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Software-update: Reaper 0.962

Reaper is een programma voor het Windows-platform waarmee audio opgenomen en bewerkt kan worden in een multi-track waveform. Voor een overzicht van alle mogelijkheden verwijzen we jullie door naar deze pagina en voor een aantal samen gestelde voorbeelden kan je op deze pagina terecht. De ontwikkelaars blijven zich druk bezig houden met het ontwikkelen en hebben weer een nieuwe versie klaar staan met ditmaal 0.962 als het versienummer. De lijst met veranderingen sinds de vorige vermelding in de meuktracker ziet er als volgt uit:

Version 0.962:
  • fixed pre-fx sends (when combined with latent fx) bug
  • fixed aux send dialog for right clicking on routing matrix master column
  • mute display (dimmed box) in routing matrix
  • themed scrollbars for mixer and routing windows
  • new recording modes (in options menu, new tape style, etc)
Version 0.961:
  • scanning VSTs can optionally not scan for names
  • rename plug-ins can now change instrument status
  • version update dialog has scrollbars in the text display
  • close button for aux send dialog
  • routing matrix tooltips
  • added .rpp/.edl/.txt and clipsort.log file drop to main window and support for those types in media explorer
  • loading last used project will not give error if it was not found
  • added FLAC reading/writing support
  • added AIFF reading/writing support
  • added import/export for Samplitude's EDL format
  • importing a vegas EDL TXT now lets you choose replacements for missing files
  • added -resetconfig command line switch to reaper.exe, and shortcut to start menu
  • updated 2:09pm PST: fixed crash
Version 0.960:
  • fixed routing of record input bugs
  • entering negative project bpm will no longer hang things
  • potential resampling fix for fixing looping/ends of items
  • added dblclick track control panel selects all items in track
  • fixed hard to reproduce white noise pitch shifting bug
  • faster cubic interpolation (reduced filter size some)
Version 0.959:
  • fx drag&drop from one track to another (hold ctrl to copy, otherwise it moves)
  • fixed bug in resampling .wv files
  • internal fader reworking
  • ensured that sliders set to 0.00dB are EXACTLY 0.00, instead of possibly some very small amount
  • volume faders can be configured to go down to -150dB
  • asio input is now optional
  • rearoute will not show in reaper as an asio option if reaper is in rearoute master mode
  • stickier selection behavior when recording
  • Routing Matrix window
  • deferred file closing/opening when recording
  • updated looping logic which should make doing looped recording of multiple takes better (since each take will start at the exact same time, the takes will be added in a cleaner fashion)
  • rendering now disables mixer/undo history windows so you can't mess things up during a render
  • fixed item to item snap when moving across tracks
  • changed track buffering logic to be in "ms" instead of "blocks"
  • updated fx chain/buffereahead internals (better but still not great UAD-1 support)
  • new improved scrollbars (removed zoom sliders, soon we will reorganize the UI some)
Version 0.958:
  • better vertical zooming (more steps when zoomed mostly out)
  • option to hide tracks from the mixer
  • default track mixer-hide and main-send options
  • fixes to MIDI sending events multiple times, etc
  • mcu flip button now works, mcu global view button now cycles tcp/mcp modes for mcu
  • color themes that are not saved are still saved across instances, other improvements
  • fixed bug in vst pdc
  • option to confirm midi filename when creating new midi file (off by default)
  • doubleclick on item to edit option (prefs/editing)
Version 0.957:
  • color themes menu in main menu, better ui in prefs for loading
  • midi editor has themed colors for dialog
  • midi file reader sends more accurate timing info, should drop less notes
  • apply fx uses render blocksize from prefs
  • added drag&drop from the FX add dialog to the tracklist and mixer
  • better peaks building behavior (will make sure all are built if you edit while building)
  • better themeing of more of the tcp/mcp UI
Version 0.956:
  • color themeable window background/text colors, UI updates
  • fixed bug relating to missing dx plugins and presets
  • rearoute output support for media explorer
  • automatic new version notification (which you can easily disable if you do not want it)
  • some icon updates to be more compatible with color stuff
  • modeless peak building (moveable, hideable window)
  • added drag&drop to folders in FX add dialog
Version 0.955:
  • big MCU support improvements (banks, time display, track labels, vu meters, better jog wheel support, save/undo, modifiers, etc)
  • added "auto-stop preview after adding an item" in Media Explorer
  • configurable volume fader range and shape, better default shape, range
  • item volume adjustment, fades (>=250ms) pre-fx volume envelopes, now affect midi note velocities
  • item volume can optionally be -inf..+6dB instead of the default -inf..0dB
  • peaks display now by default looks nicer (though old style is still available via option)
  • increased maximum zoom from 50kpix/s to 80kpix/s
  • fixed track mono hw outs being 6dB too hot
  • added FX folders management in FX add dialog
  • option to move edit cursor to beginning of loop selection on loop selection change
Version 0.954:
  • added performance meter window
  • improved CPU time display in the FX window
  • always on top option
  • fx rename supports multiple items
  • ReaRoute performance and stability improvements
  • reworked MIDI internals for sysex record/playback support, hope nothing broke too bad
  • .syx file support
  • fixed crash in the Media Explorer
Versienummer 0.962
Besturingssystemen Windows 9x, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows XP x64
Website Cockos Incorporated
Bestandsgrootte 1,02MB
Licentietype Freeware



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Bron: Cockos Incorporated


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