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Software-update: Lazarus 0.9.10

Free Pascal is een open source compiler met ondersteuning voor de ontwikkeltalen Pascal en Delphi. De compiler is beschikbaar voor meerdere besturingssystemen zoals onder andere Linux, FreeBSD, Windows en Mac OS X. Voor een uitgebreide class library van Delphi code en een overzichtelijke IDE kan je gebruik maken van Lazarus. Hiermee kan je native applicaties maken voor de verschillende platformen met een console of een grafische interface. Het programma heeft een uitgebreide editor met code-highlighting, code-completion, context-sensitive help en een uitgebreide form editor. Versie 0.9.10 is sinds enkele dagen beschikbaar met de volgende veranderingen:

Changes from 0.9.8 to 0.9.10:
  • Using new stable fpc 2.0.1.
  • Lazarus still works with 2.0.0.
  • added Install Packages dialog - a dialog to easily (un)install several packages at once
  • unified translation encodings: all utf8.
  • improved clipboard for win32
  • implemented SetAsText
  • implemented copy/paste of non-text formats.
  • improved wordstar commands from Marco van de Voort
  • extended IDE shortcuts to support two key sequences
  • new rpm: fpc_crosswin32
  • An rpm for linux to cross compile to windows
  • added a basic 'make install' action, it simply copies
  • to /usr/share/lazarus/ and sets a link in /usr/bin implemented automatic removing dangling events of designed forms
  • added confirm dialog for building the IDE via the menu from Salvatore You can disable the confirmation in the configure dialog
  • added Michael VCs packages to create project templates
  • and customforms for the IDE: components/projecttemplates/projtemplates.lpk
  • new published properties TPanel.Font, TSpeedButton.Font, TButton.Color
  • added .lpi project files for all examples
  • added default and cancel button to calendar dialog
  • dump stack trace in case of exception when placing a component on a form.
  • implemented creating Makefile for packages
  • added DumpStack procedure: it writes a back trace to the console / debugtxt
  • automatic cleaning/creating .lrs files
  • renamed TSpinEdit to TFloatSpinEdit and added new TSpinEdit with integers.
  • renamed TCalculatorPanel.TextChanged to TextChange
  • Start of the LCL carbon interface - native MacOSX
  • TEdit for carbon intf from Andrew
  • added .p as pascal extension
  • 64 bit fixes from Florian Klaempfl
  • converted to localize.bat for win32 from Razvan
  • the rpms can now build without being root
  • implement autosizing for win32 checkbox and radiobutton
  • implemented BorderSpacing.InnerBorder
  • This value is added to the TControl.GetPreferredSize.
  • Used for example by TButton.AutoSize.
  • IDEIntf - IDE interface package:
  • added interface to the Source Editor
  • added interface to the IDE menus
  • added interface for regular expressions
  • added IDE command scopes
  • added idewindowintf.pas - interface for storing IDE dialogs sizes
  • added TIDEDialogLayoutStorage component for simpler IDE dialogs
  • added new session property storage editor from Michael VC
  • example package registering an IDE menu item to show all IDE menus in a treeview from Michael VC examples/exploremenu/exploreidemenu.lpk
  • added GetIDEConfigStorage for custom config files
  • added TTreeView items editor from Lagunov Aleksey
  • added TControl.DisableAutoSizing/EnableAutoSizing
  • implemented TClipBoard.BeginUpdate/EndUpdate
  • implemented TCustomCheckListBox.Count
  • implemented TCustomEdit.Clear
  • implemented adding multiple files in image list editor from Martin Smat
  • package LCL now defines makro LCL, e.g. LCLgtk, LCLwin32, LCLcarbon
  • added TMaskEdit.EditMask/Mask property editor from Lagunov Aleksey
  • implemented TApplication.OnActivate/OnDeactivate
  • implemented TComboBox.OnSelect from Andrew
  • implemented goto next/previous bookmark
  • grids: implemented dgColumnMove
  • identifier completion now shows enums
  • added TComboBox.ReadOnly - only partially working under gtk1
  • event names for root methods now uses Form or DataModule as prefix instead of the root classname
  • implemented conflict check for key mapping
  • added View Source (.lfm) menu item to designer popup menu
  • automatic identifier completion does not longer jump to errors
  • TApplication now sets FindGlobalComponent always
  • added TPortableAnyMapGraphic from Colin Western
  • added IDE option to move a control one forward/back
  • added new page to add to package dialog: New file
  • added TCheckGroup/TCheckListBox component editors from Salvatore Coppola
  • implemented auto identifier completion after typing a point and waiting a short time
  • added Console Testrunner project from Dean
  • implemented TMouse.SetCursorPos from Andrew
  • added writing stack trace of exception in Application.HandleException
  • hid TStaticText - it is obsoleted by TLabel
  • added TSynEdit.SelStart/SelEnd from L505
  • implemented TCustomLabel.OptimalFill: boolean
  • implemented context help system for compiler/make messages
  • implemented SelectDirectory(Directory,Options,HelpCtx)
  • implement TBitbtn.spacing for win32 (-1 means center text)
  • added Cut/Copy/Paste to sourceeditor popupmenu from George Lober
  • added TApplication.ShowMainForm from George Lober
  • implemented check for missing installed packages before opening a designer form
  • added script to create snapshots
  • made DoEnumPrinters more robust from Ere Maijala
  • moved code templates settings to a dialog of its own it needs more space for the coming makros
  • TSplitter can now also work with Align=alNone and AnchorSide
And many bugfixes and updates for the translations.
Versienummer 0.9.10
Besturingssystemen Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux, BSD, Windows XP, macOS
Website Lazarus Project
Licentietype GPL

Door Japke Rosink


12-10-2005 • 00:08

0 Linkedin Google+

Submitter: Loesje

Bron: Lazarus Project



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