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Software-update: EditPad Pro 6.4.0

EditPad logo (60 pix) JGsoft heeft niet alleen zijn gratis teksteditor EditPad Lite voorzien van een update, ook de grote broer EditPad Pro is gisteren voorzien van een update. Waar EditPad Lite bedoeld is als vervanger van Notepad, is EditPad Pro meer bedoeld voor programmeurs. Zo is er bijvoorbeeld een spellchecker die rekening houdt met syntax coloring, is er een hex-editor, file compare, bookmarks en een ingebakken ftp-client. Een volledig overzicht van de extra mogelijkheden ten opzichte van de Lite-versie kan op deze pagina worden gevonden. Het changelog van deze release laat de volgende veranderingen zien:

New features:
  • Drag and drop: Drag tabs from EditPad to Windows Explorer to copy the file.
  • Drag and drop: Drag tabs from one EditPad instance to another. Hold down Shift to move the file between the instances, instead of opening it twice. Unsaved files can be dragged.
  • Drag and drop: Dragging text from one EditPad instance to another with the Shift key held down will now move the text (i.e. deleting it from the source instance).
  • Drag and drop: When dropping files with the Alt key held down, insert the full path to the file into the clip rather than the file's contents. This works with files dragged from Windows Explorer (or any other application) as well as tabs dragged from EditPad.
  • Drag and drop: Drag files from one project to another, within the same EditPad instance or between different instances, to move the file from one project to another. You can drag file tabs or File Panel tree items, and drop files on the project or file tabs, or File Panel tree items.
  • Drag and drop: Drop files onto the FTP panel to save or upload them. Also accepts files from Windows Explorer.
  • Drag and drop: Files dropped onto the blank area next to the project tabs are opened in a new project. This works for files dragged within EditPad and from other applications.
  • Drag and drop: Files dropped onto the File Panel are now opened in the project that you drop them on, or in the same project as the file that you drop them on, rather than always into the active project.
  • Drag and drop: You can now drag file and project tabs onto the Explorer Panel. For previously saved files or projects, this will copy or move (with Shift key) the file or project. For unsaved files or projects, a Save As screen will be shown that defaults to the folder you dropped the file or project on.
  • Drag and drop: You can now move and copy files by dragging and dropping them within the Explorer Panel.
  • File Types, Encoding: Option to write the BOM only if already present, using the write/don't write option as the default for new files.
  • Setup: Create Portable Installation directly from the self-extracting setup. The Install on Removable Drive menu item in the Help menu was renamed for consistency.
  • When saving a file, check if the encoding matches the XML declaration or the HTML content-type meta tag (if either of these is present). The reason for this is that when you open a file, EditPad looks for an XML declaration and HTML content-type meta tag. If either of these is found, the encoding specified in it overrides any settings you made in the file type configuration. This means that if you save a file with an incorrect XML declaration or HTML content-type meta tag, EditPad will open it with the wrong encoding next time, as would any other application that supports XML or HTML.
  • File Panel: Select Active File button, like in the Explorer Panel.
  • Default file type for R source code, with syntax coloring and file navigation
  • File Types: File navigation schemes for C and C++
  • File Types: Default file type for Visual Basic 6 .frm files, with syntax coloring and file navigation.
  • File Types: Preconfigured file type for batch file output with syntax coloring and file navigation. You can select this file type for the output of batch files that you add to the Tools menu.
  • File Types: Preconfigured file type for XML Schema. The only difference with the XML file type is that it uses a file navigation scheme that builds a tree of "name" attributes rather than XML elements.
  • Preferences, Editor: Option to always visualize spaces and tabs in the search and replace boxes.
  • Preferences, System: Choice to open FTP URLs in EditPad's built-in FTP, the default FTP client, or a specific FTP client.
  • Edit|Undo: Remove a file's working copies if all changes have been undone.
  • Explorer Panel: When a favorite folder is selected that's outside the scope of the current home folder, make that folder the new home folder.
  • Extra|Sort Alphabetically: The file will no longer be marked as modified if the selected lines are already sorted, and the file was previously unmodified.
