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Gigabyte GV-N460OC-1GI Review

lredev 14 maart 2011, laatste update op 14 maart 2011, 2.231 views

Gigabyte GV-N460OC-1GI


  • Silence
  • Great bang-for-buck ratio (at the time)
  • compact


  • No direct exhaust of hot air like some reference models have


Score: 5Per criterium
Warmte en geluid Score: 5
Drivers en compatibiliteit Score: 5
Beeldkwaliteit Score: 5
Prestaties Score: 5
Featureset Score: 4
Prijs Score: 4
In october kocht ik deze kaart en plaatste een engelstalige review op een (internationale) gamingsite. Omdat ikdenk dat deze informatie ook hier van waarde kan zijn in zijn geheel overgezet.

After a lot of doubting, googeling, reading reviews and so on i decided to upgrade my graphics card. Currently i run a HD4850 512MB, which is a decent card, but for newer games such as Bad Company 2 and MoH, it tends to have problems keeping up, specially at the more intense sections. My choice became a card from then new Nvidia series, the 460GTX. The Gigabyte GTX460 1GB to be precise. It delivers a great bang-for-buck-ratio, comparable to the HD5850, only in a bit cheaper segment. Nonetheless, according to the reviews, in some games the GTX460 will outperform the HD5850. Since i'm not an experienced videocard reviewer, nor do i have the money to get an extensive set of cards for comparisation and nor do i feel any need to reinvent the wheel... I chose a bit different setup for this review of the new accuired card.

First of all i'm gonna link you some great reviews with an extensive comparisation to other other current videocards. Second i'm gonna do some comparisation upgrade wise. I'll do some benches with my HD4850 and do the same with the GTX460. Further i am gonna concentrate on the noise and heat the card produces. The HD4850 (Asus EAH4850 TOP/HTDI/512MB DDR3) wasnt really audible, and i liked the card for that. I like to have a decent performing system, but i cant stand the noise of extensive airflow. So a concesus in those is needed for me.

Prologue - HD4850 heat issues
In time my HD4850 began to run quite hot and eventually it crashed my system while running BFBC2. Something to do some some dust collection in the card. Also the memory of this card didnt have any heatsinks. The card was chrashing with temperatures of about:

GPU diode (DispIO) 96 C ∞ GPU diode (MemIO) 102 C ∞ GPU diode (shader) 102 C

That didnt work out that well, so i decided to put a aftermarket cooler on it. The Arctic Accelero S1 rev. 2. (with turbomodule). This was a great improvement in temperatures:

GPU diode (DispIO) 64 C ∞ GPU diode (MemIO) 70 C ∞ GPU diode (shader) 66 C

Secondly, the Accelero S1 rev 2 is silent, Cant hear a thing and i definitely like that.

External Reviews

Tweaktown (21 pages) - ~[HD5850 1GB, HD5830 1GB, GTX470 GS1280MB, GTX465 1GB, GTX460 768MB]
Bit-Tech - 3 different GTX460 1GB
Tom's Hardware - 9 different GTX 460 1GB benchmarked


My current system is the following:
Main: Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3LR
CPU: Intel Core 2 Q9550 2833MHz (with Scythe Mugen2)
RAM: 2 x 2GB 1066MHz OCZ Reaper HPC (OCZ2RPR10664GK)
Boot: 80GB Intel Postville X25-M (SSDSA2MH080G2R5)
Data: 1TB Samsung F3
PSU: Coolermaster Real Power M520
GPU: Asus HD4850 (EAH4850 TOP/HTDI/512MB DDR3)
Case: Coolermaster Centurion 590
New GPU: Gigabyte GTX460 1GB OC

Running on Windows 7 64bit.

First i ran a little furmark bench, to check if my temps were still in order and to get some figures of course. After that a 3Dmark Vantage run seemed in place, lastly i ran BFBC2 (SP) and Medal of Honor (MP&SP), while recording FPS with fraps.

Furmark bench - standard settings:

The HD4850 scored 1746
The GTX460 scored 4747

Quite the difference! What also was notable: With the HD4850 i would get little hickups while running the program. With the GTX460 installed it was running very smooth.

3DMark Vantage (Performance setting)

HD4850 512MB q9550 8146743111452
GTX460 1GB q9550 155831303637656
GTX460 1GB i5-2500K 171991403153298

Also a very nice difference and increase of points. Where the HD4850 got an 8.146 marks, the GTX460 nearly doubled that score with a very acceptable 15.583! Since this is all just synthetic benchmarking ,lets move on to some in-game FPS scores!

InGame Frame per second: Medal of Honor & Battlefield: Bad Company 2
I used Fraps to log the FPS while playing. For MoH MP (MultiPlayer) i joined a Helmand Valley map with 20 players. For BFBC2 i took the part just after the trenches in the first level till where you meet up with "the Defector".

These are huge notable differences. With the HD4850 the framerates where just not playable at high settings. most likely cause i run at a fairly high resolution (2048 x 1152) then 512MB would be a little short. In both games settings where on "high" and the forementioned resolution.

Temperatures and Fanspeed

Since i dont have a dB meter i couldnt measure the actual noise, but i can state the following. The Giga-Byte GTX460 1GB is a hell of a silent card, i didnt hear it at any time. I've use Everest to measure temperature om the HD4850 and the GTX460. Fanspeed was monitored with MSI Afterburner, since my copy of everest didnt have the GTX460 in its database yet.

As you can see, all in all a very decent upgrade. Seeing that i'm still on the "old" S775 platform, probably the best i can get. This review would be complete if i was able to test the card on a i7 high end machine, so i could be sure the processing capacity of my system isnt throttleing the card's performance. During testing i could not here my system, not with the HD4850, and not with the GTX460. So my conclusion is, if you want to play BF:BC2 or MoH with some decenter framerates, and you are stuck on a HD4850 (or something similar) it definitely worth to upgrade!

UPDATE (with P67A-GD65 & i5 2500K

Furmark score: 4734 points (60000 ms) temperature did not go over 64 degrees C.
3dMark (added!)
BFBC2 (will follow)

*** Als ik nog eens de tijd vind, vertaal ik hem.

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Wijzig sortering
Waarom een engelse review, en de positieve/negatieve eigenschappen in het nederlands? verder leuke review en vergelijking met 4850.

Alleen, best een nederlandse review maken?
Ja als ik nog eens de tijd vind... overigens wel even ook de rest verengelsd ;)

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