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Software-update: Wine 1.7.38

Wine logoEr is met versienummer 1.7.38 een nieuwe ontwikkelbuild van Wine verschenen. Wine is een opensource-implementatie van de Windows-api. De software maakt het mogelijk om DOS- en Windows-programma's op Linux, FreeBSD en Solaris te draaien.

Een grote groep ontwikkelaars draagt bij aan Wine en er is voor gekozen om elke twee weken een nieuwe zogeheten ontwikkelversie uit te brengen in plaats van te wachten tot er een aantal nieuwe functies klaar is. Een paar keer per jaar verschijnt er een stabiele uitgave.

De database met applicaties die onder Wine werken, al dan niet met behulp van kleine aanpassingen, bevat op het moment van schrijven 22.200 titels. Hieronder is te vinden wat er in deze release allemaal is veranderd en verbeterd.

What's new in this release:
  • New version of the Gecko engine based on Firefox 36.
  • Support for themed scrollbars.
  • Updated version of the Mono engine.
  • More compatible RPC interface for service control.
  • Support for X Drag & Drop version 5.
  • Threading fixes in IME support.
Bugs fixed in 1.7.38 (total 57):
  • 9610: Non-Windows(XP) behaviour for using themes in apps
  • 12182: Multiple games need X3DAudio1_1.dll (Supreme Commander)
  • 12717: Europa Universalis III: Borders drawn corrupted
  • 12804: winecfg: pressing enter in library override closes winecfg
  • 14367: revise stack-frame relay code never to touch other side of stack pointer
  • 15721: Adobe Digital Editions doesn't install
  • 16039: configure does not support detection of (n)cursesw
  • 17403: Uru - Ages Beyond Myst + Expansion Packs: Decompressing sounds produces faulty output
  • 23057: BitComet: Crashes at clicking on web content
  • 23370: OpenBOR and many other application crashed.
  • 23560: Text missing and/or background not rendered in Peril at End House
  • 24103: MYOB: won't print report
  • 24545: Monkey Island: Special Edition wants X3DAudio1_6.dll
  • 25436: Lithuanian translation of "Program files" and "Application Data" folders (see file shell32_Lt.rc) causes problems with some software for Windows
  • 26167: Crash in open file dialog when dragging folder upon file
  • 26784: Icebreakers demo does not start
  • 27050: Audiosurf - mouse does not work properly
  • 27279: LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean DEMO needs XAPOFX1_3.dll.CreateFX (XAudio2)
  • 29450: Some GDI+ objects do not display correctly
  • 30212: Multiple apps need Scripting.Dictionary 'Add' method stub implementation (AutoIt 3, Polymath)
  • 30715: DVDFlick 1.3.x fails on startup with "automation error" (needs Scripting.Dictionary "Exists" method implementation)
  • 30901: 32-bit services fail to run in 64-bit WINEPREFIX/shared wow64 (PunkBuster, SafeDisc, ...)
  • 32476: DVDFlick 1.3.x fails on startup with "automation error" (needs Scripting.Dictionary "get_Item" method implementation)
  • 32913: Planetside 2: Mouse Jittering
  • 33409: ExpeditionPCB EE7.9 crashes
  • 33672: Wine Internet Explorer unable to login to
  • 33781: Installation of CSC Show Control needs RemoveAll() for Dictionary
  • 33897: TeamView Cannot Move or Resize Remote Linux Application Window
  • 33990: MSVC 2013 std::mutex crashes
  • 34310: Exiting Backyard soccer 2004 leaves only a small portion of screen usable
  • 34518: MS Powerpoint 2007: Crashes on embedded vector graphic
  • 34582: Gothic: problems with mouse look
  • 34716: HippoAnimator3 fails on startup, complains 'Invalid name' (GetTempPathW on poisoned stack buffer)
  • 34809: WinDirStat: command line here (right click on file) doesn't work
  • 35361: Multiple games and applications crash or freeze on input (Steam with in-game community overlay enabled, The Scourge Project)(cross-process/thread IME manipulation is forbidden)
  • 35369: differences between ./dlls/shlwapi/wsprintf.c and ./dlls/user32/wsprintf.c
  • 35429: Naver LINE crashes when you close a window
  • 35463: shell32/tests shlfileop : would fail depending on locale settings
  • 35508: File picker in LMMS 0.9.90 Win32 doesn't show files
  • 35781: kernel32/pipe test fails
  • 36005: windowscodecs/metadata tests fail with WINEDEBUG=warn+heap
  • 36090: Outside ground textures in WildStar Online are corrupted
  • 36371: Visolve Deflector Black Screen
  • 36594: valgrind shows uninitialized memory use in windowscodecs/tests/metadata.c
  • 36868: Builtin browser can't submit HTML if target is "_blank"
  • 36874: Incorrect check in SrcColorKey32BlitTest()
  • 37046: Roblox Studio/Player fails to download games ('Accept-Encoding' header is valid for 'HTTP/1.0' requests)
  • 37261: Dasher crashes on start in mshtml:get_node()
  • 37888: mshtml: multi-line text inside a element is rendered in a single line
  • 38091: Desperados 2 v1.01: speech missing (needs msvcp71.dll.?do_date_order@?$time_get@DV?$istreambuf_iterator@DU?$char_traits@D@std@@@std@@@std@@MBE?AW4dateorder@time_base@2@XZ)
  • 38106: Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 fails to install, load_streams unable to open stream
  • 38111: Desperados 2 v1.01: assigned keys not displayed properly in the options menu (needs msvcp71.dll.?_Getcat@facet@locale@std@@SAIPAPBV123@@Z)
  • 38122: Spelling mistake in Dutch crash dialog
  • 38129: Wavelab 6.1.1 crashes
  • 38143: IO completions cause wineserver to leak APC packets
  • 38144: Condemned: Criminal Origins: online activation fails
  • 38165: F.E.A.R 1 freezing in the menu (network related)

Internet Explorer 6 d.m.v. Wine op Ubuntu (620 pix)

Versienummer 1.7.38
Releasestatus Unstable
Besturingssystemen BSD, Solaris
Website Wine HQ
Licentietype GPL

Door Bart van Klaveren

Downloads en Best Buy Guide

06-03-2015 • 22:03

0 Linkedin Google+

Bron: Wine HQ


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