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Software-update: EditPad Pro 6.5.0

Door , 0 reacties, bron: JGsoft

02-09-2009 • 12:42

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Bron: JGsoft

EditPad logo (60 pix) JGsoft heeft niet alleen zijn gratis teksteditor EditPad Lite voorzien van een update, ook van de grote broer EditPad Pro is een nieuwe versie uitgekomen. Waar EditPad Lite bedoeld is als vervanger van Notepad, is EditPad Pro meer bedoeld voor programmeurs. Zo is er bijvoorbeeld een spellingchecker die rekening houdt met syntax coloring en zijn een hex-editor, file compare-optie, bookmark-mogelijkheid en ingebakken ftp-client aanwezig. Een volledig overzicht van de extra mogelijkheden ten opzichte van de Lite-versie kan op deze pagina worden gevonden. Het changelog van deze release geeft de volgende veranderingen prijs:

New features:
  • File Types: Delphi Prism syntax and file navigation schemes that you can select instead of the Delphi (Win32) schemes for .pas files in Options, Configure File Types, Syntax & Navigation.
  • File Types: Groovy, with syntax coloring and file navigation.
  • Preferences, Status bar: Unicode code point of the character at the cursor.
  • Search: RegexMagic integration to invoke RegexMagic to generate a regular expression for use with EditPad Pro.
  • Explorer: Ignore files being dragged and dropped into their own folder.
  • Extra, Compare Files: When highlighting changes in the original files, scroll the files to make the first change visible.
  • File|Close All: If more than one file is unsaved, the prompt for the last unsaved file should continue to show the "save all" and "don't save any" buttons so there's no surprise button movement for the last file.
  • File Types, Syntax & Navigation: When editing .jgcscs and .jgfns files stored in the Program Files folder, the scheme editor should save the modified scheme into the user profile folder rather than Program Files, which can't be written to on Windows Vista and 7. To make this work, you need to have versions 3.1.4 and 1.1.4 (25 August 2009) of the syntax coloring and file navigation schemes editors, and launch them via the edit buttons in Options, Configure File Types, Syntax & Navigation in EditPad Pro.
  • File Types: C# syntax coloring scheme was updated to allow the spell checker to check verbatim strings.
  • FTP: Confirm file deletion.
  • FTP: File|Save no longer immediately marks the file as saved for files opened from FTP; it now marks the file as saved when the file has been successfully uploaded.
  • Preferences, Status bar: Renamed "Decimal and hexadecimal value of the character to the right of the text cursor" to "Code page position of the character at the cursor" and improved the display for UTF-8 and UTF-16BE to make it clear that EditPad displays the UTF-8 bytes rather than the Unicode code point.
  • Search: Highlighting search matches that cannot span multiple lines is now significantly faster (on very large files).
  • Tools: Portable installations now adapt the paths of tool configurations to changing drive letters.
  • Word wrap: Allow text to be wrapped after any ideograph, even if there is no whitespace.
Bug fixes:
  • EditPad cannot keep up with the scroll wheel of Logitech mice when put into free scrolling mode.
  • EditPad fails to restore itself after begin minimized if the active file is modified in EditPad and has been modified on disk by another application.
  • Edit|Go to Previous Editing Position did not clear the selection as cursor movement commands should do when selections are not persistent, causing the selection to be erased inadvertently when typing or pasting in text at the new cursor position.
  • Extra|Sort: EditPad no longer selects the whole file if the file is already sorted.
  • File Types, Encoding: The "preserve presence or absence of the Unicode byte order marker" setting was ignored for XML files with an XML declaration and HTML files with a content-type meta tag.
  • File Types: HTML with Scripting and PHP with JavaScript syntax coloring schemes incorrectly highlighted single-line JavaScript comments containing opening angle brackets.
  • Files Panel: Dragging a file within a project closed the file when it should simply do nothing.
  • FTP: Closing EditPad Pro while it is still connected to an FTP server now correctly updates the cached directory listings for that server.
  • Mark: Go to bookmark commands did not clear the selection as cursor movement commands should do when selections are not persistent, causing the selection to be erased inadvertently when typing or pasting in text at the new cursor position.
  • Opening a project that contains a file on FTP when you're not connected to that FTP server and when AceText is running caused an error.
  • Print: Typing in the page number for "from page" or "to page" caused the other number to be reset while you typed in the number, instead of adjusting the range when you finished typing in the number.
  • Search: Highlighting matches on a file that uses a "fast" syntax coloring scheme or no syntax coloring at all sometimes caused certain commands that process the whole file such as Replace All to fail with Access Violations or other errors or make EditPad lock up.
  • Search: Whole words only did not work correctly for regular expressions.

De volgende downloads zijn beschikbaar:
*EditPad Pro 6.5.0 (Engels)
*EditPad Pro 6.5.0 (Nederlands)
*EditPad Pro 6.5.0 (U3)

EditPad Pro screenshot (481 pix)
Versienummer 6.5.0
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008
Website JGsoft
Download http://www.editpadpro.com/cgi-bin/SetupEditPadProDemo.exe
Bestandsgrootte 6,05MB
Licentietype Shareware


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