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Software-update: eMule 0.48a beta 1

Hoewel MetaMachine afgelopen jaar de stekker uit de verspreiding en ontwikkeling van zijn eDonkey-, eDonkey 2000- en Overnet-clients heeft getrokken, is het alternatief in de vorm van eMule voor het uitwisselen van bestanden via het eDonkey-netwerk nog volop in ontwikkeling. Naast inloggen en communiceren via eDonkey-servers, kan deze client ook overweg met het Kademlia-protocol. De software is beschikbaar voor het Windows-platform en door de ontwikkelaars voorzien van een nieuwe uitgave. Het versienummer is aangekomen bij 0.48a beta 1 en voorzien van de volgende lijst met aanpassingen:

About 0.48a:

Time goes by and eMule grows up. Soon our beloved eMule will become 5 years old and too keep it fit and healthy a new version is beeing prepared. Now we ask you to help us finding the hidden bugs so it becomes a shiny 0.48a in the end. The mainfeatures of this version are:
  • First step torwards Vista by fixing most glitches and problems Vista had with eMule and by this also support of multi user installations (for all OSs)
  • Support for UPnP
  • A spam filter for search results
  • Several GUI improvments like smiley support for IRC and messages, nicer file tooltips and so on
  • And as always fixing several bugs and adding other small changes
For all the details, check out the complete changelog below!

Changelog 0.48a beta1:
  • The "official" development environment for eMule has switched to VS2003 SP1. VS2002 is no longer supported (but should still compile fine)
  • Sorting in the ipfilter dialog has been fixed on Vista
  • Tooltips now have the proper size on Vista
  • All file related tooltips should look a bit nicer now (on all systems)
  • Added tooltips to the shared files list
  • Sparse files have been disabled on Vista, due to a faulty / limited Vista implementation of them, which cannot be worked arround by eMule
  • Added a spamfilter for search results. It mainly works by remembering files a user has marked as spam and marking files which seems to be very similar as spam too.
  • Spam results are drawn gray and always put to the end of the list
  • Spam results count max. 5 sources towards the 100 sources global search limit
  • The default paddingsize for obfuscated TCP connections has been increased to 128 bytes (from 16) in order to be harder detectable by size pattern matchings
  • The paddinglength can be changed manually by adding "CryptTCPPaddingLength=[1-256]" into the eMule section in the preferences.ini
  • eMule now supports multi-user installations, which especially is supposed to fix the folder permission problems on Vista.
    In short: for Windows Versions before vista, nothing will change by default, on Vista eMule will use the current userspecific folders by default. Please consult the onlinehelp for a detailed explanation. The setting can be changed at the extended options.
  • On Vista the half-open connection limit is now properly set to 9 by default (instead of 50)
  • When using autoconnect on startup or pressing the Connect button while UPnP is still busy, eMule will wait for it to finish or timeout. You can enforce on isntant connect by clicking the button again
  • Added UPnP support [merged from Shareaza]
  • Added UPnP test button into the first time wizzard
  • Ornis: added Farsi translation [translated by Mory Abdi & Ali Mojarad]
  • The calculation of credits given for the first 9MB (less than one part) has been changed slightly to decrease the reward for clients who upload less than one part
  • Fixed a obfuscation related bug in the sourceexchange
  • Changed the sourceexchange protocol to avoid backwards compatibility problems and bugs in the future
  • Added support for multi-related files searches [serverside implementation by lugdunum]
  • Fixed crash in Statistics window.
  • Ornis: added Valencian translation [translated by "Valencian"]
  • Ornis: major update of Slovenian translation [Gusar]
  • Ornis: label of category tabs are now displayed in category color
  • Ornis: return of the context menu on message tabs (Details, Add/Remove Friend, Close)
  • Prepared Kad for support of obfuscated packets. This is only passive in this version yet.
  • Fixed memory leak in list controls [eklmn]
  • Fixed performance problem with too large eD2K links and enabled 'Monitor Clipboard' option.
  • Several changes to make eMule work better under 640x480 resolutions.
  • Fixed saving/restoring of size/position in collections dialogs.
  • Win98: Fixed missing volume labels and shell icons in directories property page's directory tree control.
  • Win98: Fixed not supported multiline tooltip in tray bar.
  • Win98/WinME: Fixed not supported toolbar customization.
  • Win98/WinME/Win2000: Fixed toolbar chevron.
  • Win98/WinME: Fixed vertical axis labels in statistics graphs.
  • Win98/WinME: Fixed saving/restoring of expanded sub trees in statistics tree.
  • Win98/WinME/Win2000: Fixed invisible buttons in transfers window.
  • Win98: Fixed bug with "ShowActiveDownloadsBold=1" setting in Transfers window.
  • Reduced long time memory usage for GUI.
  • eMule stores now hashs of filehashs in the cancelled.met for privacy reasons
  • Both windows in Transfere window are showing a toolbar to select the window contents.
  • Edit controls for Message and IRC window are using slightly larger fonts.
  • Fixed bug in IRC window with nick change messages which were not always shown.
  • Fixed bug in IRC window with URL detection with special chars at end of URLs.
  • Minor visual improvements for IRC window and Message window text format buttons.
  • Multiline messages in Message and IRC chat windows are intended for improved readability.
  • Some visual improvements in Collection dialogs.
  • IRC channel filtering is performed on IRC server to reduce network load, the filter string now supports the wildcard character '*'. (e.g. "#emule-*" to match all channel names which start with "#emule-")
  • IRC window: Activity is now also shown for the 'Channels' window to give some response when user explicitly invoked the "/LIST" command.
  • IRC window: Nick list shows joined modes and names.
  • Fixed a bug with single clicking on emule tray bar icon.
  • Fixed bug with requesting eMule friendship via IRC.
  • Changed: By default the IRC channel list will contain only eMule-Help channels.
  • Added: IRC server can optionally contain a port (seperated by ':' character)
  • Fixed bug with background color not reset in IRC colored messages.
  • Added title window for IRC channels.
  • Added smiley selector window to Message and IRC window.
  • Fixed bug with not outputed IRC notice messages.
  • Fixed Message window splitter.
  • Fixed IRC window splitter.
  • Fixed bug with reversed sort orders for fresh emule installations.
  • Fixed bug with already used IRC nick when connecting.
  • Fixed bug with changing font size in IRC windows.
  • Added showing of smileys to Chat and IRC windows [Smileys by Daan]
  • Reworked AutoScroll feature in all log and chat windows to automatically disable AutoScroll while viewing content not at the end of the window.
  • Fixed right click problem in IRC and chat windows.
  • Fixed some bugs in IRC color code handling.
  • Fixed bugs with black background color in IRC windows.
  • Skins: Fixed problems with foreground skin color in RichEdit controls.
  • Skins: All icons can be read from all file formats which are supported by GDI+ (GIF, PNG, ...)
  • Fixed: "exit" command line option no longer starts eMule if it was not already running [DreamWalker]
  • Fixed edk2-URL handling for better support of copying URLs from webpages.
  • Fixed bug in file disk space statistics for pre-allocated files. [AnPapaSeiBua]
  • Fixed bugs in Comment dialog with copy to clipboard functions.
  • Fixed bug with "ed2k::" search expressions when combined with other search attributes. Note: "ed2k::" can still only be used in ED2K searches, not in Kad.
  • Fixed bug in local search result filter with changing column.
  • Fixed bug with Unicode strings in category properties.
  • Added optional drawing of filled graphs in Statistics window.
  • Several performance improvments and minor bug fixes in IRC module.
  • Fixed a potential crash when shutting down eMule [DavidXanatos]
  • Added support for RealMedia files to 'Content' dialog (any optional available MediaInfoLib will no longer be used for RealMedia files).
  • Added support for publishing meta data for RealMedia files.
  • Added several Kad optimizations to reduce overhead as well as memory usage:
    • Redundant meta data will no longer get published.
    • File format meta data is no longer published explicitly and handled special in search expressions.
    • Removed (currently not used) data from Hello packet.
  • Fixed bug with invisible text in search filter control for high contrast color scheme.
  • Taskbar Notifier: Added support for alpha channel background images.
  • Taskbar Notifier: Changes made to "notifier.ini" file while eMule is running are read automatically without needing to do a restart.
  • Added Unicode support for id3lib (Content dialog and metadata stored in Kad).
Versienummer 0.48a beta 1
Besturingssystemen Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
Website eMule-Project
Licentietype GPL

