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Software-update: Amarok 2.1 bta 1

Het programma Amarok is een populaire audiospeler voor KDE en beschikt over uitgebreide mogelijkheden om onder meer (dynamische) playlists aan te maken, songteksten op internet te zoeken en mp3-tags aan te passen. Daarnaast kan Amarok streams van een kio-bron afspelen en ondersteunt het verschillende backends zoals xine, NMM en MAS. De ontwikkelaars hebben de eerste bètaversie van Amarok 2.1 uitgebracht en voorzien van de volgende aankondiging:

Amarok 2.1 Beta 1 "Nuliajuk" released

After the bug fixing goodness of Amarok 2.0.2, it is time to crank up the coolness factor by a few orders of magnitude. Deep in our hidden lair we have been hard at work plotting world domination - and occasionally working on the next major version of Amarok - and we are now ready to let the rest of the world have a taste with the release of Amarok 2.1 beta1.

Amarok 2.1 will come with many new features and some old favorites will make a re-appearance. Beta 1 gives you a sneak preview of all these improvements. While not quite ready for general use yet, the stability is quite good and overall the beta should be quite usable in most cases (standard "may eat your cat, spouse, favorite cupcake or pet iguana" warnings do apply however).

Major new features include a new, completely user configurable playlist with an easy to use drag-and-drop editor, cue sheet support, a new take on managing applets in the Context View, bookmarks - allowing you, amongother things, to save and share favorite finds in the services, support for showing radio stations with many alternate streams as one track in the playlist, much faster startup when reloading large playlists containing non local tracks, as well as many other improvements, UI tweaks and bug fixes across the board. So download, test drive and cuddle this beta a little, provide feedback and bug reports and help us make Amarok 2.1 the best Amarok release ever. The full ChangeLog since 2.0.2 is about a mile long and follows below:

