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Bron: X-Ways Software Technology

WinHex logo (45 pix) X-Ways Software Technology heeft vandaag versie 13.5 van WinHex uitgebracht. WinHex is niet alleen een universele hex-editor, maar is ook in staat om low-level dataprocessing toe te passen via een makkelijke interface. Het programma beschikt onder andere over een RAM-editor, een Data Interpreter en een Disk-editor, en kan dus worden gebruikt om verwijderde informatie terug te halen en om bijvoorbeeld bestanden te inspecteren. Het changelog van deze release laat de volgende veranderingen zien:

What's new?
  • When searching for keywords and you are not interested in each and every search hit, but merely in which files contain at least one the specified keywords, the logical search now allows you to greatly accelerate the process with the new "one hit per file needed only" option. Time is saved because X-Ways Forensics can skip the remainder of a file once a hit is recorded and continue with the next file. The resulting search hit list will be incomplete, however, it is guaranteed that it contains all the files for which there was at least one hit, and it contains each such file only once. Such a list is sufficient (and efficient!) to manually review the affected files, comment on them, copy the files off an image or pass them on to other investigators in an evidence file container etc.
  • After creating a search index (unless distributed indexing is enabled), X-Ways Forensics now automatically starts an optional optimization step, which you can safely abort at any time if you wish to continue using the program (i.e. for an index search). During optimization, the various *.xfi index component files will be consolidated, which improves the performance of index searches and ensures that the Export Word List feature won't export duplicate words. In future versions, you will be able to initiate the optimization step separately at any time after an index was created.
  • Adding files to an evidence file container with their complete path is now optional. That means, if you select the directory "Vacation 2006" for inclusion in the container without its complete path, then the target path will be \Vacation 2006, no matter whether it originally was \Vacation 2006 or \Pictures\Vacation 2006 or \My Files\Pictures\Vacation 2006. If you select the files directly with the new option, then they will end up directly at the root level. The new option is useful when adding preprocessed files (e.g. relevant excerpts from free space) from one's own hard disk to a container, where the complete path is irrelevant.
  • Ability to conveniently select from a drop down box whether to add file slack to an evidence file container.
  • The new dialog window that allows to add files to an evidence file container now confirms the indirect filling method if enabled.
  • Newly created container files now get the extension .ctr so that they can be better distinguished from conventional image files.
  • Parity delay in HP/Compaq RAID 5 assembly now variable.
  • Compatibility with certain exotic NTFS volumes. (still testing)
WinHex 13.0 screenshot (resized)
Besturingssystemen:Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003
Website:X-Ways Software Technology
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Reacties (1)

Ik snap het niet helemaal, versie 13.5 alweer?? Hoe uitgebreid, (lees: hoe hoog wil je t versienummer maken), wil je een programma maken dat simpele hex-edit bewerkingen kan uitvoeren. Het zal allemaal wel. :)

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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