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Software-update: Partition Logic 0.64

Partition Logic is een opensourceprogramma om partities op harde schijven te beheren. Zo kan het partities aanmaken, formateren, defragmenteren, van grootte veranderen en verwijderen. Het programma wordt gestart vanaf een bootflop of -cd in het eigen ontwikkelde Visopsys-besturingssysteem. Voor meer informatie verwijzen we jullie door naar deze pagina. De ontwikkelaars hebben versie 0.64 uitgebracht en voorzien van de volgende veranderingen sinds de vorige vermelding in de meuktracker:

Version 0.64:

Overview: This is a maintenance release, with extensive code grooming and bug fixes. There are a handful of new, user-visible features, such as right-click context menus on the disk list and partition diagram/list, and 32-bit bitmap image/icon support. The real focus of this release has been stability, quality, and large scale re-engineering of the graphical interface code.
  • Implemented right-click context menus.
  • Added support for 32-bit .bmp bitmap images and .ico icons
  • The partition diagram now responds to keyboard cursor inputs.
  • Did general, large scale GUI re-engineering.
  • Dialog windows no longer appear in the window shell's window list.
  • Disabled USB support for now, since it's broken and can cause some boots to hang
  • Booting now works under the Bochs 2.3 emulator (failed in graphics mode under earlier versions)
  • The window border component only ever drew when it was called to draw the top border, since it could only draw the entire border. Now the 'draw gradient border' function can draw individual lines of a border and the border component draws the parts individually.
  • Did some cleanup of the vloader OS loader code
  • Added a function to redraw all the windows, and another one that resets all of the (non-custom) colors of all the windows' components. Setting the colors in the 'Display Settings' program uses this to change all of the window colors immediately.
  • Window canvas components now show a visual change when they are focused.
  • GUI menu components now have their own graphic buffers, so that regardless of what window they come from they can stay on top, extend outside the window, etc.
  • Fixed: The vloader OS loader was being written to the *second* free cluster by the Fedora VFAT driver when not using FAT32. Made a hack to adjust it when installing from Fedora, and generally streamlined the copy-boot program.
  • Fixed: A slight bug in the FAT code in that it relied too strictly on the Microsoft definition of FAT-type detection. Now it takes into account a couple of extra hints.
  • Fixed: The 'view' program wasn't showing tab characters properly in text files.
  • Fixed: The 'vsh' shell would crash if the user entered a line containing only whitespace.
  • Fixed: A bug in the copyArea() function of the framebuffer graphic driver in that it wasn't checking to see whether the areas were outside the buffer.

Version 0.63:

Overview: This is a maintenance and bugfix release, with numerous small tweaks throughout the entire system. New features include the ability to format and resize Linux swap partitions, more reliable loading, more detailed CPU detection, and a simple text editor.
  • Added formatting and resizing support for Linux swap partitions.
  • Added a basic, simple text editor (currently only works in graphics mode).
  • The OS loader now does improved memory moves to high memory for better reliability on more systems.
  • Added improved CPU detection to the kernel 'system' driver.
  • The file list widget and the file dialog (for example in the 'Computer Browser') have been reworked so that they don't use a separate GUI thread, since that was unreliable and crashy.
  • Removed the hard limit on the maximum number of window components.
  • The kernel now records and uses a network domain name, both via DHCP and via the kernel's config file.
  • Window resize events now go into the window's event stream so that applications can catch them.
  • The scrollbar slider now has a minimum size, so that it's clickable even when there's lots of data to scroll through.
  • The makefile variables for $CC, etc., are now settable from the top-level makefile.
  • Fixed: PS/2 mouse driver synchronization problems on some systems.
  • Fixed: Partition Logic's 'set type' menu item was failing to bring up the dialog window.
  • Fixed: After resizing a filesystem, Partition Logic no longer shows the warning "Can't write partition table backup in read-only mode" (if booted from a CD, for example). This just scared people.
  • Fixed: When entering the filesystem resizing value in Partition Logic's text mode, it didn't allow you to append 'c' or 'm' for size in cylinders or megabytes.
  • Fixed: Partition Logic no longer continually pesters users about incorrect CHS values in partition entries; one 'no' answer now turns it off.
  • Fixed: The FAT filesystem driver now ensures that items it's processing (when it's constructing short filenames, or writing directories) belong to its own filesystem (as opposed to mount points for other filesystems, for example).
  • Fixed: If the 'iconwin' program's config files contained commands with arguments, the icons weren't shown because the program didn't separate off the arguments and therefore couldn't locate the commands.
  • Fixed: Using the 'view' program to view a really small or really large image caused GUI crashiness.
Versienummer 0.64
Website Partition Logic
Licentietype GPL

Door Japke Rosink


27-10-2006 • 15:59

8 Linkedin

Bron: Partition Logic

Reacties (8)

Wijzig sortering
Gparted is wat dat betreft een stuk betere oplossing, kan een heel stuk meer dan Partition Logic
I concur..!

Ubuntu Live-cd'tje erin, en je hebt een gratis partitiebeheer-programma onder de knop (menu Systeem/GPartEd uit mijn hoofd). Is niet echt bekend bij de meesten, maar het werkt als een trein. :Y)
GParted is inderdaad een veel beter. Het is bijna een complete kopie van Partition magic. Vooral de Live CD is aan te raden, waardoor je zonder problemen je NTFS partities kan wijzigen. :Y)
Er zijn nogal wat beperkingen t.o.v. partition Magic ;(
Partition logic has the following limitations:
-No hardware support for SCSI hard disks
-Does not work with some SATA hard disks
-No support for non MS-DOS (MBR) style partition tables (i.e. Sun, BSD, EFI/GPT)
-Cannot format partitions as NTFS or EXT3.
-Currently supports FAT (12/16/32), EXT2, and Linux swap.
-Cannot resize FAT or EXT filesystems.
-Currently supports NTFS (Windows XP) and Linux swap.
-No hardware support for serial mice
-No hardware support for USB keyboards and mice
-Currently supports only PS/2 keyboards and mice
-No hardware support for PCMCIA
-These limitations are intended to be fixed in future releases.

De laatste opmerking geeft de burger moed :)
Het ene produkt is gratis en het andere niet. Het verbaast mij toch al dat er tegenwoordig zo veel goede gratis producten zijn. Nog even en illegale software bestaat niet meer, overal is een goed gratis alternatief voor.
het zijn 2 TOTAAL verschillende producten, aangezien ze met een eigen OS werken waar je van moet booten...

Het is logisch dat als je een eigen OS schrijft, je ook veel drivers zult moeten missen...
Verwar dit programma niet met het beroemde "Partition Magic". Dit is een commercieel stuk software wat tegenwoordig van Symantec is.

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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