  • FTP: The option to save working copies of files now saves files opened via FTP locally as Working Copy of filename.ext.txt instead of Working Copy of Untitled 1.txt, making the working copies easier to identify.
  • Preferences, Tabs: Apply the configured tab colors to the tabs for the side panels (File Panel, FTP, etc).
  • The menu bar will now automatically display itself without images when a screen reader is running, so the menu bar can be a standard menu rather than an owner-drawn menu. Owner-drawn menus don't work well with screen readers.
  • Tools: If a tool specifies that the current file should be reloaded, EditPad will now also reload the clip collection (just in case).
  • EditPad now uses a plain menu bar without images if a screen reader is running when you start EditPad, as some screen readers cannot read EditPad's owner-drawn menus.
Bug fixes:
  • Excessive memory usage when making very large numbers of changes (e.g. Replace All) in files that are larger than the huge files threshold in Options, Preferences, Files.
  • Explorer Panel: Favorite folders show a delete file icon rather than a folder icon.
  • Explorer Panel: If the home folder is set to a drive that's no longer available, the Explorer Panel became unusable.
  • Extra|Compare Files: If two files are compared before EditPad has finished scanning them for line breaks, only the part of each file that was already scanned was compared, causing the files to appear truncated in the comparison.
  • File|Delete from Disk did not delete the file's working copy.
  • File|Reload from Disk: Remove a file's working copies after reloading it from disk.
  • FTP: Favorites displayed the name of the server rather than it's description or username@servername if there's no description. This made it impossible to create two favorite entries for the same server but for different users.
  • FTP: For some FTP servers, EditPad did not show any files or folders (6.3.x only).
  • Macros: Importing macros deleted all existing macros in the selected folder.
  • Macros: Playing back a macro that did text conversion (which clears the undo history for that file) caused EditPad to crash.
  • Macros: Renaming a macro (by editing its properties in the Organize Macros screen) did not properly update the list of macros.
  • Opening a file larger than 64K of a type that has both column numbers and word wrapping turned on by default sometimes caused the cursor to be positioned incorrectly and characters to be clipped when using a monospaced font.
  • Perl file navigation scheme did not work properly if # or an unbalanced { or } appeared in a regular expression.
  • PHP syntax coloring schemes did not support the execution operator (string using backticks).
  • Search: $' and $` in the replacement text when using regular expressions caused an access violation if the regex matched at the very start or very end of the file (i.e. meaning $` or $' substituted nothing).
  • Search: Doing a replace all with a regex such as \s that replaced the CR and LF of CRLF pairs as individual characters would cause the first character in the replacement of the LF or the first character after the CRLF to be dropped from the file. This problem did not occur when replacing the CRLF as a whole, e.g. with the regex \s+
  • Search|Find Last caused an access violation if the options "regular expression" and "all files" were turned on, and the regex could not be matched in any open file.
  • View|Close Panes: When changing or removing the keyboard shortcut for closing panes, the Escape key still closed the panes.
  • Screen readers will now properly "see" spaces in EditPad's editor control. This was broken since version 6.1.0 due to the fix to force consistent spacing when Windows XP does font substitution. This fix is still in place, but now improved to be compatible with screen readers.
[break]De volgende downloads zijn beschikbaar:
*EditPad Pro 6.4.0 (Engels)
*EditPad Pro 6.4.0 (Nederlands)
*EditPad Pro 6.4.0 (U3)[break]
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Versienummer 6.4.0
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista
Website JGsoft
Bestandsgrootte 5,97MB
Licentietype Shareware


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Bron: JGsoft

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Wijzig sortering
Als je dit interessant vindt is er ook een freeware ding genaamd PSpad ( die zo op het eerste gezicht alles kan wat dit programma doet: syntax coloring, FTP client, etc. En natuurlijk graties.
Ik gebruik al een tijd Notepad++ als source editor met plezier. Zijn er veel verschillen t.o.v. dit programma?

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