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Software-update: Digsby bta build 37

Digsby logo (75 pix) Dotsyntax is bezig met de ontwikkeling van Digsby, een multifunctioneel communicatieprogramma. Met dit programma kan via de netwerken van AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Google Talk, Jabber en Facebook Chat worden gechat. Daarnaast kan het ook e-mail van Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL/AIM Mail en normale imap en pop3-accounts in de gaten houden. Ten slotte kan het ook zien of er iets is gebeurd op de pagina's op de sociale netwerksites van Facebook, Twitter, Myspace en Linkedin. De bedoeling is dat er ook versies voor Linux en Mac OS X ontwikkeld gaan worden, maar Digsby is voorlopig alleen voor Windows beschikbaar. Afgelopen woensdag is met buildnummer 37 een nieuwe publieke testversie uitgekomen. Hieronder is een overzicht van de belangrijkste veranderingen te vinden sinds build 33:

Build 37 - r18971 (public beta)

Major Changes
  • Fixed a few more crash causing bugs including one that was introduced in the last alpha release and was triggered when hiding offline buddies
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug that caused Hotmail to get stuck in 'Connecting” when there was a network error instead of going to a “Failed to Connect” state
  • Fixed a bug that caused AIM to show the default privacy preferences instead of what is stored on the AIM servers
  • Fixed a bug that caused Hotmail to not show all your email previews in some cases
  • Fixed a bug that caused the tray icon menu to disappear after you bring out the “Status” submenu
  • A few small fixes for AIM/ICQ unicode - more to come!
  • Fixed a bug that caused some dialog boxes to be the wrong height after the second time they are opened
  • Login screen is no longer resizable
Build 36 - r18822 (private alpha)

Major Changes
  • Added full support for new the Hotmail design that people are being switched over to
  • Fixed a crash and added more debug info to crash reports to help us hunt down the remaining crashes
  • Fixed several significant memory leaks
  • Fixed a bug that caused two instances of Digsby to launch resulting in duplicate IM windows. If it happens in this release please submit a bug report to let us know with any info on how to reproduce it.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug that caused MSN buddies that had weemees to show offline always
  • Fixed a CPU spin that happened when Digsby went into a loop requesting the same favicon for a domain over and over
  • Fixed a bug that caused your buddy icon to look distorted when you set it
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Actions Bar in the IM window to show partially cut off
  • Fixed a bug that caused the window to open in the wrong location when the taskbar was not at the bottom of the screen
  • Fixed a bug that prevented sending files with unicode names over AIM and ICQ
  • Fixed a bug that caused AIM to lose its connection in some cases because keep alive packets were not being sent
  • Some ICQ unicode fixes but more still to come
  • Fixed a bug that caused MSN messages to not be received because we left the conversation as soon as we got there in edge cases
  • If a buddy does not reply to an MSN conversation invite, reinvite up to three times to improve the chance of a message being delivered
  • Fixed a bug that caused alert counts not to show for LinkedIn in the infobox
  • Fixed a bug that caused ICQ auth requests to not show if the personal message from the buddy was unicode characters
  • Possibly fixed a bug that caused Digsby to not launch fully when your computer starts
  • Fixed a bug that caused mobile MSN buddies to show offline
  • Fixed a bug that caused Twitter icons not to load from cache for some people
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Digsby tray icon to hide after a period of time
  • Fixed a bug that caused AIM to sometimes get stuck on connecting after you lose your network connection
  • We redid the login screen in C++ to improve performance
  • We now handle the new Facebook error codes properly
  • After logging in to Facebook there is a button that lets you stay logged in permanently
  • Infobox now shows away time for AIM buddies
  • Infobox now gives priority to the screen the buddy list is on when deciding where to show
  • Accounts in log viewer are now sorted by protocol
  • Added the option to include a full screenshot with bug report instead of one that just includes Digsby windows
  • Double clicking the tray icon will bring the buddy list into view if it is off screen due to unplugging of monitors
  • IM windows now make sure they are on screen when they load and bring themselves back if they are not in view due to unplugging of monitors
Build 35 - r18546 (private alpha)

