Software-update: Xapian 0.9.7 stable

Xapian logo zonder tekstDe ontwikkelaars van The Xapian Project hebben een nieuwe versie van hun search engine uitgebracht en deze als stable verklaard. Het gaat om versie 0.9.7, die door te klikken op deze link gedownload kan worden vanaf onze fileserver. Xapian is een in C++ geschreven 'open source information retrieval library' en kan gebruikt worden als engine van een zoekmachine voor bijvoorbeeld een website en/of een forum. Het geheel omvat een eigen databaseformaat, API's om databases te bewerken en te doorzoeken, tools om databases te controleren en bindingsmogelijkheden voor andere talen zoals Java, PHP, Ruby en Python.

The Xapian Porject bouwt niet alleen aan de eigen search engine, maar ontwikkelt tegelijkertijd een front-end die gebruikt kan worden bovenop Xapian. Dit programma heeft de naam Omega meegekregen kan gebruikte worden om Xapian-databases te doorzoeken. Samen met Omega worden nog enkele tools meegeleverd die gebruikt kunnen worden om databases te vullen met data. Omdat de ontwikkeling van Omega nauw verbonden is met die van Xapian zelf, worden beide programma gelijktijdig online gezet onder hetzelfde versienummer. Voor het gemak staat Omega 0.9.7 eveneens klaar op onze fileserver. Hieronder zijn de veranderingen gepost van de nieuwe Xapian, voor het changelog van Omega verwijzen we jullie door naar dit document:

