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Score: 5
1 review

HP EliteBook 840 G3 T9X26EA

Specificaties 14" • 2560x1440 (Quad HD) • 256GB • Intel Core i7 - Bekijk alle specificaties
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HP EliteBook 840 G3 T9X26EA Review

speedyxvn 1 november 2016, laatste update op 2 november 2016, 3.195 views

HP EliteBook 840 G3 T9X26EA

Perfecte laptop!


  • Incredible QHD screen
  • Can update many components
  • Low temperature
  • Faster than other ultrabooks with same chipset
  • Light, thin - 1.89 cm
  • Good keyboard
  • For an ultrabook: complete package
  • Overall feels durable


  • Multi-core throtling
  • Some audio driver problems in the beginning
  • Battery could be better
  • Top lid does not feel so durable
  • cTDP could be set up to 25W for processor, as cooling leaves lots of space for performance
  • with 2 SSDs you'll hear coil whine for sure but it's ok
  • not able to set yet LTE and fingerprint on Ubuntu
  • high resolution screen brings the need for higher luminosity, so even more battery consumption


Score: 5Per criterium
Prijs Score: 4
Featureset Score: 5
Prestaties Score: 5
Beeldkwaliteit Score: 5
Bouwkwaliteit Score: 5
Ergonomie Score: 5
Warmte en geluid Score: 5
Mobiliteit en accuduur Score: 4
I use for work a similar Skylake-U processor based laptop and, since it works nice, I decided to switch from my old sandy bridge 2630QM based laptop to a Skylake-U.

So I got an Elitebook 840 G3, but with 512 GB M.2(SATA) SSD, 16GB RAM, another 500 GB 2.5 inch SSD(Samsung 850 EVO - put by me), LTE modem and fingerprint reader. Laptop works nice, very fast.

I am a bit disappointed about raw power as I realized my own personal laptop scenarios is more towards multi-core than fast single-core, so I see this laptop a bit slow when having background activities(Dropbox, Google Drive syncs, antivirus scanning, searching, copying...), as applications today tend to use more than one thread so you will see many times 100% processor usage, though opening one app is fast, browsing is fast....
After some benchmarks it seems the single core performance is very high while the others are just good, reason being the HP throttling to keep temperatures low (exaggerated if you ask me, on 100% usage laptop works at 55 degrees and it's could have went to 80 degrees and have more power).

See here ; Single core score is similar to core of i7-6820HQ and over 6700HQ but of course, quad-core and multi-core (at least 8 threads) is smaller. SSDs, CPU and GPU over 90th percentile hence high performers for the models but memory not so good (probably because I use different models of DIMMs in dual channel).

I connected it to a 4K monitor at 60Hz through DisplayPort and works well in browsing + office but sometimes it feels the integrated graphics + cpu struggle (to watch a 4K 60Hz video on youtube you need to deactivate the laptop integrated monitor so that GPU has only the external one to handle), then usage is 100% of both CPU and GPU and the video is almost stutter-free.

The battery can keep between 2 hours and 10 hours. 2 hours in full load and 10 hours in very light usage. Most possible scenarios for me would be very light office work - 7 hours and software development with lots of browsing - 3 to 4 hours, which is OK considering the screen, multitude of components and weight(small 46Wh battery).

USB ports are fast. I connected an external SSD (max 320 MB/s in SATA) and it can reach 250 MB/s.

Audio is good, very loud through 3.5 jack, loud enough and very clear through the laptop speakers. Some issues were present at the beginning with drivers as it seems they were disappearing hence I had to reinstall a couple of times. Now everything is OK.

Screen is great (the QHD one). It has a very thin anti-glare layer which is more like semi-anti-glare. There is a bit of reflection compared to other brand anti-glare monitors, but it's also very nice as it's more near to glossy colors. By comparison, my 4K 27 inch monitor is of lower quality with a bit more grainy feeling. It needs a higher luminosity if you keep scaling at 100% (as I do), in order to differentiate characters, and this consumes more battery. The 210 ppi is great, retina-like.

As I said, very light, 1.535 kg with 2 RAM modules, 2 SSDs, WWAN, WLAN, QHD screen.

I recommend the laptop as it's a complete fast mobile work solution. If need to use it as a workstation, look at bigger models.

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Je lijkt blij te zijn met je laptop maar je review vind ik wat warrig...
Yes, I'm not perfect at Dutch yet. I think I will edit it today later and put it in English....
Review changed. I hope English is good :).
Nice laptop indeed. The 1080p touchscreen is very bad though. Very limited contrast and viewing angles. Had some trouble getting the brightness hotkeys working but the hotkey driver pack for this model did the trick.

Very good keyboard, nice touchpad, very silent fan. Like the sizzing of a small water cooker. Or a light wind breeze outside.

Bought a barely used one for 500 euro with 26 months of guarantee to go.

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