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Software-update: Combined Community Codec Pack 01.08.2013

Combined Community Codec Pack logo (90 pix)Er is een stabiele release van het Combined Community Codec Pack verschenen. Hoewel de naam anders doet vermoeden, is het Combined Community Codec Pack eigenlijk een filterpakket. Waar voorheen van het ffdshow-filterpaket gebruik gemaakt werd, wordt tegenwoordig de voorkeur aan de LAV-filters gegeven. Naast de nodige filters wordt ook de mediaspeler Media Player Classic Home Cinema meegeleverd en alle componenten zijn naar keuze te installeren. Hieronder is het changelog van deze release te vinden.

Updated components:
  • LAV Filters
  • MPC-HC (shows up as 7680)
  • xy-VSFilter 3.0.0."232"
Installer and settings applications
  • OGM/OGG has been switched over to Haali because of seeking difficulties with certain OGM samples in ffmpeg (see issue 2739 for future information). This was fixed in libav, but unfortunately the differences in the two projects' demuxers make applying the fix to ffmpeg's OGG demuxer useless.
  • D3D Fullscreen can now be switched to windowed mode just like the normal full screen mode. The hotkey toggling D3D Fullscreen is now disabled by default so that newcomers do not accidentally switch to it and wonder what happened.
  • The audio switcher will now show all audio tracks available, including all the embedded tracks exhibited by the source filter, as well as the external tracks.
  • Various XySubFilter-related enhancements. This build will prefer XySubFilter to xy-VSFilter if the first is registered onto the system.
  • The resolution check in the subtitle renderer has been matched up to the one in xy-VSFilter, see the xy-VSFilter changes for more details.
  • Various miscellaneous fixes.
  • A validity check for Vorbis streams was corrected to not fail with certain correct Vorbis streams. See ffmpeg issue 2720 for more information.
  • "Default track" flags are now also enabled for video tracks.
  • The current chapter point in LAV Splitter's tray icon should now show the correct current chapter, instead of being around 10 seconds in the future depending on the amount of internal caching done.
  • Slight improvement in the transition between ordered chapters with LAV Splitter in case the chapter points weren't exactly at the right spot time wise.
  • PMP, NUT, HLS, FLIC and Avisynth (yes!) demuxing enabled in LAV Splitter by default.
    • Fully DirectShow Avisynth script playback does still need that the AVI/WAV File Source filter doesn't jump in front of it (that the Avisynth installer usually registers as the source filter for ".avs"). Either block this filter in MPC-HC or remove the source filter registration for this.
    • The new Avisynth demuxer is currently not exactly perfect in ffmpeg, Avisynth 2.6 is recommended for stability. See ffmpeg issue 2526 for more information.
  • Camtasia (TechSmith Screen Capture Codec), DV, QuickTime 8BPS, LOCO, FLIC and Go2Meeting video formats enabled in LAV Video by default. Most of these are minor, except for DV that has actually been found on someone's hard drive once.
  • Slice-based multithreading has now been enabled for YADIF in LAV Video.
  • The resolution check for xy-VSFilter is now modified to block areas larger than 8000x500 samples, instead of checking if either width or height was larger than 4000. This is in a way more strict of a check, but on the other hand enables very long scrolling text to be shown again. The reason such a check is needed to begin with is because certain broken scripts make xy-VSFilter go Out Of Address Space on 32bit systems.
  • The colormatrix guessing has been fixed. Used to be always BT.601, now defaults to BT.709 or BT.601 depending on the resolution.
  • A fix from MPC-HC has been backported in order to fix WrapStyle = 3.
  • Seven commits applied regarding making xy-VSFilter's reconnection logic somewhat better. This fixes cases where xy-VSFilter would "OK" a change even though it had no way of pushing out the changed sample type to the following filter in the chain.
  • A fix from MPC-BE has been backported in order to fix rendering of vobsubs in Matroska using the "custom colors" feature (MPC-BE revision 1995).
  • UTF-8 parsing enhancements. Added support for U+10000-U+10FFFF UTF-8 encoded characters, and other backported fixes from MPC-HC.

Versienummer 01.08.2013
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8
Bestandsgrootte 8,85MB
Licentietype Freeware


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