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Software-update: EditPad Pro 7.0.7

EditPad logo (60 pix) JGsoft heeft niet alleen zijn gratis teksteditor EditPad Lite van een update voorzien, ook van EditPad Pro is een nieuwe versie uitgekomen. Waar EditPad Lite is bedoeld als vervanger van Notepad, is EditPad Pro meer bedoeld voor programmeurs. Zo is er bijvoorbeeld een spellingschecker die rekening houdt met syntax coloring en zijn een hex-editor, een file-compare-optie, een bookmarkmogelijkheid en een ingebakken ftp-client aanwezig. Een volledig overzicht van de extra mogelijkheden ten opzichte van de Lite-versie kan op deze pagina worden gevonden. Sinds versie 7.0.5 zijn de volgende veranderingen en verbeteringen doorgevoerd:

EditPad Pro 7.0.7

New features:
  • Forum: Attach the clip selected in the Clip Collection panel and add attached clips to the Clip Collection panel.
  • Forum: Attach the collection from the Clip Collection panel and load attached clip collections into the Clip Collection panel.
  • Explorer: Do not disable the Set Home Folder button when a file is selected. Instead set the folder containing that file as the home folder.
  • File Types: CSS syntax coloring scheme now supports @media.
  • Forum: Change cursor when toggling between insert and overwrite mode if the text layout for the default file type uses different cursors for insert and overwrite mode.
  • Search: If the Search drop-down list is already visible (on a custom toolbar) even when the Search toolbar is not, focus the Search drop-down list rather than showing the full Search panel.
  • Search: Folding large numbers of search matches is now faster.
  • Tools: Temporary files with tool output should not be added to the File|Open history.
Bug fixes:
  • Convert|Wrapping->Line Breaks doesn't break last line in the file.
  • Double-clicking URLs did not open the URLs if the file containing the URL had a file name.
  • Editor: Backspace moved the cursor without actually deleting any characters when the cursor was positioned after the indentation spaces on a line and all preceding lines in the file have equal or more indentation and "backspace unindents" was enabled in Options|Preferences|Cursors and "auto indent" was enabled in the Options menu.
  • Editor: Pressing the arrow right key while the cursor was at the end of the line did not move the active line highlighting to the next line if the cursor was invisible (blinking on/off) at the moment it was moved.
  • Explorer: Selecting a favorite folder should scroll the tree to make that folder visible.
  • File Navigator: If the same node linked to more than one part of the text (e.g. a function declaration and implementation) then clicking the node more than once did not cycle between those parts (7.0.5 and 7.0.6 only).
  • File Types, Colors: Apply button did nothing.
  • File Types: Perl file navigation scheme did not correctly handle the } in split(/}/).
  • File|Print: Printing the second time failed if the file was larger than 64K and part of it was selected.
  • Forum: Pressing Ctrl+C when the list of conversations or messages had keyboard focus copied an URL using the editpadpro: protocol instead of the editpad: protocol that EditPad actually responds to.
  • Preferences, Panels: Font setting for side panels is now also applied to the spell checker.
  • Preferences, Save Files: Specifying a specific folder for backups with a trailing backslash no longer causes errors when saving backups.
  • Search: Padding was not applied to placeholders for capturing groups such as %GROUP1:6L%.
  • Search: Replace All using a regular expression sometimes results in incorrect line breaks.
  • Statusbar: Keyboard indicator did not correctly indicate the first key of a two-stage key combination.
  • Toolbars: Main menu is missing the Go and Extra menus when adding it as a toolbar button.
  • Tools: Placeholders for environment variables are not handled correctly.
  • View|Browser: If the default browser did not use DDE, the View|Browser launched the browser but did not pass it it the file to be viewed.

EditPad Pro 7.0.6

Bug fixes:
  • Opening files on UNC paths via the command line or via Windows Explorer failed in version 7.0.5 because EditPad 7.0.5 interpreted UNC paths incorrectly.
  • File Navigator: When the file navigation tree was updated after editing a file the cursor was moved to the node selected in the file navigator (7.0.5 only).
  • Search: Searching and replacing with a regular expression deleted search matches without inserting the replacement in some files when searching through all files and the project has a mixture of files in text mode and hexadecimal mode and there are no search matches in the hexadecimal files.
  • Tools: Command lines with quotes around the executable or the file to be opened were not handled correctly (7.0.5 only).
  • View|Browser: If the default browser did not use DDE, the View|Browser command executed the file to be viewed rather than executing the browser and passing it the file to be viewed.
EditPad Pro 7.0.0 screenshot EditPad Pro 7.0.0 screenshot EditPad Pro 7.0.0 screenshot EditPad Pro 7.0.0 screenshot EditPad Pro 7.0.0 screenshot EditPad Pro 7.0.0 screenshot
Versienummer 7.0.7
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008
Website JGsoft
Bestandsgrootte 7,34MB
Licentietype Shareware

Door Bart van Klaveren

Downloads en Best Buy Guide

05-10-2011 • 14:28

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Submitter: mrtnptrs

Bron: JGsoft

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