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Score: 4
6 reviews

Cat S41 Zwart

Specificaties 5" • 1920x1080 (Full HD) • 32GB (uitbreidbaar) - Bekijk alle specificaties
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Cat S41 Zwart Review

TweaxxxNewbie 16 april 2021, laatste update op 16 april 2021, 198 views Product gekocht

Cat S41 Zwart

This phone is a pretty nice example of the typical failure in industrial design.


  • Solid, robust
  • Long akku durance
  • Handy shape


  • Very bad position of buttons
  • Power plug loosens quikly
  • Magnetic sensor needs very often to be calibrated


Score: 2Per criterium
Prijs Score: 3
Betrouwbaarheid Score: 5
Featureset Score: 4
Beeldkwaliteit opname Score: 4
Design Score: 2
Bereik Score: 4
Accuduur Score: 5
Gebruiksgemak Score: 1
Scherm Score: 4
Being a designer myself, and I guess others agree, I can say, that the CAT S61 has been originally a brilliant design.
Unfortunately one can see instantly, that the original design has been super-vised, re-shaped and compromised by a person who simply has 0 (zero) designing skills and 0 (zero) background in industrial design.
Otherwise such an inconsistency is inexplicable.

Features have been taken out, and the buttons have been replaced in such a way that it destroys the complete design and makes the phone 100% useless.

It's for example a basic golden rule to NEVER place a button in the center of a panel, but that exactly is where the programmable multifunction button has been re-placed. Each time you grab the phone, the programmable button is pushed.

The on/switch has been re-placed from the top panel, where it belongs, to the side panel. The volume buttons have been moved downwards from where they originally belong.
Thus, making photos with the S61 this is a pain in the a$$ since you hardly only with a lot of finger acrobatics must hold the phone, in order to not hit the volume buttons accidentally.

It is a shame that such a good design has been completely destroyed. We can speculate only about the reasons, but the reason is very likely that some idiotic super-visor, who himself has not a bit of a clue of design and requirements, thought himself, driven by jealousy and great stupidity. Such people must make a circle even rounder than it is, and leave his personal mark on each and everything. In the case of this of the CAT S41, this has destroyed the complete functionality of a consistent design.

It's a shame and I feel so sorry for the actual designer. The original was genuine and sound, now it's rubbish squared.

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Reacties (3)

Wijzig sortering
Which phone are you reviewing? You talk about the S41 and S61 at the same time, and the reviewed product is the S41.
S41, indeed.
Thanks for pointing that out.
Great semolino what one english! :+
If you'd like, I'd be more than happy to translate this for you. My boss has the same penchant for constructing English sentences with Dutch word order, so you are not alone ;)
(I'm on the spectrum so if this is a joke or meme of some kind that went over my head, please ignore this)

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