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Bron: Plone Foundation

Plone is een krachtig en gebruikersvriendelijk content management systeem ontwikkeld in Python voor Zope, een object oriented applicatieserver. Het pakket heeft ondersteuning voor een groot aantal verschillende talen en maakt gebruik van standaarden zoals XHTML en CSS. Het ontwikkelteam heeft versie 2.1.1 vrijgegeven met "Coloma" als verdere aanduiding. De veranderingen zien er als volgt uit:

Plone 2.1.1 - Coloma:
  • Made the ExtendedPathIndex migration apply to all EPI from any ZCatalog instance in the portal root. Should fix issues with migrating CMFMember instances.
  • Fixed - workflow history displays author's full name instead of author's id and link to author page instead of home folder (to be in sync with document byline). Added colored transition names as a free bonus.
  • Fixed - user can't change password after initial login (with validate email set)
  • Fixed - portlet_navtree_macro_opt call in
  • Fixed the SecureMailHost migration was test-free and not very cautious.
  • Refixed by checking the presence of the property without acquisition and then using it only if it exists on the object, but allowing full acquisition if the property is there.
  • Added migration to the new ExtendedPathIndex structures.
  • Fixed by making our GroupsTool reindex the group folder when it is newly created.
  • Fix DeprecationWarnings resulting from CMFCorePermissions imports by importing from new permissions modules instead
  • Fixed - RSS feed in Firefox did not work properly.
  • MimetypesRegistry wasn't correctly handling globs from shared-mime-info database, resulting in failure from detect correct mimetype based on extension on Windows platform. A migration was added to fix existing MimetypesRegistry instances.
  • Added first migration to 2.1.1.
  • Fixed - string.whitespace is not ASCII only on OpenBSD, which resulted in problems in UnicodeNormalizer
  • Fixed - portlet_events "upcoming events" link broke if events folder was renamed or deleted
  • Fixed - folder_factories does not link to folder_constraintypes_form like add item menu does
  • Removed out-of-the-box TextIndexNG2 support from Plone. TextIndexNG V2 and V3 has explicit migration code to convert ZCTextIndexes to TextIndexNG V2|3 instances on request. This fix should resolve bug
  • Fix broken discussion_reply_form.cpt.
  • Reverted some non-literal msgids introduced in Python code to literal msgids as i18ndude is not capable of handling these right now. We'll have to wait for Zope3-style MessageID's
  • A number of micro-optimizations. The biggest winners are precompiling the regexes used in normalizeString at startup, and switching the navtree to use a recursive macro rather than recursively calling a page_template. The rest of the changes involve making sure that the global_defines are used rather than being re-executed/acquired, and removing repeated attempts to acquire the same object in a tal:repeat. Added two new global defines, one for the normalizeString method, which is used very frequently (usually in loops) so that the method lookup is avoided, and another for isViewTemplate which uses an expensive script which was being called twice per page.
  • Optimizing normalizeString slightly by moving a list concatenation out of the methods scope.
  • Significantly speed up toLocalizedTime calls. We try to get the needed format identifiers first and only calculate the real values for those instead of calculating all values on every call. This safes a lot of quite expensive DateTime.strftime() calls.
  • Corrected lots of conflicting (swallowed) default texts for i18n msgids. Found by new i18ndude feature
  • Removed unnecessary use of SESSION in folder_contents and logout_form
  • Converted plone_javascript_variables.js from DTML to PageTemplate to make it better suited for i18n.
  • Cleaning up markup around i18n:name with tal:omit-tag="" to prevent double span tags and some general markup improvements.
  • Fixed calendar portlet to show abbreviated weekday names when no translation service is available.
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Reacties (4)

Plone is érg mooi.
Maar ik ben er op afgehaakt.
Wanneer je stuk loopt omdat je wat geavanceerde dingen wilt, en je roept iets (om hulp) in de community komt er botweg geen response. De Plone community is gewoon te klein. Jammer want Plone heeft een aantal dingen die het als CMS érg aantrekkelijk maken.
Dat zijn mijn ervaringen ook... en dat is jammer want het pakket heeft wel degelijk potentie.
Het bouwen van websites gaat toch steeds meer de kant van CMS-achtigen op maar blijkbaar is 'de groep' nog te klein om een serieuze bedreiging voor de concurentie te vormen.
The more I use it the more I like it:
- it is free and there are cheap hosting solutions available
- development and maintenance is easy due to OO reusing and strong support for CSS.
- using is like working in with a traditional file system that supports, copy, paste, delete, and so on. There are private folders and shared. One can use Windows XP network places to upload stuff directly into Zope/Plone (this example to emforce comparison with a file system). On top of that, each object/file (its movement, changes) is automatically tracked by an indexining service.
- and more..

However, it is heavy on hardware requirements and is not good as plain file server (especially true for big files).

But the longer I am with Plone, the more I wonder if there is something better now?
"Plone is een krachtig en gebruikersvriendelijk content management systeem ontwikkeld in Python voor Zope een object oriented applicatie server."

Volgens mij mis ik ergens een komma, de zin loopt voor geen meter :)

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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