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Software-update: ImgBurn

ImgBurn logo (60 pix) Lightning UK heeft woensdag versie van Imgburn uitgebracht. Dit programma is het vervolg op DVD Decrypter en het is dan ook van dezelfde maker. Het grote verschil ten opzichte van DVD Decrypter is dat het niet langer mogelijk is om dvd's te rippen. Onder druk van een niet nader genoemd bedrijf heeft Lightning UK het omzeilen van de kopieerbeveiliging verwijderd. Naast het maken en branden van van cd- en dvd-images kunnen kunnen ook het booktype en de bitsetting worden ingesteld. Verder kunnen herschrijfbare schijfjes leeg worden gemaakt en kan het programma helpen bij het bepalen van het zogenaamde breekpunt van een duallayer-dvd. Lightning UK heeft de afgelopen maanden niet stil gezeten en het changelog laat dan ook een indrukwekkende waslijst aan veranderingen en verbeteringen zien:

  • Support for some other common Lite-On device identifiers - used when automatically changing the book type etc.
  • Support for reading ID3 v2 tags from the end of files.
  • Workaround for drivers that fill unused buffer bytes with random data rather than leaving it zero filled.
  • Data Preparer, Publisher and System Identifiers to the 'Volume Label' tooltip.
  • 'Change Folder' and 'Recent Folders' options to the 'destination' (either file name or browse button) context menus in Build/Read mode.
  • Logging when the drive fails to set the L0 Data Zone Capacity on DL media and the user hits 'Retry'.
  • Option to automatically ignore miscompare errors during the verify process.
  • 'Miscompares' counter to the Verify progress screen.
  • Ability to provide your own 'Status Bar Messages' via a 'StatusBarMessages.txt' file in the same folder as the Program's EXE. If the file isn't present, the default/internal ones will be used.
  • Support for loading Unicode '.DVD' and '.LST' files.
  • Prompt to include the original ADV_OBJ folder if ones exists and the user has only added the HVDVD_TS folder to the 'Source' box.
  • Prompt to include the original CERTIFICATE folder if ones exists and the user has only added the BDAV/BDMV folder to the 'Source' box.
  • Prompt to include the Joliet file system if an '*.avi' or '*.divx' file is detected in the root folder of the image/disc - most standalone players will only read DivX type discs via the Joliet and ISO9660 file systems (i.e. NOT the UDF one).
  • Option to have ImgBurn reset the CPI flags within M2TS file packets as it creates an image/disc in Build mode - this was a request from someone at a duplication plant to save them having to mux two projects - one with AACS and one without.
  • Super basic loading of CUE files to the 'Create CD CUE File' feature - the file names within the CUE are imported as a basic list of tracks. Nothing else is read/used from the CUE file.
  • Context menu option 'Copy LBA to Clipboard' on the 'Potential Layer Break Positions' / 'Select Layer Break Position' window.
  • Default CD-TEXT selection boxes to the 'Create CD CUE File' window.
  • Additional I/O debug logging of all the software generated sectors as part of pre/post/.. gaps.
  • Support for parsing the LIST / INFO chunks in WAVE files when attempting to read tagging data from audio files.
  • Message telling people not to close the log window down when they attempt to do exactly that - it will only show up until you actually click 'Yes' and close it.
  • Region Code and TV System details to the image information screen that pops up just before creating the image / burning the disc in Build mode.
  • ImgBurn now shows up in the 'Default Programs -> Set your default programs' box within Vista so you can control file associations from within there too (I think!).
  • 'Lock Volume' log entry to say if the option is enabled or not at the start of the burn.
  • 'Copy' (and write speed) info to the Build mode transfer/progress screen.
  • Additional debug logging when parsing MP3 files.
  • 'Disc ID' field to the transfer progress screen when burning.
  • Support for translating the 'AWS' text that's in the 'Write Speed' drop down box. ('AUTO' is always accepted as a valid value via CLI and will map to whatever the translated string is)
  • Support for (quick and dirty) creation of CCD files for CD's (single session) in Read mode. This allows you to mount Audio CD's in Virtual CloneDrive which wasn't possible before due to it not supporting BIN/CUE. (Note: The image data file needs to be named *.IMG as that's what VCD looks for).
  • '/LANGID' CLI switch to set the GUI's language via the command line. Refer to the ReadMe.txt file for more information.
  • Support for manipulating the new 'Optimal Write Speed' option found on the Pioneer DVR-116/216 drive.
  • Copy protection warning when user attempt to 'Read' an original XBOX 360 game - which of course won't work.
  • Support for creating a .DVD file alongside/instead of the .MDS file in Read/Build modes.
  • When loading Toshiba HD Player firmware update images in write mode, the volume label is now constructed from reading the model and firmware version from the ISO.
  • Once ImgBurn has extracted the boot image file from a fdd/cd/hdd it'll now ask if you want to use it in the current project and will automatically fill out the bootable disc options if you do.
  • Various 'Read Error' handling options to Verify mode (copied from Read mode).