  • The collection scanner is now able to be run in batch mode, allowing for automated scans of both full and incremental types. In addition, all graphical dependencies have been removed, allowing for headless, remote runs of collection scans. A wiki page detailing how to do this will be made available shortly.
  • Covers are shown and written for iPod collections.
  • Phonon multimedia system can be configured directly from Amarok.
  • Cover art cn now be disabled in the collection browser.
  • Scrobble tracks from streams that have title and artist metadata
  • Add support for showing a stream with multiple alternative servers as a single item in the playlist and add GUI for manually selecting prefered source.
  • Ampache service: Add support for Ampache 3.4.4 and 3.5.x.
  • Auto timecoding (position bookmarking) now exists for tracks with length greater than 10 minutes. (BR 148740)
  • Add a animated "loading..." screen when dynamically fetching info about an item to show in the service info applet.
  • Deleting tracks from the local collection is now possible. (BR 170999)
  • Add a filter-by-date-added to the collection browser. Use added:"today" or added:<2m2d
  • Add an advanced but user friendly playlist layout editor allowing users to modify and create their own playlist layouts.
  • The Playlist can now render itself using layouts defined in XML. A number of default layouts are included and can be switched between.
  • Option to automatically scroll the playlist to the active item on track change.
  • New QtScript methods for accessing the playlist: Amarok.Playlist.selectedFilenames() & Amarok.Playlist.selectedIndexes(). Patch by Mathias Panzenböck .
  • New QtScript method for the Track prototype: imagePixmap( size ). Returns a QPixmap of the given size, or the default if the size argument isn't supplied.
  • New QtScript class 'DataDownloader' that returns results as a QByteArray instead of a string. Needed for image downloads.
  • Cue Sheets are now supported as in Amarok 1.4, plus each cue entry (usually a track) will be displayed as a timecode on the Progress Bar with a nice onMouseOver popup.
  • Ipod support now uses/depends on libgpod 0.7.0
  • Bookmarking specific positions within local tracks and downloaded local podcast episodes, with a nice visual indicator on the progress bar.
  • When the service is active, any track, from any collection or service, can be loved from the browser , and there will always be a love button for the currently playing track, no matter the source.
  • Dbus methods added: VolumeUp, VolumeDown and Mute. (BR 181130)
  • The feed url is displayed in the config dialog of a podcast channel. By left clicking in the url it's copied to the clipboard. (BR 180853)
  • The Playlist Browser can now show playlists from multiple sources, including media devices.
  • The service now allows for the playing of all types of user stations (personal, loved tracks, recommendations, and neighborhood).
  • Arbitrary Tags can now be played in the service. (BR 139802)
  • Replay Gain support for most file formats that Amarok can read tags from. Reading Replay Gain tags from MP4 files requires libMP4v2. Musepack (MPC) files are unsupported due to a limitation of TagLib.
  • Bookmark Manager applet allowing for the creation, browsing, ordering and deletion of Amarok urls of different kinds. (BR 173512)
  • Amarok urls. Amarok can now load and generate "amarok urls" that allows any "view" to be bookmarked and later retrieved. A protocol handler is also installed that will launch amarok into the correct state, or make amarok show the correct view, if already running, when such a url is activated system wide.
  • Customizable playlist layouts. The playlist is now rendered according to an xml layout, allowing the playlist to assume a variety of different looks and supply customizable information.
  • Album cover art can be accessed via the scripting API. Patch thanks to Simon Esneault . (BR 179732)
  • New vertical Context View layout.
  • New applet toolbar in the Context View to arrange, select, and add applets.
  • New splash screen by Wade Olson .
  • store: When downloading albums (either by purchasing or free membership downloads) remember the file format and download location for next time.
  • Links in the lyrics applet are now clickable and open with the default external web browser (BR 179396)
  • Collection browser has been pimped.
  • Bring back animations in the browsers if Qt 4.5 or later is detected.
  • The collection scanner is now being provided in a separate package.
  • The TagLib plugins formerly provided by Amarok are now being provided in a separate package. It should be available in most distributions as taglib-extras.
  • Improvements to playlist searching and filtering. No longer reset view to the top when clearing a search term. No longer scroll into the results when the "show only matches" option is set.
  • Improved implementation of volume muting. Mute state doesn't change volume level any more. (BR 172392)
  • Remove score, last played and play count from the current track applet for tracks that does not have any of them (mainly streams).
  • Don't pretend to be able to seek if the source isn't seekable.
  • File Browser UI has been tweaked for better usability.
  • The Bookmark Handler in the File Browser no longer causes a crash-on-exit, so it has been re-enabled. (BR 173634)
  • Performance optimisation when loading large playlists, and hence faster application startup.
  • Many small visual tweaks for greater consistency and better use of screen space.
  • Increased width of volume slider for greater precision.
  • Use the speex, trueaudio and wavpack support in TagLib 1.5, rather than our own plugins.
  • Double click on a podcast channel appends all episodes to the playlist.
  • Delete and download actions will only be shown when relevant to the selected podcast episode.
  • Major refactoring of the podcast model and view to allow custom actions per podcasts source.
  • Compilation fixed for OpenSolaris.
  • Show the cover menu when right clicking on artwork in the Tag Dialog.
  • Don't remove queued tracks from the playlist when repopulating dynamic playlists.
  • Major UI overhaul.
  • Progress indicator on system tray icon is back.
  • Now using KSystemTrayIcon.
  • QtScript: Importer.loadQtBinding returns a true or false depending on success.
  • Improvements to compilation detection during the collection scanning phase. Thanks to Michael Quinn for laying the groundwork. (BR 172953)
  • Do not reset lyrics applet to the top when pausing and then unpausing a track. (BR 182519)
  • Automatically update lyrics applet if the user edits relevant track metadata. (BR 185237)
  • Fix tracks with some identical tags being detected as dupes and not getting copied onto MTP device.
  • Fix invisible and unintuitive selection in the playlist after deleting one or more tracks. (BR 187871)
  • Prevent playlist from showing a wrong playing song after adding tracks above it. (BR 181947)
  • Show the current playing song when resuming playback of a track not in the collection. (BR 173912)
  • Fix crash when using ctrl+mousewheel in the File Browser. Patch by Valentin Rouet . (BR 175803)
  • Fix actions choosen from context menu in a filtered playlist getting applied to wrong track(s). (BR 186573) (BR 185054)
  • Try to detect the charset of cue sheets. (BR 184769)
  • Make opening an external webbrowser working on Windows, too.
  • The File Browser now remembers its sort order. (BR 186444)
  • When editing info for multiple tracks, do not write to the files if only editing info that is stored in the db and not in the actual files (such as ratings). (BR 184836)
  • Render the lyrics applet correctly with dark color schemes. (BR 183037)
  • When turning on a dynamic playlist, automatically populate the playlist if it is empty. (BR 183968)
  • Don't crash if using an invalid codec name AmarokLyricsScript conversion functions. (BR 185540)
  • Actually stop playback if we encounter too many errors.
  • The collection scanner no longer sucks quite as much.
  • A full rescan is no longer necessary after disconnecting/reconnecting an external harddrive.
  • Fix issue with files being deleted when Organize Collection is run without selecting a collection root. (BR 184410)
  • Dynamic playlist weight's are now saved correctly. (BR 184304)
  • Fix using "Copy to Collection" to download preview tracks. (BR 183328)
  • Correct behaviour when queuing in a filtered playlist. (BR 180477)
  • Do not break up grouping in the playlist when editing (all but album) tags.
  • QtScript correctly writes the tags of tracks metadata it changes. (BR 182667)
  • Fix "Stop Playing After Track". (BR 180486)
  • Fix switching tracks in random tracks mode. (BR 176019)
  • Fix grouping of Stream and File meta objects. This affects many cases, Such as when loading a playlist containing tracks from a scripted service.
  • Fixed crash on exit when collection scan has been aborted. (BR 176870)
  • Fixed an infinite loop bug when using title case conversion in Guess Tags. (BR 180164)
  • Don't show the rating widget for tracks which are not in the collection. (BR 180023)
  • The negation operator works in the collection browser filter.
Versienummer 2.1 bta 1
Releasestatus Beta
Besturingssystemen Windows 2000, Linux, BSD, Windows XP, macOS, Windows Vista
Website Amarok
Licentietype GPL

