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Software-update: Securecrt 6.1 bčta 2

Securecrt is een client voor remote control, bestandsoverdracht en data-tunneling met behulp van ssh. Dit is een methode om een beveiligde verbinding op te zetten tussen twee computers, waarbij zowel de data als een deel van het ip-verkeer wordt versleuteld. Voor meer informatie en een overzicht van alle mogelijkheden verwijzen we jullie door naar deze pagina. De ontwikkelaars van Vandyke Software hebben de tweede bčtaversie van Securecrt 6.1 uitgebracht en voorzien van de volgende veranderingen:

Changes in SecureCRT 6.1 (Beta 2):

Bug fixes:
  • If SecureCRT was running during an upgrade install, the installer continued to report that a file was in use after SecureCRT was closed and Retry was selected.
  • The installer did not handle the answer file option INSTALLATION_PROFILE.
  • SSH1: If a command that resulted in a lot of output was run, pressing CTRL+C could cause the session to become unresponsive.
Changes in SecureCRT 6.1 (Beta 1):

New features:
  • Added the ability to search sessions and folders in the Connect dialog, which supports searching for a session name, hostname, folder name, or a keyword in the description.
  • Added items to the File menu to reconnect all disconnected sessions and disconnect all connected sessions.
  • Added support for an unlimited number of automated logon Expect/Send sequences and the ability to delete and reorder the sequences.
  • Several example VB scripts are installed, which demonstrate how to use SecureCRT's scripting support.
  • Added scripting support for sending special keys such as function keys, control keys, and other special characters, which makes it easier to write scripts that are protocol and emulation independent.
  • Added Clipboard scripting functions provide access to the current selected text and also to available Clipboard data, which allows setting up actions such as running a script that uses the contents of the Clipboard to send a command to the session, or selecting text in the session and running a script which launches a web browser to google that text.
  • Added scripting support for accessing session options, which makes it possible to do operations such as configuring a session before connecting and converting session information stored in a file to saved sessions.
  • Added error handling methods to the Application scripting object. The new methods GetLastError and GetLastErrorMessage provide flexibility to how errors are handled in scripts.
  • The script method Connect can be called without arguments in order to reconnect a session.
  • SSH1/SSH2: Added an option for authentication credentials to be entered in the terminal window, which allows Secure Shell logons to be scripted using the Expect/Send strings or "Logon script" option found in the Session Options dialog.
  • SSH1/SSH2: The username and password can be saved when using keyboard-interactive authentication, streamlining the logon process.
  • SSH1/SSH2: Added a session option to execute a remote command after connecting.
  • SFTP: Added a "view" command which downloads the specified file and opens it in the default editor or appropriate application.
  • SFTP: If the remote server is VShell 3.5 or later, there is a "su" command in the SFTP tab that allows you to become a different user.
  • When the "Single Instance" and "Launch New Windows in a Separate Process" options are set, sessions cannot be opened in a separate window.
  • The serial port can now be changed in the Default session.
  • Added read access to the crt.FileTransfer.ZmodemUploadAscii property.
  • SSH2: The option "Enable OpenSSH agent forwarding" can be specified on a per-session basis.
Bug fixes:
  • When the session option "Retain size and font" was set, if the window was resized to be smaller than the number of logical rows, it was not possible to scroll to the rows that were cut off.
  • If a session was maximized and the "Synchronize view to size" option was set, if the session was sent to a new window, the logical rows and columns in the new window were incorrect.
  • Unicode output was not displayed correctly in a tabbed session other than the first tab.
  • Under certain circumstances with SecureCRT maximized, text could be cut off when switching between tabbed sessions.
  • Opening a new window while in full screen mode caused the new window to appear partially off screen.
  • Under certain circumstances, a second SecureCRT window for an existing session was cascaded when it shouldn't have been.
  • If two sessions with different initial positions were connected, only the initial position for the first session was honored.
  • If the "Auto reconnect" option was set and authentication was cancelled by the user, the session attempted to auto reconnect.
  • Under certain circumstances when the "Auto reconnect" option was enabled, a session attempted to reconnect even though its associated tab had been closed.
  • When the "Save expanded folder state in connect dialog" option was set and a session in a folder was renamed in the Connect dialog, it caused other folders to be expanded.
  • It was not possible to map a key or button to "Trace Options" or "Raw Log Session".
  • The recent scripts menu item MENU_SCRIPT_MRU_FILE1 did not work when used in a custom .MNU file.
  • In a script, certain crt.Screen.ReadString syntax errors could result in a crash.
  • In a script, if a Connect call was made immediately after a Disconnect call, SecureCRT could think the session was not connected.
  • Under certain circumstances, the line number reported when a script was cancelled was incorrect.
  • Paste output did not continue if a WaitForStrings script method matched something in the pasted text.
  • SSH2: SecureCRT could crash when web traffic was forwarded through Firefox's Foxy-Proxy.
  • SSH2: When a certificate from a CAPI store was used to authenticate, agent forwarding did not work.
  • SFTP: On some platforms, such as rhel5 and rhel4-64, wildcard (ls -l *) file listings were returned in the wrong order.
  • U3: Configuration settings were uninstalled when the U3 version was uninstalled.
Versienummer 6.1 beta 2
Releasestatus Beta
Besturingssystemen Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista
Website Vandyke Software
Licentietype Shareware

Door Japke Rosink


03-07-2008 • 18:53

1 Linkedin Google+

Bron: Vandyke Software


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