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Software-update: Wine 1.7.19

Wine logoEr is met versienummer 1.7.19 een nieuwe ontwikkelbuild van Wine verschenen. Wine is een opensource-implementatie van de Windows-api. De software maakt het mogelijk om DOS- en Windows-programma's op onder andere Linux, FreeBSD en Solaris te draaien. Een grote groep ontwikkelaars draagt bij aan Wine en er is voor gekozen om elke twee weken een nieuwe zogeheten ontwikkelversie uit te brengen, in plaats van te wachten tot er een aantal nieuwe functies klaar is. Een paar keer per jaar verschijnt er een stabiele uitgave. De database met applicaties die onder Wine werken, al dan niet met behulp van kleine aanpassingen, bevat op het moment van schrijven precies 21.252 titels. Hieronder is te vinden wat er in deze release allemaal is veranderd en verbeterd.

What's new in this release:
  • New JSProxy DLL for automatic proxy configuration.
  • More OLE Accessible Object support.
  • Improvements to the XML writer.
  • Fixes for various memory issues found by Valgrind.
  • Initial headers for Direct2D support.
Bugs fixed in 1.7.19 (total 99):
  • 4264: Multiple apps refuse to install, complain about registry security (The 4th coming, Google Pack Installer expect a non-null DACL)
  • 10202: Battery visualization not working in WMP9
  • 12326: SHELL_FindExecutable breaks "mailto:" URL
  • 14222: RpcBindingSetAuthInfo(Ex) fails with RPC_C_AUTHN_GSS_NEGOTIATE (Outlook 2007 connecting to Exchange server)
  • 14690: Winamp Equalizer and playlist keeps always on top
  • 15841: Counter-Strike: Source (Steam) crashes when joining game
  • 16484: Dramatica Demo 4.0 file open dialog has the file name text box cursor in an incorrect position
  • 16503: Gears of War fails on startup
  • 17004: C&C Red Alert 3: black screen when Shadow Quality > Low
  • 17083: Counter-Strike: Source (Steam): background artefacts
  • 17798: Deus Ex: Invisible War crashed upon loading the main menu.
  • 18447: fr-minus-012 hangs without doing seemingly anything
  • 18592: ICQ 6.x fail to load
  • 19427: Radio Manager 1.4 (.NET 2.0 app) fails on startup
  • 19841: Wolfenstein (2009)(Steam): mouse cursor remains onscreen during FPS gameplay even after all menus are closed.
  • 20126: HuluDesktop 0.9.x fails to start
  • 21239: Left 4 Dead 2 (Steam) crashes trying to join a multiplayer game
  • 22999: Lord of the Rings online: keyboard input doesn't work after the window was restored
  • 23593: Supreme Commander 2 Demo (Steam) has some rendering artifacts
  • 23988: Alt + Tab woes on Ubuntu and Debian.
  • 24901: Sky Track: Crashes unexpectedly
  • 25036: Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War II (Steam) starts to load gives no error and stops
  • 25245: Gears of War fails on startup (ICustomDoc::SetUIHandler is a stub)
  • 25343: mstsc fails when using rdp 7 client protocol
  • 25479: Fussball Manager 11 crashes after showing the EA Logo
  • 25595: Source engine games don't even launch
  • 26016: Multiple Microsoft installers crash with heap corruption (StringTableXXX: binary compatible string table helps to reduce crash frequency)(XmlLite, XPSEP, IE7)
  • 26296: Future Pinball could not load more than two or three different table in a row
  • 26396: Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 has no audio without native quartz
  • 26487: Game menu items installed by steam don't work
  • 26717: Minitroid tech demo shows animation then stops
  • 27963: Multiple games fail to start due to unimplemented function USER32.dll.RegisterTouchWindow (Anomaly: Warzone Earth, Shadowrun Returns)
  • 27976: Software Astronav Crash
  • 27992: Pazera Free Audio Extractor - Shift problem
  • 27993: Pazera Free Audio Extractor - Directory problem
  • 28439: Panzer Corps: fonts barely readable
  • 28473: uTorrent 3.x hangs randomly
  • 28496: From Dust (Steam) crashes after loading screen
  • 29534: RIFF File Viewer crashes on choosing an item in a context menu
  • 29906: wine build broken on clang from trunk
  • 30450: Restarting a mission in Urban Chaos causes a crash
  • 30565: monogame drawing flickers
  • 30694: Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition (Steam): game launcher crashes instantly
  • 30743: hydorah is unbelievable slow
  • 31362: Grand Theft Auto IV (Steam) fails to start, reportings 'DD3D20: reinstall the game and/or DirectX'
