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Bron: Axel Rietschin Software Developments

FastPictureViewer logo (60 pix)Versie 1.9 build 314 van FastPictureViewer is uitgekomen. Dit programma is bedoeld voor de digitale fotograaf en kan worden gebruikt om snel en eenvoudig grote hoeveelheden afbeeldingen te bekijken en te waarderen. Er zijn geen mogelijkheden om afbeeldingen te bewerken, maar het programma biedt wel ondersteuning voor het raw-formaat van meer dan 430 verschillende digitale camera's. Aparte downloads zijn beschikbaar voor 32bit- en 64bit-omgevingen, en het programma is gratis voor niet-commercieel gebruik. Sinds de vorige vermelding in de Meuktracker zijn de volgende veranderingen en verbeteringen doorgevoerd:

Changes in version 1.9 build 314
  • The program was not working correctly when trying to set the "Mark for Publishing" flag to all the filtered images (using Shift+Ctrl+P when a View Filter is active), and the view filter itself included the "Marked for Publishing" flag as a filtering condition.
Changes in version 1.9 build 313
  • The gadget's opacity can now be set all the way down to 0%, making them fully transparent unless the mouse hovers them (the minimum was 20% before).
  • Numeric pad "/" (divide) is now mapped to the "move file" command (divide is thus an alias for Alt+K, conveniently placed next to numeric pad "*", multiply, which is an alias for the Copy function K).
  • Cosmetic bug fixes and small bug fixes in the File Utilities plug-in and IPTC Editor plug-in.
Changes in version 1.9 build 312
  • File Utilities plug-in maintenance release with tiny enhancements.
Changes in version 1.9 build 311
  • Added differentiated throttling on USB/Removable drives and Remote/Network drives, with new defaults, now overridable from registry values (RemoveableDrivesThrottle and RemoteDrivesThrottle).
  • Those settings help reduce choking on slow devices or networks where (excessive) parallel loading on multi-core machines can cause severe congestions, leading to bad performances.
  • Prior to build 311 removable drives and network drives were treated the same, with a conservative common throttle, potentially penalizing users with fast file servers (e.g.
  • Windows Server) on fast networks (e.g. Gigabit Ethernet).
Changes in version 1.9 build 310
  • Raw codecs refresh (, fixes a discrepancy with TIFF files created with Nikon Capture NX software, which were misidentified.
Changes in version 1.9 build 309
  • Stability and performance release: fixes three extremely rarely occurring crashes and optimizes timing accuracy of very fast slideshows.
Changes in version 1.9 build 308
  • The lost shadows/highlights indicator feature, available as an option to the Zoom/Radar gadget (Z), has been enhanced and now works in full screen, through the C key, in GPU-accelerated mode.
  • A program option on the Personalization page let you control the behavior of the C key, from spring-loaded Lo/Hi (press to see both lost shadows and highlights together, release to return to normal), to Sticky Lo/Hi (press and release to activate, then press and release to go back to normal), to Cycle through Lo, Hi, Normal (press and release to see lost shadows, press and release again to see lost highlights, press and release yet again to return to normal view).
  • The default is spring-loaded, which requires only a single key press, under the assumption that you only need a quick glimpse at shadows/highlights.
  • In default mode you can press Shift+C instead of just C to enter a sticky mode, which stays on until the C key is pressed again.
  • You can zoom/pan, change the image, rate, preview in B&W etc while the lost shadows/highlight mode is in effect, it just works seamlessly.
Changes in version 1.9 build 307
  • Bug fix release which solves an ICC profile issue which caused some JPEG files to be rendered as solid blue or otherwise incorrectly.
  • Also fixes an inconsistency when images containing embedded ColorMatch ICC profiles were mixed with images containing embedded Adobe RGB (1998) profiles, where the program was sometimes mistaking one type for the other.
Changes in version 1.9 build 306
  • Extended the auto-advance (slideshow) speed range: now goes from 60 images per second to 1 image every 4 hours.
  • Tiny bug fixes.
Changes in version 1.9 build 305
  • Workaround for a crash happening when starting the IPTC Editor, when the machine has certain versions of NVIDIA drivers installed.
Changes in version 1.9 build 304
  • More bug fixes: the program crashes when changing image folder while the Histogram and Room/Radar gadgets are both active AND linked.
Changes in version 1.9 build 303
  • Tiny bug fixes: User-overlay disappears when resizing the program window in GPU-accelerated mode.
  • XMP gadget very slowly leaks memory.
Changes in version 1.9 build 302
  • Bug fix release (camera SN feature in conjunction with external XMP sidecar fixed).
Changes in version 1.9 build 301
  • Camera serial number support extended to more camera models, such as the Canon EOS-1D X.
Changes in version 1.9 build 300
  • Keep/copy file verification option.
  • New {ImageIndex} macro available in renaming templates.
  • Small bug fixes.

FastPictureViewer screenshot (620 pix)

Versienummer 1.9 build 314
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8
Website Axel Rietschin Software Developments
Bestandsgrootte 33,30MB
Licentietype Freeware/Betaald
Moderatie-faq Wijzig weergave

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