Door Japke Rosink


24-04-2009 • 20:50

10 Linkedin Google+

Submitter: FortezzA_64

Bron: Amarok


Meer historie

Reacties (10)

Wijzig sortering
Ach, het is hetzelfde als met KDE4.0, of KOffice2.0. Ze hebben de volledige foundation herschreven, en gaven dus meteen ook aan dat de x.0 versie niet voor iedereen is. Distro's die vervolgens uitsluitende die versies mee gaan leveren (Fedora en in mindere mate KUbuntu, bijvoorbeeld), zijn dus blijkbaar gericht op beta-testers, en niet op alle mainstream gebruikers.

Amarok 2.1 heeft een betere implementatie dan 2.0 van de content-section, een mooiere playlist, en ondersteuning voor Audio CD's en portable media players komt eraan. Voor mij wegen die zaken niet op tegen de betere integratie van internetradio, en de eenheid die KDE4 inmiddels vormt.

Overigens heeft Opensuse gewoon 1.4 nog in zijn KDE3 repo staan.
Hopelijk wordt dit wat, want ik ben eigenlijk (en blijkbaar net als vele trouwe amarok fans) niet tevreden over de drastische verandering in v2 tov v1, voor mij was het de beste music player, zeker qua gebruiksgemak, maar v2 voelt gewoon niet meer zo intuitief aan.
Gelukkig kan je v1.4 nog gewoon gebruiken :D
Ik weet ook niet of ik versie 2 goed vind, het voelt echt heel anders aan.
Jaaaaah, helaas. Toen ik naar Ubuntu 9.04 ging wist ik niet dat ze Amarok 2.0 in de reps hadden.

Los van het feit dat er allerlei onnodige ongein in zit (widgets) wat volledig user-afhankelijk is, is mijn media collectie nu op zijn kop gegooid doordat Amarok 2.0 de tags die ik met 1.4 heb gecreerd niet kan lezen.

Ik mag nu bijna al mijn mp3's opnieuw gaan taggen (wat ook nog eens berust op een bug want ik hoef alleen de tag editor te openen iets te wijzigen dat er niet toe doet en dan te saven, dan ziet Amarok de artiesten ineens wel) wat iets is waar ik een grondige hekel aan had.

In Amarok 1.4 vond ik dat nog het minst een probleem, want dat had een heerlijk tag-edit systeem....helaas dat bestaat in 2.0 niet meer en mass taggen etc. gaat een stuk vervelender.

Niet goed voor mijn karma, maar deze 2 cent rant moest ik echt even kwijt na 3 dagen frustratie.
+1. Het is een leuke beta, maar als stabiel product raad ik het niemand aan.

Helaas hebben mijn twee favoriete distros amarok 1.4 definitief ingeruild voor 2.0, dus ik zal zelf helaas mijn eigen versie moeten bakken.
Het lukt mij niet om dit te installeren op XP.
Er verschijnen namelijk geen releases in de KDE-installer..

De releases verschenen na het kiezen van een Ierse ftp, maar het is mij nog steeds onduidelijk wat ik moet kiezen.

@DummyXL: Ik probeer graag iets nieuws, vandaar. Maar wellicht heb je gelijk, en is het ook meer bedoeld voor Linux gebruikers.

[Reactie gewijzigd door hpt870 op 24 april 2009 21:47]

Hier het zelfde probleem, al sinds de eerste Windows release. Erg jammer.

edit: inmiddels is het gelukt; probeer alle mogelijk mirrors eens uit, bij mij lukte het opeens met een willekeurige Belgische.

[Reactie gewijzigd door DeKoning! op 25 april 2009 13:32]

<tipmodus>De "Windows versie" loopt altijd wat achter, geef het wat tijd. En als je Amarok echt serieus wilt gebruiken draai het dan op Linux daar is die een stuk stabieler.</tipmodus off>
nou zo geweldig draait linux ook niet hoor....
helft van de tijd verbindt wlan zich niet eens.
wat heeft jouw wlan met amarok te maken? Verder is het misschien verstandig uit te zoeken waarom je wlan niet verbindt, er is vast iets van een foutmelding of iets anders wat enige indicatie kan geven wat er mis gaat.

Want persoonlijk heb ik nog nooit problemen gehad met wlan en linux afgezien van het ontbreken van goede drivers hier en daar.

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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