  • If no 'HKCU\Software\ImgBurn' key exists the program will try to load 'system wide' default settings (i.e. for new users in a multi user environment) from 'HKLM\Software\ImgBurn'.
  • 'Prefer Accurate Audio Track Duration' checkbox to the 'Create CD CUE File' window. This makes the program analyse the audio files properly as they're added to the list.
  • Options to not forcefully disable Unicode support on DVD / HD DVD / BD Video disc.
  • Options to allow Unicode volume labels on HD DVD / BD Video discs.
  • Support for loading M3U files in the 'Create CD CUE File' window.
  • Implemented an alternative method of device enumeration under SPTI using the SetupDiXxx functions.
  • You can now double click the drop zone to bring ImgBurn to the foreground (and 'restore' it if it's minimised).
  • Warning if building OS install disc and user hasn't made it bootable.
  • Test for non '00' or '01' initial 'INDEX' value for a 'TRACK' within a CUE file.
  • Option to warn the user when the MD5 of a disc / image do not match after a Verify operation.
  • Option to enable / disable automatic creation of the 'CERTIFICATE' folder on Blu-ray Video discs. (Previously it just piggybacked the 'Create AUDIO_TS Folder' option)
  • You can now choose to ignore the ISO9660 directory depth message on a 'one time only' basis, saving you from having to enable the 'Allow More Than 8 Directory Levels' option within the Advanced -> Restrictions -> ISO9660 tab.
  • Compiled with FastMM v4.92 replacing the default memory manager.
  • Put in a bit more debug info for the lock/unlock volume and enable/disable MCN functions.
  • File I/O in Build mode (reading the files from the hdd) is now using unbuffered I/O (no system caching - 'FILE_FLAG_NO_BUFFERING').
  • File I/O in Write / Verify mode (reading the image file from the hdd) is now using unbuffered I/O (no system caching - 'FILE_FLAG_NO_BUFFERING') when the image is a bog standard ISO file (single session, single track, MODE1/2048).
  • Removed support for legacy (single key) keyboard shortcuts that switch modes and open/close certain windows (i.e. 'R', 'W', 'B', 'L' etc.).
  • Made the Book Type / Advanced Settings screens a bit wider to give more room for error strings etc.
  • Removed the 'Current / Preferred / Maximum Format Capacity' disc information entries (because they're semi useless/made up) and switched to displaying the raw 'Format Capacities' information instead.
  • Rewrote some of the 'Erase Disc' code to use more appropriate 'Number of Blocks' values from the 'READ FORMAT CAPACITIES' command.
  • Updated the VirtualTreeView component to v4.8.5 - it should now use Vista's visual theme properly (apart from the tooltips :-( ).
  • Build mode no longer suggest 'HD DVD' media for the 'Required Media' when 'Calculate' is used. (The format is dead after all!)
  • Some of the file association stuff to better suite Vista's *recommended* way of working.
  • 'Funny Quotes' are now known as 'Status Bar Messages'.
  • The statusbar is now Unicode enabled.
  • When ImgBurn detects you might be building a certain type of disc (DVD Video, BD Video, OS Install etc), it'll no longer update the GUI options based on the proposed changes... it's all done on the fly instead.
  • When scanning for the end of tracks when TOC info gives a different track size to Track info, the program will retry on a failed sector read before considering it the REAL end of track.
  • ImgBurn now calculates the MD5 values shown in the log based on the exact data written to the buffer (i.e. this could be after any sector type/size conversion has taken place and any pre/post gaps have been generated).
  • The icon used for the discovery mode start button (and the one on the 'mode picker' screen).
  • Firmware update function to work with new system at
  • Q Sub-channel in the sector viewer is now displayed in the format shown for the 'READ CD' command in the MMC 6 specs.
  • Tweaked some UDF descriptor flags depending on the type of disc being built.
  • Tweaked some code when setting the layer break so that it handles drives that report it's been done when really it's still in progress, thus making the next command that checks the LB position fail.
  • Tweaked some code where Build mode tries to open the files in order to read them - this might mean it can read some files that previous versions couldn't.
  • The 'AUTO' write speed entry to say 'AWS' so people don't think ImgBurn can perform miracles. It's not a fully automatic setting, it means it'll go by whatever you've configured in the 'Automatic Write Speed' feature.
  • When parsing FLAC files, the program will now skip any leading 'ID3' tag (if present) when looking for the 'fLaC' one.
  • The amount of sense data requested to 18 bytes (down from 24) because NVIDIA drivers can't handle the larger size and cause them to report bogus error codes.
  • Unicode support is now disabled for HD DVD and BD Video discs by force, just as it already was for DVD Video.
  • The 'Drag & Drop' code so it tries to default to 'Copy' rather than 'Move'. This should stop programs that act on 'Move' operations and remove the file or folder from any explorer type window they happen to be displaying.
  • When running Win 9x and the (default) Tahoma font is not available, the substituted GUI font was pretty awful! Now it'll attempt to use the system default (probably 'MS Sans Serif') if that's the case.
