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Software-update: NewsMan Pro

NewsMan Pro is door de ontwikkelaars bijgewerkt naar versie Met dit programma kunnen op Usenet nieuwsberichten worden gelezen en bestanden worden gedownload. Enkele van de meest in het oog springende features zijn ondersteuning voor meerdere news-servers, maximaal negenennegentig gelijktijdige connecties per server, en de mogelijkheid om datalimieten te stellen per dag, week of maand. Het programma is ook gratis te gebruiken, maar dan zijn er enkele restricties. Zo kan de gebruikte bandbreedte niet worden aangepast, zijn er maximaal maar twee connecties per server mogelijk en werkt de global header en body search niet. De lijst met veranderingen ziet er als volgt uit:

  • Added an option to the "Get New Headers" Scheduled Task that will pause any active BODY downloads when the task is started.
  • Added an option to move NZB files in the Recycle Bin when the "Delete after import" is enabled.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the auto-save destination to change when selecting "Download To..." and then clicking "Cancel".
  • Fixed a bug when joining incomplete segments that caused an error when using MS-SQL.
  • Added codepage switching for ISO-8859-2 MIME character sets.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause some message bodies to be named incorrectly when first enabling "Use File System".
  • Fixed a bug in the "Always Launch File Types" maintenance window that allowed the "Edit" button to be clicked even though there was nothing to edit.
  • Fixed a bug in the Queue view that caused article download jobs to not aggregate properly when "Auto-Save Text Messages" was enabled in the Queue Wizard.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause an error while shutting down Newsman while headers were being processed.
  • Added support for use of full-text search indexes in the Global Body Search feature.
  • Added support for installations on PC's with multiple users.
  • Updated ADS to version 8.1.
  • Added reporting of header parser thread state for use when using "Quit When Idle".
  • Modified "Auto-Queue" function to include score in the sort order for processing. Messages are now queued by score (in descending order), and estimated expiration date.
  • Added an option to add new "Always Launch" file types in the maintenance window.
  • Added support for "Score" filter criteria in "Delete With Filter" scheduled task.
  • Added an option to the "Get All Headers" dialog to always retain all headers and bypass the "Keep Days" dialog.
  • Added status flag to jobs where the last part is in the queue pending auto-save processing and NMP is shutdown and "Pause queue on exit" is disabled to prevent the last part from being downloaded again on startup.
  • Added dynamic creation of ADSLocal.cfg file for multiple user environments.
  • Added new Action to Automation Rules: Delete Body Only
  • Modified sort order when sorting on Expiry column in message list to place retrieved articles at the top instead of the bottom.
  • Added a hot-key to "Delete Saved Attachments": Shift+Ctrl+B
  • Added new sound cue: Attachment processing completed.
  • Added new icon in message list to indicate when NMP detects a corrupted attachment (incompletes are NOT considered corrupted) while saving the attachment to disk.
  • Added "Explore Attachment Folder" menu option to message list (Shortcut: CTRL-X).
  • Added new custom color setting for top message in a partially read thread. This color will be used whenever a message that is read contains unread children.
  • Fixed a bug in the "Reset jobs with errors on startup" feature that caused jobs to be reset but not restarted when server priorities were used.
  • Fixed a bug in the Automation Rules view that prevented the enable/disable menu item from functioning properly.
  • Added support for SSL connections.
  • Added an option to set the default column widths in the message list for all Workgroups and newsgroups using the current settings. In addition, groups that already have existing column settings can be updated as well.
  • Fixed two bugs in the Global Body Search introduced by the addition of the "Score" column.
  • Fixed a bug in the new feature to get headers for multiple newsgroup subscriptions within a Workgroup.
  • Changed the way the Auto-Expire and Auto-Delete options are displayed in the "Group Details" dialog to show the status of the current settings more clearly.
  • Fixed a problem with lowering of a newsgroup's expiry value when downloading articles and the article was estimated to be close to expiring.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the selected server to be ignored when adding a segment to the Queue from the message properties dialog.
  • Fixed the source newsgroup display in the message viewer when viewing messages in the "Imported Messages" Workgroup.
  • Changed error messages in the DB Maintenance process to better indicate what's going on when NMP cannot repair/optimize an ADS table.