Major Changes
  • Fixed a long standing bug that caused AIM and ICQ to periodically disconnect and reconnect for some users
  • Finished implementation for the “new hotmail” - please let us know if everything works properly
  • Fixed a bug that caused the auto-updater crash if Digsby was installed on a FAT32 hard drive (USB drives, hint hint)
  • Fixed bugs in MSN Conversations - if a message is dropped please submit a bug report and mention the username of the buddy it happened with
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in an empty ICQ buddy list on login
  • Fixed two crash causing bugs and we are working hard on hunting down the few that remain
  • Fixed a bug that caused the CPU to spin to 100% when checking for favicons
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bugs that caused Digsby to not exit, which prevented new instances from starting
  • Fixed a bug that caused the windows to resize in two directions when they are snapped to something else
  • Fixed a bug the caused the IM window to not recognize the content size if you last closed it while it was maximized
  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from dragging and dropping buddies
  • Fixed a bug that caused Digsby to become non-responsive
  • Fixed bug with blocking unblocking MSN
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the emoticon box from opening anywhere in preferences until it was opened in the IM window
  • MSN mobile buddies not showing as mobile when online
  • Fixed a bug with full screen detection in Vista that caused a CPU spin
  • Fixed a bug that caused tweets not to show if the buddy uploaded an icon with a unicode file name
  • Fixed a few memory leaks
  • Twitter a bug that caused the tweet to be malformed if it started with an @ symbol followed by a space
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Infobox to show on the wrong screen in multi-monitor setups
  • Fixed a bug with encoding sent offline messages to those using the new WLM Beta
  • Fixed a bug that caused MSN to reconnect when it should not (when you log in from another location)
  • Numerous speed improvements - we will continue to work on this over the next several builds
  • Better saving and loading of last window position
  • MSN Buddy icon requests happen slower to prevent hitting rate limits for conversation requests
  • Large buddy icons in Twitter now resized to 4848 so they look correct in the Infobox
  • The default option for pressing the “Enter Key” when asked if you are sure about deleting buddies, deleting groups, and blocking buddies is now “Yes” - we've had too many bug reports saying it doesn't work when people simply press “Enter” (No was the default) instead of clicking Yes.
Build 34 - r18269 (public beta)

Major Changes
  • Added support for the new Windows Live Mail that some users have been switched over to
  • Fixed a bug that caused social network accounts to disappear for a small portion of users
  • Fixed a bug that caused MSN to disconnect and not know about it so the buddy list was still populated and it did not reconnect
  • Fixed a bug that caused Digsby to get stuck on “Connecting” for a small portion of users. If you are experiencing this you do need to reinstall using the latest installer on our website
Bug Fixes
    Fixed a bug that caused no “IM” button to appear for mobile MSN buddies
Fixed a bug in MSN related to display name encoding Enhancements
  • Like other social networks, sounds are off by default when you add a new LinkedIn account
  • Several more speed enhancements
  • Default setting for Yahoo privacy is now to allow messages from those not on your buddy list
Digsby screenshot (481 pix)
Versienummer bta build 37
Releasestatus Beta
Besturingssystemen Windows 9x, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
Website Dotsyntax
Bestandsgrootte 15,04MB
Licentietype Freeware

Door Bart van Klaveren

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15-11-2008 • 17:16

14 Linkedin Google+

Bron: Dotsyntax

Reacties (14)

Wijzig sortering
Ziet er best aardig uit. Alleen "vervelend" dat die Digsby account verplicht is. Je weet niet wat ze opslaan, heb weinig zin mijn passwords op hun server op te laten slaan.

[Reactie gewijzigd door Sypher op 16 november 2008 20:51]

dat steekt mij ook altijd een beetje.

al zeggen ze de wachtwoorden versleuteld op te bewaren:
Dit programma lijkt verdacht veel op Pidgin...
Dit programma lijkt verdacht veel op de zoveelste all-in-one chatter.
Heb je het uberhaubt gebruikt? Ik heb zelf nooit pidgin gebruikt maar vergeleken bij Gaim is Digsby wel heel erg anders...
Dit programma lijkt ook verdacht veel op Trillian...
Ik blijf nog een tijdje bij Pidgin. Tenminste, totdat Digsby met firewalls kan omgaan.
Best een mooi programma eigenlijk, nog nooit van gehoord dat niet...
Heb al n leuk feature gevonden wat voor mij handig is, je kan een applet op je site of blog ed. zetten en kunnen mensen via de site met je chatten, dit is handig want nu hoef je geen IM adres af te geven om met sommige mensen te praten.

Of het ook gebruikt gaat worden dat weet ik niet we zullen zien.
Ik vind Windows Live Messenger + messpatch + wlmplus echt te handig om over te stappen naar dit (of pidgin of andere). Maar voor meer professionele doeleinden is dit wel handiger :)
Alleen jammer dat dat (over het algemeen) alleen voor 32-bit systemen is :)
als ik al die dingen doe die jij zegt, vreet msn nog steeds te veel resources naar men zin, en daarbij word msn nog eens veel instabieler ook. Ook kan ik dan niet met 1 prog op irc :(

wat ik wel nog graag zou zien of een officiele skype chat in pidgin...
Er is wel een plugin voor: hier :)
Is er een manier om het hoofdvenster verborgen te laten beginnen, nu heb ik die elke keer voor mijn neus staan bij het opstarten van Windows. En dat is lastig. ;(

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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