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Bron: MAME

MAME staat voor Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator en het programma doet precies wat de naam zegt. Het is in staat om een berg oude arcadegames en consoles te emuleren. Let daarbij wel op dat de meeste ROM-images onder een copyright vallen waardoor je een origineel exemplaar in huis moet hebben voordat je deze mag spelen met MAME. Enkele dagen geleden is versie 0.104 uitgebracht met als extra toevoeging "9 years old". De release notes zien er als volgt uit:

Version 0.104:
  • MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
    • centiped0103u3ora
  • Source Changes
    • Fixed tiny.mak for the changes from 0.103u5.
    • Fixed NVRAM handling in Star Wars/ESB (only affects test mode).
    • Decrypted the question ROMs in the coinmstr.c games.
    • Updated djboy driver with more protection information.
    • More NeoGeo cleanups.
    • Phoenix Discrete Sounds - Changed R22 to 470 ohm per real board. This should fix the remaining complaints with the discrete sound. The shot & explosion noise sounds still need discrete emulation.
    • Added 16-segment drawing code to the vacfdisp module.
    • Made 8-bit A,B,C,D,E,H and L registers available in the Z80 debugger.
    • Ensured that all core and windows files have some indication of copyright on them.
    • Shuffled a few more files around in mame.mak; rebuild clean once again to ensure correctness.
    • Removed all but the default debugger font from the source distribution.
    • Fixed miscomputed registers view size in debugger.
  • New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
    • Lord of Gun (USA) [Luca Elia]
  • New clones added
    • Trivia ? Whiz (Vertical versions)
    • Trivia ? Whiz (Edition 4)
    • Phraze Craze (Sex Kit)
    • Police Trainer (Rev 1.0)
  • New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
    • Huang Fei Hong
Version 0.103u5:
  • MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
    • esb065gre
  • Source Changes
    • Undid fix for turbofrc37b1gre since it broke more things that it fixed.
    • Fixed minor color issue in Cookie & Bibi.
    • Updates to the Hyperstone core:
      • Removed nested delays
      • Added better delay branch support
      • Fixed PC seen by a delay instruction, because a delay instruction should use the delayed PC (thus allowing the execution of software opcodes too)
    • Hooked up watchdog for NeoGeo games and removed a number of hacks.
    • Fixed hanging at the end of level 3 in klondkp.
    • Fixed inputs in Renju Kizoku, Neratte Chu, Mayjinsen 2 and some dips in Neratte Chu, Mayjinsen 2.
    • Improved auto_malloc so it uses less memory and doesn't have a hard-coded limit on the maximum number of allocations. Also audited the use of auto_malloc in the code and removed unnecessary checks for NULL (since auto_malloc doesn't return if it fails).
    • Fixed osd_fopen error reporting to return the correct value if you hit MAX_OPEN_FILES.
    • Changed several byte operands in the i386 disassembler to be diassembled as unsigned rather than signed.
    • Discrete sound updates:
      • Added new DISCRETE_CSVLOG module that lets you log discrete nodes as CSV (comma separated values) data.
      • Modified discrete core to use the clock specified in the MDRV_SOUND_ADD line. If the clock is specified as 0, then the discrete emulation will default to the audio sample rate clock.
      • Tweaked Phoenix Effect 2 sound to be more accurate matching oscilliscope data. Changed the Phoenix discrete clock rate to a fixed rate of 120000 allowing the simulation to be more accurate with less alaising noise at the cost of speed.
      • Fixed the bug in the DISCRETE_NOTE module that produced notes 1 count off.
    • Added support for registers that are not to be displayed in the register list. This is useful for registers like AX on i386, so that AX can be used in expressions but not represented on the register list. Simply precede the register name with '~' to prevent display.
    • Added support for the various x86 8-bit and 16-bit derived registers, as hidden registers in the i386 core.
    • Fixed background music in ESB. Updated IRQ frequency and divider to match the schematics.
    • Improved dip switches for rocktrv2.
    • Separated the allocation of graphics data from the decoding. This fixes the crashes that were introduced in u4, and will allow for decoding progress to be reported eventually.
    • Made a clean-up pass over all the makefiles. rules.mak is gone now, replaced by cpu.mak and sound.mak. mame.mak has been reorganized. All the makefiles are now commented and should be easier to follow.
    • Rewrote artwork scaling function to compute accurate sum over all contributing pixels. This produces better results when scaling high resolution artwork down to lower resolutions. Kept existing bilinear filter for scaling low resolution art to higher resolutions.
  • New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
    • Hidden Catch (World)
    • Fortress 2 Blue Arcade
  • New clones added
    • Several more NeoGeo bootlegs
    • Jumbo Ozaki Super Masters Golf (Japan)
    • Miss Puzzle (Nudes)
[break]De volgende downloads staan klaar:
* Windows
* Windows - Pentium Pro optimized
* Source
Besturingssystemen:Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Licentietype:Voorwaarden (GNU/BSD/etc.)
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Reacties (3)

hoort de titel niet MAME 0.104 ipv MAME 1.104 te zijn ;)
Nee, na 9 komt 10, dus na 0.9 komt 0.10, al gaan de meeste fabrikanten dan over op 0.91 of 1.0.
Mooie theorie, maar d'r klopt (in dit geval) geen fluit van. Even de source controleren voordat je reageert. Het is dus duidelijk wel 0.104.

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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