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Software-update: NEO Client 1.0.517

Voor het NEO Project is een nieuwe client verschenen welke het versienummer 1.0.517 draagt. Hiermee wordt geprobeerd om een oplossing te vinden voor de RSA factoring challenge 576. De volgende veranderingen zijn gemaakt sinds de vorige vermelding in de meuktracker:

Build 1.0.517 (Stable) - December 3, 2002
* Resolved packet loss problem.
* Fixed english capitalization problem.
* Added 3 connection attempts, this will eliminate a lot of mouse clicking!
* Removed all support for GETCPU.DLL.
* Fixed No CPU Identification bug.
* Fixed last packet sent date display problem.

Build 1.0.516 (Stable) - December 2, 2002
* Updated the CPU Identifier with Scraps changes (added "debug" and support for XP 2800+)
* Tightened up client communications.
* Removed a lot of fluff from the program to allow it to use less resources.
* Made a couple minor changes in english.txt. (spelling)
* Made more math library optimizations.

Build 1.0.515 (Stable) - November 22, 2002
* Removed NEO.DLL and replaced it with our own math library, NTL was just to unstable for windows.
* Fixed a packet submission problem, put more data in to the packets as it was just a waste of processing time to send a packet every two minutes, its really about the data and not the points.
* Changed KPS (Keys per seconds) to Mathematical Operations per second as it is more accurate of a benchmark then keys per second.
* Added code changes to CPUID from Scrap.
* Updated the German.Txt as there were a few mistakes.

Build 1.0.513 (Stable) - November 18, 2002
* Added support for several languages.
* Added languages German and Dutch. Special thanks to Sören Weber & Ingmar Goudt.
* Removed all of the other executables, and merged the different optimizations together based on the CPU function that was written by Scrap. You will only need the one Neo executable from now on. This is the way it originally was and we thought it would boost the speed if we sepearted them.
* Added a packet Time out, prior it would just sit there and wait until it received an from the server.
* Removed numbers being calculated (was forgotten since Keys per second was added)
* Added French.
* Added Portuguese.
* Added credits in about for translators.
* Added new code in for scraps CPUID (AMD ID's).

Build 1.0.512 (Stable) - November 14, 2002
* Replaced the GETCPU.DLL with a great CPU identification routine. You can no longer edit your CPU information in the client. This routine was Submitted by scrap (
* Recompiled NEO.DLL after optimizing it for speed.

Build 1.0.510 (Stable) - November 13, 2002
* Fixed Last Date & Time problem where the Greek Version of Windows 98 would show a different font (unreadable) for the date and time.
* Removed the 'xx Left' from Neo as it was inaccurate and not required as the queued amount decreases as packets are sent in anyhow.
* Fixed disappearing tray icon.
* Removed conversion routine to convert old stats.dat file to the registry.
* Removed a lot of unnecessary text messages.
* Removed keys from display and replaced it with # keys checked per second, this will improve on performance.
* Will now create a file called fpoint.dat to store the current packet position instead of storing in the registry. This will allow multiple versions of neo to be run on the same system in different directorys.
* Found that Neo would send an extra packet everytime you press connect, this is fixed.
* The new keys per second was hiding connection messages, this is now fixed.
* Fixed a GPF when doing a call to neo DLL in the optimized version.
* Fixed connection button.
* Found an error branching problem where it would not send any packets (only effected 501+)
* Removed wait for ACK on each packet, do a checksum at the very end based in entire package.
* Added better support for flushing.
* Added Corruption checking to client to resend packet.
* Fixed bottlenexk on server.
* Implemented a full ACK/NAK type system.

Build 1.0.407 (STABLE!) - November 2, 2002
* Added support for 8 more servers.
Versienummer 1.0.517
Besturingssystemen Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website The NEO Project
Licentietype Voorwaarden (GNU/BSD/etc.)

Door Japke Rosink


07-12-2002 • 13:26

0 Linkedin Google+

Submitter: rene de maaijer

Bron: The NEO Project



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