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Software-update: strongSwan 4.5.0

Door , 0 reacties, bron: strongSwan

02-11-2010 • 16:59

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Bron: strongSwan

Voor het beveiligen van verbindingen over openbare netwerken kunnen verschillende protocollen worden gebruikt, zoals het veel toegepaste ipsec. StrongSwan is een ipsec-implementatie voor Linux-systemen die zich sinds de 4.2-tak richt op de huidige 2.6-Linux-kernel. Ondersteuning voor ikev1, ikev2 en ipv6 is aanwezig, zoals op deze pagina is na te lezen. De ontwikkelaars hebben strongSwan 4.5.0 uitgebracht en voorzien van de volgende veranderingen sinds de vorige vermelding in de Meuktracker:

Version 4.5.0:
  • IMPORTANT: the default keyexchange mode 'ike' is changing with release 4.5 from 'ikev1' to 'ikev2', thus commemorating the five year anniversary of the IKEv2 RFC 4306 and its mature successor RFC 5996. The time has definitively come for IKEv1 to go into retirement and to cede its place to the much more robust, powerful and versatile IKEv2 protocol!
  • Added new ctr, ccm and gcm plugins providing Counter, Counter with CBC-MAC and Galois/Counter Modes based on existing CBC implementations. These new plugins bring support for AES and Camellia Counter and CCM algorithms and the AES GCM algorithms for use in IKEv2.
  • The new pkcs11 plugin brings full Smartcard support to the IKEv2 daemon and the pki utility using one or more PKCS#11 libraries. It currently supports RSA private and public key operations and loads X.509 certificates from tokens.
  • Implemented a general purpose TLS stack based on crypto and credential primitives of libstrongswan. libtls supports TLS versions 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2, ECDHE-ECDSA/RSA, DHE-RSA and RSA key exchange algorithms and RSA/ECDSA based client authentication.
  • Based on libtls, the eap-tls plugin brings certificate based EAP authentication for client and server. It is compatible to Windows 7 IKEv2 Smartcard authentication and the OpenSSL based FreeRADIUS EAP-TLS backend.
  • Implemented the TNCCS 1.1 Trusted Network Connect protocol using the libtnc library on the strongSwan client and server side via the tnccs_11 plugin and optionally connecting to a TNC@FHH-enhanced FreeRADIUS AAA server. Depending on the resulting TNC Recommendation, strongSwan clients are granted access to a network behind a strongSwan gateway (allow), are put into a remediation zone (isolate) or are blocked (none), respectively. Any number of Integrity Measurement Collector/Verifier pairs can be attached via the tnc-imc and tnc-imv charon plugins.
  • The IKEv1 daemon pluto now uses the same kernel interfaces as the IKEv2 daemon charon. As a result of this, pluto now supports xfrm marks which were introduced in charon with 4.4.1.
  • Applets for Maemo 5 (Nokia) allow to easily configure and control IKEv2 based VPN connections with EAP authentication on supported devices.
  • The RADIUS plugin eap-radius now supports multiple RADIUS servers for redundant setups. Servers are selected by a defined priority, server load and availability.
  • The simple led plugin controls hardware LEDs through the Linux LED subsystem. It currently shows activity of the IKE daemon and is a good example how to implement a simple event listener.
  • Improved MOBIKE behavior in several corner cases, for instance, if the initial responder moves to a different address.
  • Fixed left-/rightnexthop option, which was broken since 4.4.0.
  • Fixed a bug not releasing a virtual IP address to a pool if the XAUTH identity was different from the IKE identity.
  • Fixed the alignment of ModeConfig messages on 4-byte boundaries in the case where the attributes are not a multiple of 4 bytes (e.g. Cisco's UNITY_BANNER).
  • Fixed the interoperability of the socket_raw and socket_default charon plugins.
  • Added man page for strongswan.conf
Version 4.4.1:
  • Support of xfrm marks in IPsec SAs and IPsec policies introduced with the Linux 2.6.34 kernel. For details see the example scenarios ikev2/nat-two-rw-mark, ikev2/rw-nat-mark-in-out and ikev2/net2net-psk-dscp.
