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Software-update: Newsbin Pro 5.33 build 7737

NewsBin logo (90 pix) DJI Interprises heeft enkele dagen geleden versie 5.33 build 7737 van NewsBin Pro uitgebracht. Dit programma is bedoeld om bestanden zoals foto's, films en programma's van Usenet af te halen. Deze bestanden worden in losse pakketjes van n of meerdere nieuwsservers gedownload en aan de ontvangende kant weer in elkaar gezet. De download is nog geen twee megabyte groot en kan worden gestart door op deze link te klikken. DJI Interprises levert de volgende release notes mee met deze versie:

  • SSL Support: Be secure when using news servers providing SSL connections.
  • NZB File Support: automatically loads NZB files, or click and drag.
  • MP3 Organizer: use MP3 tags to organize by albums and artist.
  • On-the-fly Download Prioritization: get the important stuff first.
  • Multiple Server Support: configure multiple news servers for simultaneous use.
  • Automatic Download Mode: Automatically download files while you sleep.
  • Dual Core support: Makes use of multiple processor systems, or CPUs with Hyperthreading
  • Advanced Download Management: use the Scratch list to park posts for downloading later
  • Automatic Header Updates: always have the most recent headers available for browsing.
  • Newsgroup Organization Features: act on an individual group or a group of groups.
  • Optimal Resource Management: uses significantly less RAM than Version 4.x
  • Image Database and Viewer: store images to a database and view with built-in viewer.
  • Built in RAR Processing: AutoRAR combines split RAR files and extracts the contents.
  • Posting Capabilities: Post requests, short text messages, and files to the newsgroups.
  • Customization: Apply different color schemes to identify post status, minmize to system tray.
Migrating from version 4:
  • Read the Version 4 to Version 5 Guide.
  • V5 cannot be installed over V4.x nor is there an automatic upgrade path. Expert users can load their 4.x nbi file to retain server and group settings.
  • You need to re-enter your registration key in V5. It is the same one you have for V4.x. Go under Help/Register/Update Key to enter your key information.
  • Version 4 duplicate detection database, signature.dbm, can be imported from the File menu in V5.
  • The installer includes a default groups list. The V4 groups list is not compatible. In case of an upgrade from a previous V5 beta, you have the option to not install the default newsgroups list.
  • Set your server connection limit up to the max connections your news service allows. V5 will never use more than that many connections. You do not need to keep a connection free for header downloads as you did in V4.
  • You will need to download headers again, stored headers from V4 are not compatible.
  • Version 4 download lists are not compatible.
Known Issues: (Entire buglist available here)
  • All 0th part posts (0/1) are marked as incomplete. You can still use Read Post Body to view them.
  • If you restart NewsBin right after you close it, and AutoRAR is in the middle of refreshing its information, NewsBin will hang in the background. Workaround is to make sure nbpro.exe is no longer in the task manager after you close NewsBin before trying to start it again.
  • If you select a block of posts to add to the download list and use "add to top" by holding the shift key, the files get added in reverse order.
  • For Server Options, you can increase server connections and see the result when the options menu is closed but, you
  • can't decrease connections and see the result until you restart NewsBin.
  • Any columns dragged to the left of the Subject column in the post list only shows the subject when a tooltip pops up on dwell.
  • Text posts with the same subject all get lumped together so text replies may be hidden.
  • Hitting ctrl-a in Read Posts tab marks post text instead of selecting posts in the list
  • Shift-del does not update post count in post list tab. Bug #532
  • Ctrl-D in post list does not remove RPB entries from download list. Bug #455
  • In single tab mode, if you abort a GOG load by loading another GOG, the tab changes even though the new GOG load is blocked with the "Spool Loading already in progress" warning.
  • Options and Filters show up in the Window Positions config screen even though they are no longer tabs.
  • First chunk of a multipart post determined to be a duplicate gets deleted but if other connections were in the process of downloading other chunks, those are not deleted. This is only an issue if the chunk cache overflows but it does waste bandwidth by downloading chunks that will be thrown away.
  • Kill Connections in Connections tab does not give feedback. Does not kill connections on some machines for some reason.
  • Post Properties does not show accurate "Missing" info in "Compact Mode" for compacted posts.
  • In post list, Mark All Read does not clear post list if Show New is selected. Select all and hit the delete key or select Mark Post as Read does clear the list.
  • In post list, Compact Mode will sometimes hide non-yEnc posts that pretend to be yEnc.
  • In Read Posts tab, if you delete the last post, the window jumps up to the beginning of the list.
  • There is no way to switch NBI files from the program anymore. To switch NBI files, close NewsBin and launch it from an existing NBI by using Windows Explorer to locate the NBI file then double-click on it to launch NewsBin.
  • First chunk for a file determined to be a duplicate gets deleted. If it is a multipart file, any other chunks downloaded are not deleted. This will not be an issue when the new scheme of downloading first chunks exclusively to check for dups is implemented.
  • Utilities/Set Font does not apply to bottom portion of Read Posts tab.
  • Utilities/Set Font does not apply to Status Tab
  • UUE posts with identical subjects are combined when they shouldn't be.
Known Cosmetic Issues:
  • There is a line overwriting Accept Filter and Reject Filter on the Filter Profiles screen.
  • The "X" to close a post list will ride over other post list options on lower screen resolutions.
NewsBin Pro 5.05 screenshot (resized)
Versienummer 5.33 build 7737
Besturingssystemen Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website DJI Interprises
Bestandsgrootte 1,75MB
Licentietype Shareware

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Volgens mij is de link naar de 5.20 versie.
Dit is 5.33 versie NewsBin Pro 5 Production (Click HERE to Download)

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