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Software-update: Adium X 1.3

Adium X logo (90 pix) Gisteren is versie 1.3 van Adium X uitgebracht. Adium X is een multi-protocol instantmessagingprogramma voor Mac OS X, die het mogelijk maakt om te chatten via de netwerken van onder meer Jabber, ICQ, .Net Messenger Service en Bonjour. Het programma is opensource, in meer dan twintig talen te gebruiken en heeft otr-versleuteling. Versie 1.3 is zeven maanden in ontwikkeling geweest en er zijn dan ook een groot aantal veranderingen en verbeteringen doorgevoerd. Zo is de performance en het geheugengebruik verbeterd, is er ondersteuning voor Facebook-chat toegevoegd en is de msn-ondersteuning flink verbeterd. Hieronder is het volledige changelog van deze release te vinden:

Major Changes
  • Complete redesign of the Contact Inspector (formerly the Get Info Window)
    • Complete interface overhaul
    • Profiles for combined contacts now display in a unified fashion
    • Combined contacts' contents are now managed in the contact list; they automatically expand in the contact list when inspected
    • Increased buddy info retrieval speed
    • Fixed management of serverside group associations from the Contact Inspector
  • Added Facebook Chat service to Adium
    • Known limitation: logging into Facebook Chat via Adium will log you out of the Facebook website.
  • Added a search field to the Standard Contact List window
    • This can be accessed either from the Edit menu (?F) or by blindly typing into contact list (the previously-existing type-ahead find feature).
  • Switched to MSN-Pecan, a new MSN library for libpurple. Notable changes with MSN-Pecan:
    • Support for personal messages
    • Improved error handling for networking issues
    • Improved http method support
  • Major performance improvements, most notable when signing on multiple accounts simultaneously and when chatting while other applications are making heavy use of your hard drive.
  • Tons of improvements and fixes, big and small - see below for all the details!
General Changes
  • Improved management of contact and account icons:
    • Fixed setting “Use no icon” in personal preferences not updating with no icon
    • Fixed images in Image Picker showing up too large
    • Fixed Address Book icons not overriding user's icon when set to do so
    • Fixed Address Book image being copied/overwriten every time (which caused troubles with Sync Services)
    • Significant memory usage and performance improvements related to icons
  • Fixed behavior which determines which contact in a combined contact to message
  • Added “Save opened chats when quitting” option to the General preferences
  • Added menu item for “Add Group Chat Bookmark” to the Contact menu
  • Improved the dialog when sending a message to a contact who appears offline
  • Choosing a status from a status menu which is already globally set will now present the state editor window
  • Added option in the Advanced Status Prefs to change “Number of unread messages” to “Number of unread conversations” (for the Dock icon and Status Menu Item)
  • Fixed reconnect behavior in certain situations
  • Fixed combined contacts with Bonjour accounts staying online
  • View menu now changes “Show” menu items to “Hide” and back again, instead of using check-marks
  • Fixed checking of account in the Add Contact window with only one account
  • Fixed empty space in the Window menu's list of open chats when using tabs
  • Fixed issue that could cause sounds to stop working when Adium was upgraded if a default sound set was in use
  • Updated Zephyr Options preferences page
  • Keychain items now contain the name of their account
  • The New Message prompt no longer requires specifying the source account for the new chat
  • Fixed an issue which could make newlines disappear when copying and pasting from Safari, Word, and other applications in certain situations
  • Fixed duplication of newline characters in chat message history
  • %n, %d, and %t are no longer substituted in the middle of a word
  • Fixed many memory leaks
  • Improved baseline memory usage of Adium
  • Updated default Xtra packages
    • Added Renkoo and Renkoo Naked message styles
    • Added Invisible and Busy Adiumy Dock icons
    • Added blocked status icon to the iBubble set
    • Added status icons for DND/Busy status
    • Updated service icons for ICQ, Yahoo!, Gadu-Gadu, MySpace IM, Sametime, and QQ
    • Updated MSN emoticons to include a more comprehensive default set
  • Added "MobileMe" service
  • Fixed storage of ordering within metacontact and groups in certain situations
  • Removed some invalid sender colors in message windows
  • Fixed moving a contact from one metacontact to another
  • Worked around a Firefox 3 problem with retrieving the current webpage's information. The bug is 427448.
  • Fixed a crash when disconnecting if a Send Message action were applied to the "Contact No Longer Seen" event
  • Fixed issues with applescript and modifying statuses
  • Fixed 'go online with message' applescript command
  • Added a 'name' property for single-user chats
  • Fixed the contextual menu items for Address Book integration within the message window
  • Added Italics support in the chat transcript viewer
  • Fixed problems with manually assigned address book cards and combined contacts
  • Updated to libpurple 2.5.0
Contact List
