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Software-update: KDE 3.0 beta 2

LollieStick meldt ons dat er een nieuwe beta versie is van de bekende GUI KDE. Het gaat hier om de 2e beta uit de 3.0 serie. Er zijn veel bugs uitgehaald.
Het changelog staat hieronder.

  • more bugfixes for non-latin languages
  • made addcxxflags working
  • .ts files can also be opened in editor views now
  • made undo work gracefully with autoindentation of '" rel="external">'
  • minimized KDevelop doesn't restore back during compiling any more
  • messages output view isn't activated again with every new inserted line
  • accel clash with bookmarks and views repaired (Alt+0..9 is for Bookmarks again, Ctrl+0..9 is for views now)
  • fixed that configure didn't recognize the argument given by the dialogbox the first time (only after reloading the project)
  • On project creation neither the configure argument --prefix nor --enable-kde=no (for qextmdi projects) were not passed,unless --with-qt-dir was set.
  • KDevelop setup default values for editor changed
  • tool-view tabs default appearance changed
  • .kdevses writing repaired concerning to the MDI views
  • kdDebug() output of classparser fixed, no grumbling about missing 'endl' anymore
  • broken slot connections fixed (slotTipOfDay, slotCompileCombo, activated)
  • admin-tarball now in sync with the actual version of KDE. Now it's possible to use this framework for either QT/KDE 3 or QT/KDE 2.
  • corrected some compile/make flags stuff
  • introduced the NOOPT_CFLAGS for all projects
  • Fixed that when we opened a popup menu FocusIn and FocusOut was called for KWriteView which makes it very slow because of the triggered repaint.
  • disappearing editor cursor fixed (lose focus only when tool-views have the focus)
  • mode switch TabPage-->Childframe and TabPage-->Toplevel fixed (KDE 3 only)
  • crash when closing a file in Tabpage mode fixed (KDE 3 only)
  • kdevelop compiled for KDE 3beta2 creates kde/qt projects for QT 3 and KDE 3beta2/Beta2 (KDE 3 only)
  • text output of messages output-view repaired (KDE 3 only)
  • attempt to avoid infinite recursion in KToolBar (KDE 3 only

  • Versienummer 3.0 beta 2
    Besturingssystemen Linux, BSD, Linux x86, Solaris, UNIX
    Website KDE

    Door Bart van den Akker

    Nieuwsposter, Meukposter

    17-02-2002 • 21:52

    10 Linkedin

    Bron: KDE

    Reacties (10)

    Wijzig sortering
    Eh.. dit gaat over de beta van KDE 3.0 maar er staat een changelog bij van KDevelop :?
    heeft er iemand toevallig al screenshots?
    Het lijkt op Beta 1 (die ik ook eerst moest installeren), veranderingen zitten onder de motorkap.
    Hoe installeer je zoiets? :?
    ligt aan de distro die je gebruikt. ik gebruik bij Suse / Mandrake de RPM's. Bij Slackware moet je de source gebruiken.
    Ja ik heb dus Mandrake, en nu een hele serie rpmmetjes gedownload... waar moet ik nu beginnen om te installeren?
    Ik verwijs je hierbij door naar het forum ( om daar een topic te openen.
    Dit zijn links naar de taalversies.

    De source kun je hier neer halen:

    De binaries hier:

    Verder is dit de changelog:

    support for multi-key shortcuts (emacs style), which uses a sequence of keys to take a specific action (e.g., Meta-I, K launches Konqueror);
    improvements to service activation;
    improved CUPS printing support; and
    added WebDAV support;
    KHTML (HTML rendering engine):

    major improvements to the JavaScript implementation;
    added a smarter "window open" JavaScript policy;
    improvements in dynamic HTML/increased compatibility with other browsers; and
    Konqueror (web browser/file manager/document viewer):

    added a GUI for configuring animated images;
    added a "new directory" feature in the sidebar's directory tree; and
    added the kuick plugin (for fast copying/moving);
    Noatun (multimedia player):

    added a Winamp skin loader; and
    added support for Icecast/Shoutcast streaming;
    Kate: added a plugin architecture and a new KTextEditor interface;
    KWin: the window manager now switches desktops as necessary when dragging a window;
    Kicker (panel) applets: added the webserver kpf applet, for easy sharing of files;
    KPilot: added support for USB Visors;

    copying and pasting text from a .DVI file;
    full text search;
    export to plain text files;
    forward search with Emacs and XEmacs;
    inverse search with a variety of editors;
    a DCOP interface; and
    improved command-line options; and
    KDE Edu (the new edutainment package) comes with numerous new applications:

    KEduca (an educational project to enable the creation and revision of form-based tests and exams);
    KGeo (an interactive geometry learning program similar to Euklid(tm));
    KHangMan (the well-known word-solving game);
    KLatin (a utility to help revise or learn Latin);
    KLettres (an alphabet and sound-recognition game (in French));
    KMessedWords (a simple mind-training game in which you have to guess a scrambled word);
    kvoctrain (a foreign language vocabulary trainer).
    KStars (a Desktop Planetarium for KDE).
    KTouch (a program for learning touch typing).

    more bugfixes for non-latin languages
    made addcxxflags working
    Accelerator clash with bookmarks and views repaired
    Added possibility to generate autoconf-magic for either Qt/KDE 2 or Qt/KDE 3
    many bugfixes
    en de link verwijst hier naar:
    2.1 Beta 1 - 2.1 Beta 2 version

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