  • Updated Server Conversion utility to handle conversions when a subscription is being converted to a server and the newsgroup is already subscribed for the new server.
  • Added a new option allowing you to enable automatic prompting to "Get New Headers" when opening a group.
  • Fixed a bug when posting a message that made the job look as if it was temporarily hung even though the message had already been posted.
  • Forced a disconnect when a server connection timeout occurred to clear the server/client buffer and minimize "Server sent wrong article" occurances.
  • Fixed a bug in the Kill Filters maintenance dialog that caused a crash when attempting to move the record pointer to the last edited record. This bug was caused by changes to the MySQL connectivity components that now map Integers as LargeInts.
  • Fixed a bug when using the "Download from..." option in the Queue that neglected to reset the ArticleIndex value to "0" when changing servers.
  • Changed updating of a group's "high water mark" to occur only when All, New or Last nnn headers are retrieved.
  • Changed when old missing headers are deleted so that they will be retried prior to deletion.
  • Added "Exit" option to systray menu.
  • When jobs are manually deleted from the Queue view, any related post processing items will be removed as well.
  • Fixed a bug when a Thread Container is selected and "Imported Messages" was being displayed as the group name in the Queue Wizard.
  • Added recording of how a message is deleted for Kill Filters and Ignored Threads.
  • Added forced reconnects for MS-SQL Server connections every 60 minutes to avoid timed out connections.
  • Enhanced the Trash view to allow clicking into the "How Deleted" column to switch to the Automation Rules or Scheduled Tasks views and auto-select the appropriate item that deleted the message. For messages deleted by a Kill Filter, the Kill Filter maintenance window is launched.
  • Fixed populating of newsgroup name and subject text in "Download Again" option.
  • Added option to have an Automation Rule expire. When it expires, it is disabled.
  • Added new sound cue: Starting a Scheduled Task
  • Added new sound cue: Error Posted to Log
  • Added the ability to limit a Global Body Search to a single Workgroup or Newsgroup.
  • Added an option to disable pausing of queued jobs on shutdown.
  • Added an option to reset queued jobs with errors on startup.
  • Added the ability to specify the destination folder when exporting data from Newsman.
  • Added the ability to specify the directory where exported data is stored when importing.
  • Added a new option to move an attachment when saving to a different location.
  • Added the ability to override the application used to launch an attachment by editing the "Always Launch" entries.
  • Fixed a bug introduced in that caused the bandwidth limiter to fail.
  • Redesigned the Trash folder to integrate it into the Workspace pane and improve its usability.
  • Added save and restore of column widths in "Automation Rules".
  • Added save and restore of column widths in "Scheduled Tasks".
  • Fixed a bug in the message composition window that caused a crash when posting a message with an attachment.
  • Added "Parts" as a new filter criteria in the Filter Builder. This filter is based on the total number of parts in the message, not the number of parts available.
  • Added "Parts" as a new filter criteria in Automation Rules. This filter is based on the total number of parts in the message, not the number of parts available.
  • Added the ability to purge selected messages from the Trash folder view.
  • Added access to purge options (and Settings) from Trash folder view.
  • Added logging of server connection failures to the error log.
  • Updated destination folder selection controls on the "Download To..." dialog to match controls used elsewhere within NMP.
  • Modified MS-SQL data access to 64bit integer fields to workaround an OLEDB datatype conversion bug.
  • Added a new filter option for message groups: If any message in group matches the filter, show all messages in group.
  • Added additional checks to the background database repair thread to check for active connections to the database before attempting to close the database. This code only affects ADS users.
  • Fixed a bug in the "Auto Subfolder Regex" feature that was overriding the subject on each pass with the original subject text.
  • Upgraded MySQL connectivity components, including some memory and blob handling optimizations.
  • Added the ability to right-click on a Workgroup and get new headers for selected newsgroup subscriptions.
  • Updated interface to use True Type font "Tahoma" rather than the older bitmap font "MS Sans Serif".
  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash when Newsman was unable to create the required registry entries to associate NZB files.
  • Changed the tab order of the controls on the message composition window to allow tabbing from the Subject line directly into the body text.