  • QueryParser:
    • Allow a distance to be optionally specified for NEAR - e.g. "cats NEAR/3 dogs" (bug#92).
    • Implement "ADJ" operator - like "NEAR" except the terms must appear in matching documents in the same order as in the query.
    • Fix bug in how we handle prefixed quoted phrases and prefixed brackets.
    • Fix parsing of loved and hated prefixed phrases and bracketted expressions.
    • Fix handling of stopwords in boolean expressions.
    • Don't ignore a stopword if it's the only query term.
  • Document::add_value() failed to replace an existing value with the same number, contrary to what the documentation says (bug #82).
  • Enquire::set_sort_by_value(): Don't fetch the document data when fetching the value to sort on. Simple benchmarking showed this to speed up sort by value by a factor of between 3 and 9!
  • Implement transactions for flint and quartz. Also supported are "unflushed" transactions, which provided an efficient way to atomically group a number of database modifications.
  • The Xapian::Error and Xapian::ErrorHandler classes have been reimplemented. The new versions have better, clearer documentation comments and are cleaner internally.
  • Change how doubles are serialised by TradWeight, BM25Weight, and in the remote backend protocol. The new encoding allows us to transfer any double value which can be represented by both machines precisely and compactly.
  • Add targets "check-flint", "check-quartz", and "check-remote" in tests and at the top level which run the subset of tests which test the respective backend.
  • apitest: Run tests on flint if flint is enabled, rather than if quartz is enabled!
  • apitest: Speed up deldoc4 when run in verbose mode - some stringstream implementations are very inefficient when the string grows long.
  • Turn on GLIBCXX_FORCE_NEW when running tests under valgrind to stop the GNU C++ STL from using a pooling allocator. This helps make velgrind's leak tracking more reliable.
  • Probe for required valgrind logging options at configure time rather than when running the test program. This saves about 2 seconds per test program invocation.
  • Fix testsuite harness to show valgrind output when a test fails (when running under valgrind in verbose mode). This had stopped working, probably due to changes in valgrind 3.
  • internaltest: Check that the the destructor on a temporary object gets called at the correct time (Sun C++ deliberately gets this wrong by default, and it would be good to catch any other compilers which do the same).
  • apitest: When running tests on the remote backend and running under valgrind, run xapian-tcpsrv and xapian-progsrv under valgrind too to avoid issues with the precision of doubles (bug#94).
flint backend:
  • Retry on EINTR from fcntl or waitpid when creating or releasing the flint lock file.
  • xapian-compact: Add --blocksize option to allow the blocksize to be set (default is 8K as before.)
  • WritableDatabase::replace_document(did, doc) was double-incrementing the "changes" counter when document did didn't exist so it would flush twice as often - fixed.
  • WritableDatabase::postlist_begin(): Remove forced flush when iterating the posting list of a term which has modified postings pending.
quartz backend:
  • quartzcompact: Add --blocksize option to allow the blocksize to be set (default is 8K as before.)
  • WritableDatabase::replace_document(did, doc) was double-incrementing the "changes" counter when document did didn't exist so it would flush twice as often - fixed.
remote backend:
  • Most of the remote backend has been rewritten. It now supports most operations which a local database does (including writing!), the protocol used is more compact, and a number of layers of classes have been eliminated and the sequences of method calls simplified, so the code should be easier to understand and maintain despite doing more. A number of bugs have been fixed in the process.
  • xapian-tcpsrv: Report errno if we catch a Xapian::Error which has it set.
  • xapian-tcpsrv: Fix memory leak in query unserialisation.
build system:
  • Now using autoconf 2.60 for snapshots and releases. Also now using a libtool patch which improves support for Sun C++'s -library=stlport4 option.
  • configure: Fix generation of version.h to work with Solaris sed.
  • automake adds suitable rules for rebuilding doxygen_api_conf and doxygen_source_conf, so remove our less accurate versions. Also fix dependencies for regenerating the doxygen documentation, and make the documentation build work with parallel make.
  • Make use of the dist_ prefix to avoid having to list files in EXTRA_DIST as well as in *_DATA and man_MANS.
  • Removed a few unused #include-s.
  • include/xapian/error.h: Add hook to allow SWIG bindings to be built using GCC's visibility support.
  • configure: Turn on automake's -Wportability to help ensure our's are written in a portable way.
  • configure: Disable probing and short-cut tests for a FORTRAN compiler. We don't use one, but current libtool versions always check for it regardless.
  • xapian-config: Prune -L/usr/lib from output of `xapian-config --libs'.
  • docs/scalability.html: quartzcompact and xapian-compact now allow you to set the blocksize, so there's no need to use copydatabase if you want to migrate a database to a larger blocksize. Mention gmane. Other minor tweaks.
  • Eliminate "XAPIAN_DEPRECATED" from generated documentation.
  • PLATFORMS: Added success report for Nexenta (alpha 5), MSVC, and sparc linux. Updated other results from tinderbox.
  • Add links to the wiki from README and the documentation index.
  • docs/overview.html: Add discussion of uses of terms vs values.
  • docs/overview.html: Rewrite the section on Xapian::Document to remove some very out-of-date information and make it clearer.
  • include/xapian/database.h: Note that automatically allocated document IDs don't reuse IDs from deleted documents.
  • include/xapian/enquire.h: Note that "set_sort_by_relevance" is the default setting.
  • docs/queryparser.html,include/xapian/queryparser.h: Add note that FLAG_WILDCARD requires you to call set_database.
  • HACKING: Add some advice regarding debugging using -D_GLIBCXX_DEBUG, valgrind, and gdb.
  • HACKING: Give URL to Alexandre Duret-Lutz's autotools tutorial, which is much more up-to-date than the "goat book".
  • HACKING: Update and expand the information about the debian packaging.
  • Add missing dir_contents files.
  • xapian/version.h: Add a check that _GLIBCXX_DEBUG is set compatibly if we're compiling with GNU C++ 3.4 or newer.
  • Add configure check to see if "-lm" is needed to get maths functions since newer versions of Sun's C++ compiler seem to require this.
  • Automatically put Sun's C++ compiler into "ANSI C++ compliant library" mode (using -library=stlport4). This allows us to remove most of the special case bits of code we've accumulated for just this compiler, which improves maintainability.
  • Sun's C++ compiler implements non-standards-conforming lifetimes for temporary objects by default. This means database locks don't get released when they should, so we now always pass "-features=tmplife" for Sun C++ which selects the behaviour specified by the C++ standard.
Versienummer 0.9.7 stable
Besturingssystemen Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux, BSD, Windows XP, macOS, Solaris, UNIX, Windows Server 2003
Website Xapian
Bestandsgrootte 2,69MB
Licentietype GPL

Door Robin Vreuls


12-10-2006 • 00:24

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Bron: Xapian

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Wijzig sortering
en _wat_ kun je nu precies hiermee??
Uit de bovenstaande tekst "Xapian is een in C++ geschreven 'open source information retrieval library' en kan gebruikt worden als engine van een zoekmachine."
Kan dus gebruikt worden als de engine van een zoekmachine. ;)
Inderdaad, zo is de tweakers GoT search engine gebaseerd op omega en xapian. Waardoor het zoeken een stuk makkelijker en efficienter gaat. :)
Tis dus niet zo dat je dit ff kan instaleren en ipv google/msn kan gebruiken ofzo ?

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