  • A little problem when listing the drives the device scan had found (a few types were being shown as slightly less capable types).
  • For some reason, Ez-Mode Picker came up when pressing the 'F' key rather than the 'P' key (in modes that allow the old single key shortcuts) - the new shortcut is CTRL+ALT+P so in theory the 'old' one should have been P and not F. This (combined with the above change/fix) now means ALT+F works as it should do for bringing up the File menu.
  • When the program recommends a different file system combo for a given set of source files in Build mode, the primary FS volume label is now copied to the new FS's rather than being left blank.
  • Tweaked the pregap analysis code to cope with some odd results I had when reading an Audio CD mounted in Virtual CloneDrive (Q sub-channel was reporting MSF values based on the start of the disc and not of the track like it's supposed to).
  • Implemented a workaround/fallback for when files are already opened (non exclusively) for read+write access by something and ImgBurn is unable to open them too.
  • Reading tags from Ape/Ogg/Flac files only supported ANSI, not UTF-8 as it's supposed to.
  • The 'Automatic Write Speed' feature's 'Export' option will now append an '.aws' file extension if it's missing.
  • ISO9660 and Joliet '.' and '..' file descriptors were always being set with a size of 40 (0x28) bytes where they should probably use 34 (0x22) for compatibility reasons.
  • Prevent ACM dummy decode pass on RAW/PCM audio files.
  • Dummy decode pass now honours the start of data/first frame offset when processing.
  • ACM decoding now has additional sanity checks in it to catch potential problems with the 'Xing' header within VBR MP3 files.
  • Aborting the verify stage (before it actually got started) of a write+verify process would leave some things locked/in use that shouldn't have been.
  • The Write Speed drop down boxes (Write, Build and Discovery modes) lost their text when changing the gui interface's language.
  • Problem with incorrect vorbis comment lengths causing a crash when the program tried to allocate stupid amounts of memory.
  • Problem where the BD-RE erase function might retry (with a slightly different command) upon failure when it shouldn't do.
  • None of the automatic string truncation stuff (making them fit in the available space within the window) was working properly when the font being used was anything but 'Tahoma' (XP default). I blame Borland/CodeGear because changing a control's font doesn't update the canvas's font!
  • Test for 2 matching frame headers in an mp3 file to allow channel mode changes so long as it's not to/from mono.
  • Problem burning certain images that lead to a 'Reached EOF!' error message being displayed.
  • Problem where any 'junk' bytes at the end of the last file in a multi-part image file where not being discarded. This lead to a 'Reached EOF!' error message being displayed.
  • Problem where if you cancel a burn very early on (i.e. at the 'Creating Graph Data Thread' stage and before any real writing starts) the program would get stuck waiting for the Read Thread to terminate.
  • Problem where the program could get stuck if it found the end of the disc earlier than expected.
  • Reading discs with both data and audio tracks in certain drives could fail at the end of the data track.
  • Lack of 'success' sound when burning multiple copies from Build mode.
  • Problem parsing APE tag based on footer tag.
  • Checkboxes for how to (automatically) deal with the close track/session/disc prompt weren't working as intended.
  • Write mode looking at one of Build mode's controls (The 'Write Speed' one) when resetting what's being displayed on the screen.
  • An issue where the program doesn't always restore properly if it's minimised to the system tray when a burn finishes.
  • Bogus error message about only supporting single session images when mounting newer (v2.x) MDS files. They are in fact not supported at all due to them now being compressed/encrypted.
  • Setting 'Hardware Read Error Retries' wasn't actually hooked up internally.
  • Found a rogue call to a non-unicode function that checks to see if a file exists - so it could have failed on a path/file that required unicode when the file did actually exist.
  • A problem loading homemade multi-session (CD-Extra) CUE files by adding a new 'FILE-DECODED-SIZE' keyword under 'FILE' in the CUE file created using the 'Create CD CUE File'. This new keyword also means the program doesn't need to analyse the audio files before it burns.
  • The UDF 'DVD Video - Allow Unicode Volume Label' option wasn't being applied to all the descriptors.
  • When creating MDS files the 'Preserve Full Pathnames' options wasn't always being honoured - the path+filename of the image data file was sometimes just replaced by a '*' (meaning same path+filename as the mds file, but with a different extension of course!).
  • Bug in CRC calculation when patching the isolinux.bin file on a bootable disc.
  • Bug when testing if a bootable disc 'Load Sector Count' exceeds the size of the boot image.
  • When finalising a disc with Immediate I/O disabled, an error could potentially be missed (go unreported) as the command is retried with slightly different parameters.
  • Error when loading .DVD file with 'MediaType' keyword/parameter in it.

Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008
Website Lightning UK!
Bestandsgrootte 1,98MB
Licentietype Freeware


Downloads en Best Buy Guide

14 Linkedin Google+

Submitter: Attixx

Bron: Lightning UK!


Reacties (14)

Wijzig sortering
Gratis en een van de beste brand programma's.
Makkelijke intrface, werkt snel, geavanceerd als je dat zelf wilt en gratis.

Note: Bij een upgrade is het schjibaar niet mogelijk om de oude settings te behouden.

[Reactie gewijzigd door Bilel op 2 april 2009 01:05]

Kan je wel de settings bewaren voor het automatic-gebeuren? Ik heb veel DVD's ingesteld op automatic write-speed, het zou jammer zijn als dat weg is.
Als dat al niet niet vanzelf gebeurd (moet het zelf nog even testen) kun je voor de zekerheid de Auto Write Speed settings vantevoren even exporteren (naar een .aws bestandje).
Werkt dit dan wel samen met AnyDVD HD?
Wow, dat is nog eens een changelog :D
Vind het geweldig om te zien, dat zo'n simpel en gratis programma toch nog goed en druk wordt ontwikkeld! Hulde voor de devver :D

Ik blijf het een heerlijke tool vinden om mee te branden, het enige brand prog wat ik nog heb. brand en maakt images, brandt losse bestanden, maakt er images van en alles wat je verder nog maar zou willen. Heerlijk programma :)
Geweldig programma!
Onmisbaar voor een gemodde-Wii
Prachtig programma dat laat zien dat gratis en klein absoluut niet onderdoet voor uit hun voegen gebarsten commerciŽle alternatieven zoals Nero.
En Roxio, dit programma lang gebruikt, maar ik ben helemaal over naar ImgBurn! Lang niet zoveel functies, maar deze waren ook helemaal niet van toepassing voor mij! ImgBurn kan images schrijven en maken en ook nog is gewoon losse bestanden fikken! All you need!
Sluit me aan bij de mensen hierboven .
Ik gebruik dit programma al bijna 2 jaar en het is echt super .
Had er eigenlijk nog nooit op gelet dat je er inderdaad ook bestanden mee op CD kan zetten.. Must have tool. En portable ook!
Nog steeds geen multi-session support, vind ik een groot gemis voor dit programma. Bovendien is de leercurve verre van optimaal: veel functies zijn slecht omschreven of zitten diep verstopt of in een drukbevolkt scherm waardoor je er zo overheen kijkt. Ik heb er niet zo heel veel last meer van nu, maar aangezien de gemiddelde tweaker denk ik toch van elke functie wil weten wat het betekent eer er met een programma gewerkt wordt is dit geen leuke.
Het enige dat ik wel mis bij dit verder uitstekende programma, is de mogelijkheid om een DVD te kopiŽren. Of anders de mogelijkheid om de image direct te branden nadat ie gemaakt is.
Verder is het inderdaad ideaal voor het basic brandwerk.

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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