  • Combined contacts can now be expanded and collapsed in the contact list
    • Contacts within a combined contact can now be reordered within the contact list
    • Dragging a contact to another group will remove it from the combined contact
    • Dragging a contact into an existing combined contact will add it to that combined contact
  • Removed ability to drag groups to detach them, as many of you did that by accident
    • You must now right-click on them and choose “Detach from Window”
    • You can still drag and drop between detached groups
  • Idle time display improvements
    • Added an “idle right, status below” option for idle and status message display in list layouts
    • “Size to Fit Horizontally” no longer ignores idle time when set to display beside the name
  • Group display improvements:
    • Changed Contact List to expand or collapse groups on the first mouse click
    • Changed group headers to show the number of contacts in the group on the right side when left-aligned, or the left side otherwise
    • Group bubbles now display at maximum width when using “Contact Bubbles (To Fit)”
    • Groups now break up the alternation of contact row colors in the Contact List
  • Changed minimum opacity for the Contact List to 0% from 5%
  • Adium is now Psychic: Contacts which are typing a message to you without a chat open are displayed as “typing”
  • Added “Blocked Contacts” to the set of contact list filters (“Hide Certain Contacts”)
  • Removed the empty white contact list when using the standard contact list window
  • Added ability to drag-and-drop URLs onto the Contact List
  • Added ability to drag-and-drop songs from iTunes onto the Contact List to send them as file transfers
  • Fixed contact list becoming super-glued to screen edges after resolution change
  • Pressing Enter with multiple selection in Contact List now opens a chat with all of the selected contacts, not just one
  • You can now expand multiple selected groups with the right arrow key, and collapse them with the left
  • Moving a contact from one group to another on one account will now move the same contact on all other accounts
  • Fixed display issues that would arise if you deleted the font that you were using for the Contact List
  • Fixed dragging the Contact List between vertically-stacked displays
  • Fixed scroll bar momentarily appearing when buddy list un-hides
  • Contact List now glows in the dark
  • Fixed hidden Contact List becoming inaccessible upon connecting another display
  • Groups with no contacts do not hide after detaching and re-attaching groups
  • Added a delay before showing a contact list which is hiding on screen edges
  • Fixed which information is displayed for combined contacts
  • Fixed Contact List tooltips breaking on launch
  • Fixed the clickable area of the Contact List being larger than it looked
  • Drag & Drop
    • Fixed drag & drop to the bottom of groups
    • Greatly improved drag & drop aesthetics
    • Fixed persistent drag highlights after finishing a drag & drop operation
    • We now recollapse items automatically expanded in the contact list during a drag & drop operation
    • Fixed issues with contact list ordering, including a 10.4 bug in which contacts could not be ordered immediately below combined contacts
Chats and Messages
  • Multiple consecutive status messages in the message view will now only display the latest update for your account or your contact
  • Added ???/??? (Firefox-style) tab switching shortcuts.
  • Clearing the message view
    • Added a “Clear Display” contextual menu item to the message view
    • Added a “/clear” command (like IRC clients have)
  • Group chats
    • Added ability for message styles to look different for group chats
    • Fixed group chat userlists not updating after waking from sleep
    • Fixed slowness in joining large group chats
    • Groupwise: Fixed duplicate messages in Groupwise conferences
    • Yahoo!: Added sending of text attributes (color, font) in Yahoo! Group Chat
  • Fixed message windows losing saved position on Tiger
  • The contact information tooltip now hides when you begin typing into a message window
  • Added option to scale the message window background image
  • Made the “Send File” dialog a sheet, rather than a separate window
  • Added left/right swipe gestures to change tabs on multi-touch Macs (e.g., MacBook Air)
  • Adium now automatically aligns text in inputline based on writing direction
  • /me
    • Changed /me command to not alter the action text being sent
    • Changed display of /me to be dependent on message view style
  • Prevent closing tabs that are inactive
  • Fixed printing from the message view
  • Fixed incorrect display of status messages
  • Fixed Font Panel for “Text Display” in Messages pane of Preferences not allowing changes
  • When switching message styles, the “Text display” field is now updated to the default font of the new style
  • Fixed consecutive message divider lines in Mockie message style
  • Fixed repetition of user icons in the Mockie message style
Status menu item
  • Added controls for the status menu item to the Status section of the Advanced pane in Preferences
  • Added “Options” submenu with some menu items that we removed in 1.2
  • Moved Contacts submenu above Accounts submenu
  • Made right-clicking the status menu item show the Contact List menu, for starting new chats
