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Software-update: Gammu+ 0.26.00

Het programma Gammu+ is instaat om allerlei zaken op mobiele telefoons te beheren en wordt door de zelfde ontwikkelaar ontwikkelt als Gammu. Het verschil tussen de twee programma's is voornamelijk de gebruikte ontwikkeltaal C++ tegenover C. Voor meer informatie verwijzen we jullie door naar deze pagina en op deze pagina zijn een aantal screenshots met de bijbehorende omschrijving te vinden. De ontwikkelaar, Marcin Wiącek, heeft een nieuwe versie op de wereld gezet met 0.26.00 als het versienummer. De lijst met aanpassingen ziet er als volgt uit:

Version 0.26.00:
  • new methods of detecting phone model. I will describe on examples:
    • there are two models reporting "Nokia 6230" over infrared (codename RH-12 and RH-28). Core read infrared name and later assign features after reading codename (earlier: it was taken RH-12 features).
    • NHM-5 can be Nokia 3310, but also 3315. Core recognized it as "3310/3315" now, but allow for entering model "3310" and "3315" in cfg now...
    • better recognizing N6280/6288
  • when you select model, GUI displays features (and allow for editing them in cfg). If there is something wrong set with features for your model, you can make experiments with it without recompiling and later send correct string to me...
  • phone modules contains dynamically generated list of own features. It's displayed in GUI, when you select model
  • bluetooth driver and patch for Bluez (thx for Martin Strigl). Because it's linking Bluez, it's put into other now
  • there is used ; instead of # char for commenting in default gammurc and created backup files (of course, files with # are still correctly recognized and parsed)
  • improved cfg window in GUI
Version 0.25.00:
  • support for new 6288 pbk entries: company name, nick name, job title, .... (for testing, thx for Martin Strigl)
  • DLR3 and DKU5 support (for testing)
  • more phones ID
  • support for todo method 1
  • added MakeFile and modifications for Linux for GUI (thx for Martin Strigl)
  • improved displaying restore problems in GUI (it's available for calendar & todo too)
  • added displaying SMS delivery reports in GUI
  • added new directory other. It contains currently serial driver for Linux (this for Martin Strigl) moved from Gammu. It won't be added to main tree, because full source will have to be GPL then (in other words: to main tree there will be added other driver).
Version 0.24.00:
  • core:
    • added closing serial port
    • pbk:
      • improvements in handling name/last name, urls, ....
      • added full/partial support (getting/setting/backup/restore) for new subentries:
        • caller groups ID (1 and 2)
        • voice tags ID
        • picture ID
        • ringtone ID
        • PTT subscription
    • started work on functions for easy creating encoded SMS (linked,...)
    • optimalized reading backup files
    • added support for many config file sets
    • added ID for many new Nokia models
  • GUI:
    • improvements in handling online info
    • redesigned config window. It isn't effective (slowly refresh), but works
    • splitted backup/restore windows
Note: in Gammu during restoring pbk entry with caller group 2 over entry with caller group 2 it was first deleted and later restored. in Gammu+ we overwrite it and it works at least with 6230i 3.70. This method of handling make, that we don't loose info about picture id and similiar (phone during deleting pbk entry seems to delete it definitely too)

Note: Pbk support is generally OK. More types of subentries can be restored and converting/reporting restoring is much better (when compare to Gammu - names below in brackets). In next releases there will be saved caller group name in backup files instead of pointer to it, I plan backup/restore for speed dials and will add support for SMS lists ID (AFAIR, old N3510). I can't do subenties connected with user presence. Currently supported:
  • Name/last name/first name
  • caller groups ID 1 and 2
  • voice tags ID 1 and 2
  • picture ID
  • ringtone ID 1 and 2
  • PTT and (PTT subscription)
  • (postal/street/city/state/zip code/country)
  • email/www
  • text note
  • user ID
  • phone number general/mobile/home/work/fax
  • (call lengths)
Version 0.23.00:
  • core:
    • a litle extended Nokia support for pbk (doesn't read name with last/first name)
    • backup text files (Gammu format):
      • added checksums. Please note, that this is DISABLED for text files in non-Unicode version, because (like in Gammu) can show wrong results.
    • added phonetblue connection and support for serial ports higher than com9:
  • GUI:
    • added getting firmware version from NSU
    • on startup you can get online info and synchronize phone clock
    • GUI won't be upgraded to wxDev-C++ 6.10.2 and wxWidgets 2.8.2 now (because of errors there).
Version 0.22.00:
  • core
    • fixed bug with empty ini files
    • DCT4:
      • added full support for more types of pbk entries (Address, street, Country, UserID, etc.)
      • better restoring Name, Last name, first name entries:
        • on phone with last/first name: restore last/first name, if not found, then restore name
        • on other phone: restore last/first name (joined in Gammu+), if not found, then restore name
      • improved getting series 40 3.0 SMS
      • core cut off some pbk subentries, when there is too many (in inform user about it)
      • fixed bug with reading SMS on Series 40 3.0 (from cache)
    • improved packing SMS
  • GUI:
    • added displaying Java midlets in phone and uploading games/applications (in this version after uploading you have to reload data in FileSystem sheet and Java sheet)
    • rewritten SMS editor
    • sending SMS sequences is correct now
    • added enabling log in configuration dialog
    • during restore there is displayed info, what from pbk wasn't restored
Versienummer 0.26.00
Website Gammu+
Bestandsgrootte 226,00KB
Licentietype GPL

Door Japke Rosink


09-05-2007 • 13:38

1 Linkedin Google+

Bron: Gammu+


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De ontwikkelaar, Marcin Wiącek, heeft een nieuwe versie op de wereld gezet met 0.21.00 als het versienummer. De lijst met aanpassingen ziet er als volgt uit:

Version 0.26.00:

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