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Software-update: Anope 1.9.0-p1

Het ontwikkelteam van Anope heeft een bugfixrelease voor de 1.9-tak beschikbaar gesteld. Anope is een verzameling van irc-services die aan een irc-daemon te hangen zijn. De services die gebruikt kunnen worden bestaan onder meer uit een 'Nickserv' en 'Chanserv', waarmee door zowel de users als de operators respectievelijk gebruikers en kanalen te beheren zijn . De irc-server van maakt gebruik van Anope zodat gebruikers nicknames en kanalen kunnen registreren en de irc-operators diverse tools beschikbaar hebben om de gebruikers en kanalen te beheren. Versie 1.9.0-p1 is vanaf deze pagina te downloaden en wordt met de volgende release notes geleverd:

The Anope Team are pleased to announce the availability of Anope 1.9.0-p1 (Patch 1) which fixes several bugs within the original 1.9.0 release back in February.
  • Possibly fix harmless "missing end of burst" message with Insp12
  • Fix bug #1009, patch inspired by DukePyrolator, add a TS6 SID generator from DukePyrolator, as well as change SendServer() to take a Server struct
  • Forward-port backported fix for NS SUSPEND by DP.
  • For some reason, 1.1 module wasn't sending the HOST_OFF message that the 1.2 module is.
  • Forward-port Szymek's vhost patch.
  • Fix (null) in help message.
  • Manual backport attempt of f1dda6cefee507895cd3af88097a9a (SUSPEND doesn't log users out)
  • More reordering of access checks.
  • Manual backport of fc822f7447d8189de24f4971e254a9: CS ENFORCE bans cannot be removed through services.
  • Regenerate UID on BOT CHANGE, don't try reuse an existing one.
  • Fixed Config to auto-detect CMake and revert to configure if CMake isn't found.
  • Fixed install.js on Windows to show errors in running CMake and detect if there were errors.
  • Fix potential crash problem with use of free() instead of delete[] from earlier bugfix of bug #1054
  • Fix slight CMake issue where it wasn't including win32_memory.cpp with protocol modules.
  • Fix error when install directory in instal.js contains spaces, spotted by Rexona.
  • Fix bug #1066, language strings for NICK_SET_HIDE_SYNTAX, NICK_SASET_HIDE_SYNTAX, NICK_HELP_SET_HIDE, and NICK_HELP_SASET_HIDE all show STATUS as a choice now.
  • Allow a core Service's ident, host, and real name to be changed, but disallow changing their nicks. Fixes the BS BOT CHANGE part of bug #1070.
  • Fix bug #1033, patch from Adam, fixes the documentation of CS BAN.
  • Fix bug #1043, patch from Adam, CS LIST will no longer show suspended channels to normal users.
  • Fix bug #1054 for 1.9.x, patch from Adam, Anope no longer shows the entire message that was ignored, now it only shows the command that was used.
  • Fix bug #1056, patch from Adam, BotServ kickers should now ban for like it should.
  • Fixed typo on operserv which was stopping opersonly working. Good find Adam. (You do pick up the weirdest of things ....)
  • Updated langfiles for /CS HELP INVITE to show that you can only invite yourself.
  • Fix bug #1055, keetopic != keeptopic.
  • Fix bug #1020, +f and +L parameters are read from and written to the database regardless of what the IRCd says it can handle
  • Manual backport of d8a9ed36446d947cbbbb51f01f8246c3f9de7978 (2147): get/sendpass modules may be loaded when encryption prevents them from working.
  • Fix bug #1027, properly send a Globop on CS DROP, patch provided by Adam.
  • Fix bug #1022, the problem was inspircd12 specific and the pseudo-clients will now respawn.
  • fix inspircd sending broken UID message when introducing its clients
  • Fix SendAkill() in inspircd* modules, they were sending the wrong timestamp (instead of sending the current time, they were sending the time of the akill's creation).
  • Fix odd crash bug in the inspircd* modules by replacing use of myStrGetToken with spacesepstraem, also fix a problem on Windows with not having FD_ZERO in the sgets()
  • Forward port of patch by DukePyrolator fixing memory leak on +beI modes.
  • Manually port Adam's access fix from 1.8.x branch.
  • Edit IRCDVar of inspircd12 so certain modules don't load on that IRCd, and small cosmetic fixes on a few other protocol modules.
  • insp12: don't try sstrdup() a NULL argument if sid is not set.
  • Correctly lower TS (if the ircd provided it) on reciept of JOIN messages.
  • inspircd11: Pass chants in JOIN message to not blow away timestamps.
  • Fix for bug #1004, based from second half of patch from Adam.
Versienummer 1.9.0-p1
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux, BSD, Windows XP, macOS, Solaris
Website Anope
Bestandsgroottes 1,35MB - 1,42MB
Licentietype GPL

Door Robin Vreuls


18-04-2009 • 15:24

0 Linkedin Google+

Submitter: 4n4C0nD4

Bron: Anope


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