  • Fixed status menu item repositioning improperly when unread count was zero
Events and Notifications
  • Added new event type: “Name Mentioned” for when your name is said in a group chat
  • Added “Silence Growl” option for custom statuses
  • Fixed Growl notifications to use icons from the Address Book when you've set Adium that way in the Preferences
  • Fixed awkward nudge/buzz event text when sending
  • Updated Growl to 1.1.4. Adium will prompt you to automatically upgrade as appropriate.
  • Fixed authentication on XMPP in cases where GSSAPI fails
  • Fixed bug where you couldn't join a group chat after trying and failing once
  • Fixed not updating the userlist for nickname changes in group chats
  • Fixed bug that would allow you to try to message contacts from accounts that don't have the contact on their contact lists
  • Fixed offering to unregister GTalk accounts when you delete them
  • Fixed error when trying to log into Wildfire Jabber server
  • Fixed passwordless login on broken Jabber servers
  • Fixed a crash when finishing a file transfer
  • Fixed redisplay of the away message when an away contact goes idle on AIM
  • AIM DirectConnect now respects the “automatically accept…” option in the File Transfer preferences
  • Fixed an intermittent crash after sending an image via AIM Direct IM
  • Fixed lengthy delay before sending messages after connecting an AIM or ICQ account with a large number of ICQ contacts on its contact list
  • Update to libotr 3.1
    • Socialist Millionaire protocol is not yet functioning in Adium
  • Fixed infinite loop caused by pasting rich text into an encrypted chat
  • Fixed infinite loop caused by messages that were too long for one message
  • Fixed per-user encryption settings not being set properly
  • Fixed inability to enable automatic encryption
Chat transcripts
  • Adium chat transcripts are now bundles. Third party software will need to be updated accordingly.
    • Adium now stores in-chat images (e.g. AIM DirectIM) in chat transcripts
    • Added aliases in chat transcripts
  • Reduced time spent writing log files when sending or receiving a message, providing a significant performance boost in many settings
  • Added option to hide timestamps in transcript viewer
  • Added left/right and up/down swipe gestures for users of multi-touch Macs (e.g., MacBook Air)
  • Fixed combined contacts' transcripts for GTalk and .Mac chats not displaying within the combined contact
  • Fixed hang when opening the transcript viewer
  • Fixed one case where transcripts listed in the Transcript Viewer would have an empty Date column
  • Added a very small delay to changing which logs are displayed when your selection changes, making keyboard-based navigation much easier.
  • Added display of the contact's name along with the alias in the transcript viewer
  • Exposed mutabilityType of statuses to AppleScript
  • Exposed unread-messages count in AppleScript
  • Added ability to add contacts through AppleScript
  • Added ability to re-order contacts through AppleScript
  • Added ability to block contacts through AppleScript
  • Added ability to delete contacts through AppleScript
  • Added ability to list the contacts of a group, and find the group of a contact, through AppleScript
  • Added ability to toggle proxies on and off through AppleScript
  • Added ability to get the account of a contact through AppleScript in Tiger
  • Fixed bug where, if you turned off Show Groups, some (most) contact group elements would be contacts, mixed in with the actual groups
  • Fixed Address Book plugins, which were broken in 1.2.x
  • Fixed %_adiumbuild in certain situations
URL detection
  • “B.Sc.” (Bachelor of Science) is no longer detected as a link
  • Fixed actions (/me) that ended with URLs rendering the asterisk (*) as part of the link
  • Fixed linkification of enclosed URIs with trailing punctuation
  • Fixed linkification of URIs with user/password information
  • Fixed linkification of IPv6 addresses
  • Fixed linkification of URLs containing underscores
  • Spotify URI hyperlink detection
Address Book
  • Fixed setting your Bonjour display name to the name on your Address Book “Me” card
  • Fixed “Overwrite Address Book images with contacts' icons” feature working sporadically
  • Fixed “Search in Address Book” not adding the contact on the correct service
  • Fixed ignorance of email address field when looking up names in Address Book for GTalk and MSN contacts
  • Fixed “Add to Address Book” causing Adium to lose the Address Book name information for all your contacts
  • We now respect the 'last name first' per-contact setting from the Address Book
Crash fixes
  • Fixed a crash when moving around groups in contact list or moving them in and out of it
  • Fixed a crash when the Adium User Profile window is shown at startup *and* a 3rd party plugin needs confirmation at startup
  • Added a Commonwealth English localization
  • “Show x recent messages” (in the General pane of the Preferences) was translated as number of days, not number of messages, in Chinese
  • Provide separate strings for “Get Info” menu item and “Get Info” button
  • Added Italian-localized Dock-icon overlays for Away and Idle
  • Updated all localizations
Adium X screenshot (481 pix)
Versienummer 1.3
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen macOS
Website Adium
Bestandsgrootte 22,10MB
Licentietype GPL