Door Japke Rosink


03-05-2007 • 10:46

13 Linkedin Google+

Submitter: FFWD

Bron: eMule-Project


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Reacties (13)

Wijzig sortering
eMule Plus is wat sneller met updates..
Maar heeft (nog) geen KAD ondersteuning..
Gebruik je dat dan?

Edit: hmm best handig, maar vooralsnog blijft e+ voor mij de client..
Ja, meer sources en beter zoekresultaten. Bovendien ben je een moeilijker doelwit voor auteursrechtenorganisaties, als je niet met (fake) servers connect. KAD werkt alleen minder goed met oude B-merk routers, die kunnen soms de grote hoeveelheid UDP/TCP connecties niet aan.
Klinkt overtuigend.. I'll give it a try..
Op Releases4U staan heel veel verschillende smaakjes eMule en daarvan hebben ook veel Kademlia support (en volgens mij ook UPnP). Als je echt wat meer met eMule doet kan je beter een mod kiezen.
Hehe, UPnP, werd tijd. Heeft zowat elk P2P prog van tegenwoordig wel, behalve eMule 0.47c dan.
Goed nieuws, de vorige release van Emule stamde volgens mij uit begin 2006 of 2005 nog. Ben ondertussen overgestapt op amule omdat het te lang duurde
En... Als het werkt, dan werkt het toch?
Ik gebruik nog programma's uit 1998, AboutTime bijvoorbeeld.
Wat Knap, en dan ook nog een programma welke totaal overbodig is volgens de website van de maker zelf:
"AboutTime isn't really needed on Windows XP,
which has its own way to set the system clock,
and it won't work on Windows Vista,
because of new security features."
Idd best wel knap, en wel op Win2K het alternatief in de vorm van eMule voor het uitwisselen van bestanden via het eDonkey-netwerk nog volop in ontwikkeling.
Beetje jammer dat je dan 2 jaar op een nieuwe versie moet wachten! :Z

Verder gebruik ik eMule nog steeds naar volle tevredenheid.
Jammer dat Dazzle gestopt is... :'(

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