Rockstor is een op CentOS gebaseerde Linuxdistributie, die onder meer als nas of private cloud storage-oplossing ingezet kan worden. Het maakt gebruik van populaire opensource technologieën, zoals het Btrfs-bestandssysteem en Docker voor de deployment van applicaties in zogenaamde softwarecontainers. Rockstor is gratis te gebruiken en updates kunnen via een test- of stabielkanaal worden ontvangen. Updates via het testkanaal zijn zeer frequent, vaak meerdere keren per week, maar kunnen soms bugs bevatten. Updates via het stabiele kanaal, waar alleen abonnementhouders toegang tot hebben, komen elke drie tot vier weken uit en zijn uitgebreid getest. Vrijdag is versie 3.8-11 uitgekomen en de release notes hiervan zien er als volgt uit:

3.8-11: Rock-On and UI improvements

I am happy to announce the release of Rockstor 3.8-11. This is our third release in the Stable updates channel and I’d like to thank subscribers for their support. As usual, subscribers can just update to this release from the Web-UI.

For new users, we’ve created a brand new 3.8-11 ISO downloadable from here. After installation, please purchase Stable update subscription and take advantage of many benefits that come with it.

This release cycle was pretty exciting with increased community activity. Many users offered feedback, test results, bug reports and shared useful information with everyone else in the community. The usual code contributors submitted many pull requests to add new functionality, improve existing functionality and fix bugs. We also welcomed a new contributor in this cycle, which is always special!

All together, we closed 24 issues, 11 more compared to last cycle. There are two significant changes I’d like to highlight. We made several improvements to the Rock-Ons system, including making it easy for users and add their own custom Rock-Ons and 3rd party contributors to submit theirs for wider community. We added new Rock-Ons including Discoure and Jenkins. We also made the system significantly more robust and simpler. Expect more changes in the next cycle, but a lot of heavy lifting was done in this one.

Second significant change is to the inner workings of the Web-UI. We’ve revamped templating and overhauled existing templates using Handlebars. As a result, the UI is leaner, faster and code is a lot more readable and simpler. Most of the credit goes to @priyaganti for this massive patch set.

There are many other improvements and bugfixes to S.M.A.R.T, NUT and SSL cert management to name a few. Many thanks to @phillxnet for nicely crafted pull requests and to community members for testing and engaging in issue reporting.

Here is the list of all issues resolved in this release:
  • Significantly improved Rock-Ons functionality. #858
  • Overhauled and optimized frontend with better temlating using Handlebars. #1019
  • Improved disk scan to handle duplicate names and offline disks better. #937
  • Updated django-auth-toolkit and improved the Access Key functionality. #1017
  • Fixed a bug in S.M.A.R.T monitoring functionality. #1060
  • Simplified Rock-on app profile management. #842
  • Enhanced custom config implementation in Rock-on install wizard. #918
  • Added support for bigger SSL certs of size up to 12K. #1067
  • Enhanced state refresh for Shares and Pools when underlying disks drop. #930
  • Added better support for drive name changes. #897
  • Fixed admin host related bug in NFS management. #959
  • Added better handling for md block drives. #1063
  • Made Rock-ons framework more robust and simpler. #858
  • Added S.M.A.R.T support for MSA70 enclosures. #997
  • Fixed minor regression in fake serial ui logic. #1086
  • Added support for retaining only last 5 kernels. #1068
  • Made Access Key API a bit more robust. #1080
  • Fixed a regression with raw S.M.A.R.T error log display. #1084
  • Fixed a UI bug in schedule task display. #1058
  • Improved config ownership management of NUT. #1073
  • Fixed a regression in NUT service configuration in the UI. #1094
  • Fixed a Share ACL display bug in the UI. #1100
  • Improved README. #1104
  • Improved messaging for S.M.A.R.T self tests on the UI. #1097
In addition to above issues, we’ve also updated the default kernel to 4.3.3 along with btrfs-progs.
Versienummer 3.8-11
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Linux
Website Rockstor
Licentietype GPL



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