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Software-update: Lazarus 0.9.14

Free Pascal is een open source compiler met ondersteuning voor de ontwikkeltalen Pascal en Delphi. De compiler is beschikbaar voor meerdere besturingssystemen zoals onder andere Linux, FreeBSD, Windows en Mac OS X. Voor een uitgebreide class library van Delphi code en een overzichtelijke IDE kan je gebruik maken van Lazarus. Hiermee kan je native applicaties maken voor de verschillende platformen met een console of een grafische interface. Het programma heeft een uitgebreide editor met code-highlighting, code-completion, context-sensitive help en een uitgebreide form editor. De ontwikkelaars hebben versie 0.9.14 uitgebracht met de volgende lijst van aanpassingen:

Detailed list of changes:
  • removed fpc 2.0.0 compatibility workarounds. The IDE supports fpc 2.0.0, but you need at least 2.0.2 to compile Lazarus.
  • removed TSize from LCLType, it it is defined in the FPC unit 'types'
  • IDE now tries to save nearly all project files relative in .lpi
  • compiler options of projects and packages now minimize search path on loading
  • removed TCanvas.BrushCopy, because it was not implemented.
  • added filter for 'Parameter Sender not used' hint
  • removed references to ruwin translations
  • if a package defines UseCThreads in its uses options, the cthreads unit will be add to the uses clause of new projects and applications and to lazarus itself.
  • added cwstring for unix platforms for UTF8 conversion to system character set
  • added simple check if system characterset is UTF8 to skip the conversion step
  • added UTF8 conversion functions to cp1251 and koi8-r, compile with -dMultiLocale from Vasily Volchenko
  • removed lazcwstring.pas, widestring support in fpc 2.0.2 is good enough
  • wince interface: TCustomEdit from Felipe
  • qt4 interface: TBitmap, TComboBox, TApplication, TCustomForm, TCustomButton, TTimer, TCheckBox, TRadioButton, TStaticText from Felipe
  • added source editor popup menu item 'copy filename'
  • fixes for 64 bit platforms
  • added support for compiling for Solaris from Peter Vreman
  • added sql highlighter to IDE
  • added TSynHighlighterAny
  • added keywords to TSynPasSyn: package, requires, contains
  • improved IDE source position jumping when eoScrollPastEOL is disabled
  • added package info in install packages dialog from Tomas Gregorovic
  • added TMenuItem.IsLine from Graeme
  • codetools: implemented parsing 'requires' and 'contains' sections
  • codetools: Added directory cache. This accelerates mass searches.
  • FCL TComponent.ValidateRename is case sensitive. Added case insensitive check in TDesigner, now it does not allow Button1 and BUTTON1.
  • added TWinControl.SelectFirst
  • added code macros (see Environment -> Code Templates): date, time, datetime
  • move directory 'debian' to top level: easier for building packages
  • finished implementation of TWinControl.Repaint (fixes issue 1890)
  • added GraphType aliases for Delphi compatibility
  • calling TComboBox.OnSelect when ItemIndex changes
  • moved EndQuerySession and EndSession handling after calling default window proc
  • published TListBox.OnShowHint
  • find dialog: added automatic ssoSelectedOnly if selection contains several lines using combobox autotext for findreplace dialog
  • implemented cbactRetainPrefixCase for TComboBox
  • implemented find declaration of Object Inspector property popupmenu item and context help for properties
  • implemented editor option right margin
  • implemented clearing messages on closing project
  • added messages 'clear' menu item
  • added wsMinimized check to TCustomForm.ShowOnTop
  • added a warning on saving a package for missing files
  • added TDynamicDataQueue in lcl/dynqueue.pas - a dynamic queue to push, pop and top arbitrary data
  • implemented TGtkWidgetSet.SetWidgetFont for gtk2
  • added example demonstrating how to stream components
  • win32 interface: implemented copying bitmap to clipboard
  • implemented updating line numbers of messages on inserting/deleting lines
  • added multithreading example
  • implemented Quick Fix system and added example for IDE QuickFix item to fix 'Sender not used' items
  • reduced libc dependencies
  • published TComboBox.AutoComplete (issue 1706)
  • added lazarus.lpi - a project info file for the IDE.
  • delphi conversion tools:
    • added Delphi package conversion tool
    • moved conversion functions to the new 'converter' directory.
    • last delphi conversion project/package/unit is now remembered
    • multiple calls are now possible. That means, you can now start the Delphi project/package/unit converter, abort it at any time, fix some things manually and start the converter again. This way, even big projects/packages can be converted.
    • implemented reading Delphi .cfg and .dof files
    • automatic fixing include filenames and uses section names
and several hundred bug fixes and minor changes.[break]Lazarus 0.9.14 is in de volgende smaken binnen te halen:
* Windows installer
* Mac OS X disk image
* i386 RPM
* Source RPM
Versienummer 0.9.14
Besturingssystemen Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux, BSD, Windows XP, macOS, Windows Server 2003
Website Lazarus Project
Licentietype GPL

Door Japke Rosink


04-04-2006 • 15:34

2 Linkedin Google+

Bron: Lazarus Project


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Software updates / Lazarus 0.9.14
Door Japke Rosink - dinsdag 4 april 2006 15:34 - Bron: Lazarus Project - Views: 3.474
Free Pascal is[...]
Van Lazarus naar Free Pascal? :?
Voor een uitgebreide class library van Delphi code en een overzichtelijke IDE kan je gebruik maken van Lazarus
lezen... :Z

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