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Zope is een webapplicatieserver geschreven in de ontwikkeltaal Python en wordt uitgegeven onder de Zope Public License. Het beschikt onder andere over een transactional object database, dynamische HTML-templates, scripts, search engine en connecties naar relational databases. Het programma kan geheel zelfstandig gebruikt worden maar het is ook mogelijk om het aan andere programma's te koppelen, zoals Apache. De ontwikkelaars hebben de versie 2.9.2 vrijgegeven van Zope met de volgende veranderingen sinds de vorige vermelding in de meuktracker:

Version 2.9.2:
    Bugs fixed:
    • Collector #2051: Applied patch by Yoshinori Okuji to fix some XML export/import problems, and added tests for that feature.
    • Missing import of NotFound in webdav.Resource.
    • Collector #2037: fixed broken ACTUAL_URL for /
    • Put the default skin interface on the request once it is created, both in ZPublisher and ZopeTestCase.
    • Updated Five to bugfix release 1.3.3. See Products/Five/CHANGES.txt for more info.
Version 2.9.1:
    Bugs fixed:
    • Collector #1819: fixed signature of MountedObject.SimpleTrailblazer._construct()
    • Collector #2019: removed validateValue() from cAccessControl (already removed in former Zope versions from the AccessControl Python implementation)
    • Collector #1991: ZPublisher did not deal properly with a trailing %20 in the URL
    • Collector #1989: now copyied to $ZOPE_HOME/bin during installation, which re-enables tests run from the instance home.
    • was not included with the source archive
    • Collector #2013: improved XHTML conformance of error messages, some of which did not close <p> tags.
    • Collector #1999: fixed broken FTP rename functionality (RNFR now returns 350 as status code instead 250)
    • officially deprecated the zLOG module (to be removed in Zope 2.11). Use the logging module of Python instead.
    • Replaced used of deprecated OFS.content_types module with cognates from
    • Collector #2002: fixed broken ls -R functionality (didn't recurse properly subclasses of OFS.Folder)
Version 2.9.0:
    Bugs fixed:
    • deprecated OFS.content_types
    • Fixed ConflictError when using sessions.
Version 2.9.0 beta 2:
    Bugs fixed:
    • Collector #1939: When running as a service, Zope could potentially collect too much log output filling the NT Event Log. When that happened, a print during exception handling would cause an IOError in the restart code causing the service not to restart automatically.
      Problem is that a service/pythonw.exe process always has an invalid sys.stdout. But due to the magic of buffering, small "print" statements would not fail - but once the file actually got written to, the error happened. Never a problem when debugging, as the process has a console, and hence a valid stdout.
    • For content-type HTTP headers starting with text/ or application/ the charset field is automatically if not specified by the application. The charset is determined by the content-type header specified by the application (if available) or from the zpublisher_default_encoding value as configured in etc/zope.conf
    • Collector #1976: FTP STOR command would load the file being uploaded in memory. Changed to use a TemporaryFile.
    • OFS ObjectManager: Fixed list_imports() to tolerate missing import directories.
    • Collector #1965: get_transaction missing from builtins without sufficient deprecation notice (ZODB 3.6 properly removed it, but Zope needs to keep it for another release).
    • Several packages were forgotten to be included in the first beta due to the now zpkg-based build and release process.
    Features added:
    • The SiteErrorLog now copies exceptions to the event log by default.
    • Added a conflict-error-log-level directive to zope.conf, to set the level at which conflict errors (which are normally retried automatically) are logged. The default is info.
Besturingssystemen:Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux, BSD, Windows XP, macOS, Windows Server 2003
Licentietype:Voorwaarden (GNU/BSD/etc.)
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