  • 32177: Left 4 Dead 2 (Steam): can't enable multicore rendering option
  • 32190: Forex Strategy Builder Professional(.NET app) fails to start
  • 32472: Sonic CD (Steam) crashes with invalid parameters received
  • 32511: BioShock 2 (Steam): Bioshock2.exe cannot be launched directly, please launch using Bioshock2Launcher.exe
  • 32595: Guild Wars 2: mini map is rendered incorrectly
  • 32784: Open Morrowind fails to start without native d3dx9
  • 33114: Bioshock (Steam) crashes on exit
  • 33797: DigiCel FlipBook crashes when attempting to load the main UI.
  • 34100: Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator (demo version 1.66) crashes on startup
  • 34371: Batman: Arkham City launcher needs native dotnet20
  • 34448: League Of Legends v3.11: crash before game start since last patch
  • 34659: Bioshock 2 (Steam): mouse can't be moved in main menu
  • 34670: ManiaPlanet thinks it's not connected to the internet
  • 34881: 32-bit Python 3.3.2 fails to install
  • 34999: Huawei HedEx Lite V2.0 fails to start
  • 35079: DisplayFusion v5.1.1 (.NET 2.0 app) fails to run
  • 35177: A Vampyre Story crashes
  • 35335: MSVC 2013 C compiler (cl.exe) fails/crashes
  • 35389: 64-bit Newsbin Pro 6.50 crashes on startup
  • 35468: Telepone (MTSP FIM) needs msvcr100.dll.__AdjustPointer
  • 36003: mshtml/htmldoc tests crash with WINEDEBUG=warn+heap
  • 36049: Marangatu (VB6 app) reports 'Run-time error -2147467259 (80004005)' when clicking 'about...' menu
  • 36067: Fallout 3: semi-random crashes
  • 36108: Chantelise crashes on start
  • 36118: kernel32/actctx tests have a couple leaks
  • 36119: valgrind shows leaks in ntdll/tests/file.c
  • 36120: valgrind shows a leak in d3d9/vertextdeclaration test
  • 36125: valgrind shows a leak in oleaut32/tests/olefont.c
  • 36140: Dungeons & Dragons Online crashes upon login (needs msvcp100.dll.?uncaught_exception@std@@YA_NXZ)
  • 36144: Airport Tycoon 2 demo needs msvcp70.dll.??0?$basic_fstream@DU?$char_traits@D@std@@@std@@QAE@PBDH@Z
  • 36178: HearthStone fails to start (Failed to load asset PlayErrors32)
  • 36204: TrySim v5.0 demo has problem displaying the help window
  • 36206: Wine Not lietening on UDP Port 9998 while running odindiet.exe application
  • 36209: Sybase PowerDesigner 16.5 'pdshell16.exe' (.NET 4.x WPF app) wants non-blocking wait behaviour for ntdll.LdrLockLoaderLock (flag 0x02)
  • 36215: Inspect tool (Microsoft Active Accessibility inspector), part of Windows 7 SDK needs oleacc.dll.GetProcessHandleFromHwnd
  • 36227: Salammbo: invisible mouse pointer in the menus
  • 36228: Lotus Notes 8.x installer aborts with SAX parser exception (XSL pattern syntax error)
  • 36250: valgrind shows an uninitialized value in ddraw/tests/ddraw{1,2}.c
  • 36253: Add Nvidia gtx 750 support to the device list
  • 36277: valgrind shows a leak in fusion/tests/asm.c
  • 36293: valgrind shows some unitialized memory in msvcp60/tests/ios.c
  • 36294: valgrind shows some uninitialized memory in msvcp60/tests/string.c
  • 36296: valgrind shows a potential leak in msvcp90/tests/ios.c
  • 36307: valgrind shows a possible leak in netcfg/tests/netcfgx.c
  • 36311: valgrind shows some leaks in oledb32/tests/database.c
  • 36329: valgrind shows an invalid read in sccrun/tests/filesystem.c
  • 36358: valgrind shows some uninitialized memory used in dplayx/tests/dplayx.c
  • 36372: Inspect tool (Microsoft Active Accessibility inspector), part of Windows 7 SDK needs oleacc.dll.GetStateTextW
  • 36376: eRacer demo doesn't start, fails to create d3d object
  • 36387: Multiple Microsoft installers crash or hang with heap corruption (XmlLite, XPSEP, IE7)
  • 36409: valgrind shows a couple leaks in netcfgx/tests/netcfgx.c
  • 36444: ICQ 7.x crashes during post-install step
  • 36458: wine tries to run all 16 bit programs with dosbox
  • 36470: Inspect tool (Microsoft Active Accessibility inspector), part of Windows 7 SDK needs oleacc.dll.WindowFromAccessibleObject

Versienummer 1.7.19
Releasestatus Unstable
Besturingssystemen Linux, BSD, Solaris
Website Wine HQ
Bestandsgrootte 20,63MB
Licentietype GPL

Door Bart van Klaveren

Downloads en Best Buy Guide

19-05-2014 • 07:50

1 Linkedin Google+

Bron: Wine HQ


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Direct2D, it's happening _/-\o_

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