  • The PLUTO_MARK_IN and PLUTO_ESP_ENC environment variables can be used in a user-specific updown script to set marks on inbound ESP or ESP_IN_UDP packets.
  • The openssl plugin now supports X.509 certificate and CRL functions.
  • OCSP/CRL checking in IKEv2 has been moved to the revocation plugin, enabled by default. Plase update manual load directives in strongswan.conf.
  • RFC3779 ipAddrBlock constraint checking has been moved to the addrblock plugin, disabled by default. Enable it and update manual load directives in strongswan.conf, if required.
  • The pki utility supports CRL generation using the --signcrl command.
  • The ipsec pki --self, --issue and --req commands now support output in PEM format using the --outform pem option.
  • The major refactoring of the IKEv1 Mode Config functionality now allows the transport and handling of any Mode Config attribute.
  • The RADIUS proxy plugin eap-radius now supports multiple servers. Configured servers are chosen randomly, with the option to prefer a specific server. Non-responding servers are degraded by the selection process.
  • The ipsec pool tool manages arbitrary configuration attributes stored in an SQL database. ipsec pool --help gives the details.
  • The new eap-simaka-sql plugin acts as a backend for EAP-SIM and EAP-AKA, reading triplets/quintuplets from an SQL database.
  • The High Availability plugin now supports a HA enabled in-memory address pool and Node reintegration without IKE_SA rekeying. The latter allows clients without IKE_SA rekeying support to keep connected during reintegration. Additionally, many other issues have been fixed in the ha plugin.
  • Fixed a potential remote code execution vulnerability resulting from the misuse of snprintf(). The vulnerability is exploitable by unauthenticated users.
Version 4.4.0:
  • The IKEv2 High Availability plugin has been integrated. It provides load sharing and failover capabilities in a cluster of currently two nodes, based on an extend ClusterIP kernel module. More information is available at The development of the High Availability functionality was sponsored by secunet Security Networks AG.
  • Added IKEv1 and IKEv2 configuration support for the AES-GMAC authentication-only ESP cipher. Our aes_gmac kernel patch or a Linux 2.6.34 kernel is required to make AES-GMAC available via the XFRM kernel interface.
  • Added support for Diffie-Hellman groups 22, 23 and 24 to the gmp, gcrypt and openssl plugins, usable by both pluto and charon. The new proposal keywords are modp1024s160, modp2048s224 and modp2048s256. Thanks to Joy Latten from IBM for his contribution.
  • The IKEv1 pluto daemon supports RAM-based virtual IP pools using the rightsourceip directive with a subnet from which addresses are allocated.
  • The ipsec pki --gen and --pub commands now allow the output of private and public keys in PEM format using the --outform pem command line option.
  • The new DHCP plugin queries virtual IP addresses for clients from a DHCP server using broadcasts, or a defined server using the charon.plugins.dhcp.server strongswan.conf option. DNS/WINS server information is additionally served to clients if the DHCP server provides such information. The plugin is used in ipsec.conf configurations having rightsourceip set to %dhcp.
  • A new plugin called farp fakes ARP responses for virtual IP addresses handed out to clients from the IKEv2 daemon charon. The plugin lets a road-warrior act as a client on the local LAN if it uses a virtual IP from the responders subnet, e.g. acquired using the DHCP plugin.
  • The existing IKEv2 socket implementations have been migrated to the socket-default and the socket-raw plugins. The new socket-dynamic plugin binds sockets dynamically to ports configured via the left-/rightikeport ipsec.conf connection parameters.
  • The android charon plugin stores received DNS server information as "net.dns" system properties, as used by the Android platform.
Versienummer 4.5.0
Releasestatus Stable
Besturingssystemen Linux
Website strongSwan
Bestandsgrootte 4,18MB
Licentietype GPL


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