  • Added post process scripting to the Queue. The scripts are triggered when all of the jobs in a defined set have completed. Scripts affecting attachments are triggered after the last attachment in the defined set is Auto-Saved. Non-attachment scripts are triggered by the next Scheduler cycle after the jobs in the set have completed.
  • Fixed a bug in the MySQL database components that caused a low-level error when attempting to connect to a MySQL server running on Ubuntu Linux.
  • Fixed a potential thread collision that could occur when the minimum disk space threshold was reached and NMP was set to stop all activity when triggered.
  • Fixed a bug in the Scheduled Task editor when creating a new task and using ADS as the database engine.
  • Added a timer to the hints in the Connections view to clear the mouseover hint after 3 seconds.
  • Changed the way the pane auto-focus operates so that the lists will not grab focus if the current active control is an edit box (for example: Quick Filter).
  • Fixed a bug that prevented previously downloaded messages from being Auto-Saved when Queuing messages for download, including the previously downloaded message in the selection, and using a priority level other than "Normal".
  • Added an option to have the status bar flash "Check Error Log" when any errors are posted to the Error Log.
  • Added "Auto" color options for the Stripe and Line colors.
  • Added file check for the NZB import code to skip NZB files passed to NMP via Windows that are no longer available, or have been moved.
  • Added a context menu to the Trash browser with a "Select All" menu item. This will select all records in the Trash that are currently loaded in the Trash browser.
  • Added .P## extensions as compressed archives.
  • Added .### extensions as compressed archives.
  • Added .### as recognized binary extensions for filters.
  • Removed trailing backslash from initial default "Batch Imports Path".
  • Fixed saving sort order when changing the sort of an aggregated newsgroup.
  • Fixed a bug in the Automation Rules when displaying rules with scoring while using MS-SQL.
  • Fixed a selection error when attempting to delete a group and the selection was invalid.
  • When editing the message list background color, you will now be asked if you want to use the same background color for the special status color pairs.
  • Modified "Automated Subfolder using Regex" process to not add to Queue and messages that do not match the specified search pattern. Any unprocessed messages will be reprocessed after a new search pattern is specified until all messages are processed, or you decline to specify a new search pattern.
  • Optimized the "Get Headers By Date" search algorithm further in order to better deal with groups with large blocks of missing headers.
  • Added additional code to "Get Headers By Date" search algorithm to prevent rescanning of headers.
  • During an automated optimization, the trash section of the status bar will now read "Optimizing...".
  • Fixed a bug in the Global Header Search introduced with the new "Score" column that prevented the message list from functioning correctly when the found headers were sorted in Thread or Subject order.
  • Fixed a bug in the Filter Builder that prevented the second part of a score range from being saved while using MySQL.
  • Added .APE and .FLAC to the default binary extension list in the Filter Build and Automation Rule editor.
  • Added check for no criteria in the Automation Rule editor.
  • Updated MySQL connectivity components to latest version.
  • Fixed a bug in the Export to NZB process that excluded filtered messages when using the "Filter Toggle" feature.
  • Fixed a bug in the Export to MBox process that excluded filtered messages when using the "Filter Toggle" feature.
  • Added caption titles to the various panes of the main program window.
  • Added a manual interface to set the score value for selected messages in the message list.
  • Added new sound cue event: Optimization Complete.
  • Added rechecking of errors when deleting jobs from the Queue.
  • Added new connection status to monitor wait state after connecting to news server to allow the Thread Manager to abort connections that are hungup while listening to the news server.
  • Added worker thread connection aborts when "Stop all online activity" is triggered.
  • Added an option to delete NZB files after importing.
  • Modified Hold reason for queue items that are pending auto-save.
  • Added "Check All" button to Skip Scheduled Tasks dialog.
  • Final patch to MySQL connectivity components to support 64bit integers.
Besturingssystemen Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website NewsMan Pro
Bestandsgrootte 9,61MB
Licentietype Shareware

Door Japke Rosink


02-01-2007 • 15:31

1 Linkedin Google+

Bron: NewsMan Pro

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Wijzig sortering
Ik lees er hier voor het eerst over, is het wat?
Ik gebruik zelf Newspro en ben op zich tevreden dat ik zo veel controle heb over mijn leechpartijen.
Toch blijf ik graag op de hoogte van wat er zo als is.

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