Door Bart van Klaveren

Downloads en Best Buy Guide

26-08-2008 • 11:42

14 Linkedin Google+

Submitter: begintmeta

Bron: Adium


Meer historie

Reacties (14)

Wijzig sortering
Vraag me af waarom ze msn-pecan gebruiken terwijl libpurple net support heeft gekregen voor msnp 15..
Juist daarom..
7 maanden hebben ze hieraan gewerkt, en om dan in de laatste week te switchen van plugin lijkt me niet zo handig.
Overigens kun je ze vast allebei naast elkaar gebruiken zoals dat ook bij gaim^H^H^H^Hpidgin kan.
Vraag me af waarom ze msn-pecan gebruiken terwijl libpurple net support heeft gekregen voor msnp 15..
msn-pecan was ge´ntegreerd voordat msnp15 in libpurple zat. Er is besloten om voor 1.3 niet nˇg een keer te veranderen van msn-library. Het is wel vrij zeker dat volgende versies overgaan op libpurple's msnp15. Er zijn in ieder geval vrij lange discussies op de development mailinglist gevoerd :-).
Kan iemand mij zeggen of die update van libpurple noodzaak is? Ik log namelijk redelijk vaak aan op TMSNC (console based msn) op mijn debian machine aan, maar sinds kort krijg ik een "protocoll missmatch".

Is er (vermoedelijk) een update geweest voor MSN? Waar mijn TMSNC niet meer mee overweg kan?

Kan me zo voorstellen omdat TMSNC wat ouder is dat het protocol gewoon niet meer matched en deze in libpurple wel omdat het wordt bijgewerkt?

[Reactie gewijzigd door dsmink op 26 augustus 2008 12:16]

Deze update is een must-have voor iedereen die Adium gebruikt!

MSN werkt beter nu en ook handig is die Facebook Chat, niet meer inloggen op facebook site dus :)
Ondersteuning voor Facebook Chat was eigenlijk overbodig omdat Facebook toch XMPP gaat gebruiken, en Adium ondersteunt al XMPP. Men had dus beter de tijd gebruikt om andere features in Adium te programmeren...pure verspilling van developer resources IMO.

Zie ook:

"Right now we're building a Jabber/XMPP interface for Facebook Chat. In the near future, users will be able to use Jabber/XMPP-based chat applications to connect to Facebook Chat to:

Communicate with their friends
See which of their friends are online and view their profile pictures
Set their statuses"
Ik betwijfel of het een must-have is. Ik had te laat door dat ik beter eventjes kon wachten:
Er zijn toch aardig wat bugs
Aanmelden van mijn MSN account is van 35 - 40 seconden nu naar ongeveer 10 seconden gegaan. Verder voelt het geheel sneller en stabieler aan, hebben bepaalde delen van de GUI waar ik me echt aan ergerde een compleet redesign gekregen --> Contact Info bijvoorbeeld.. Dit in de Apple stijl, oftewel niet lullen, maar vullen.

Het werkt nu echt! En het voelt 'native' aan, niet zoals MSN Messenger:Mac (de microsoft variant die in mijn opzichten gewoon niet lekker, maar kut draait) Verder zit er nu de e-mail amount checker in, dus hoeveel berichten er in mijn mailbox staan te wachten.. Ideaal!

Conclusie: Updaten!
Helaas doet de Skype plugin het onder 1.3 (nog) niet meer.
Niet dat die plugin uberhaupt zinvol is omdat je daarvoor alsnog Skype nodig hebt en Skype ook gewoon draait. Je gebruikt dus gewoon de normale die je van de website kunt downloaden alleen heb je het voordeel dat al je chats van zowel Adium als Skype in 1 venster zitten. Zolang Skype niet wat aan hun API/protocol/encryptie/etc. geslotenheid doet zal hierin ook geen verandering komen.
Niet alleen de Skype plugin, ook alle andere die ik heb. Dat ppl de Skype plugin voor zichzelf niet zo handig vindt, kan ik ook niet helpen :)
Het idee van zo'n plugin wat ongeveer 99% van de mensen heeft is dat ze dan geen Skype meer hoeven te installeren en te draaien. Bij deze plugin moet je Skype installeren en Skype draaien. Het enige voordeel is dat je nu je skype contacts met die van de rest ge´ntegreerd hebt. Waarbij wel opgemerkt moet worden dat bellen dan ook niet mogelijk is.
wat is het verschil/voordeel van msnp15 libpurple en msn-pecan?
Werkt offline berichten van MSN in deze versie of moet ik nog steeds via bootcamp msn openen?

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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