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Dark Souls III, PC Review

Ahmed0770 20 april 2016, laatste update op 27 mei 2016, 224 views

Dark Souls III, PC

DIT REVIEW IS IN HET ENGELS. Another entry in the fantastic series.. is it worth it? is it a good ending for the franchise? read the full review.


  • Graphics, aesthetics and art direction are fantastic
  • Gameplay is tweaked and improved
  • PVP well integrated and its very fun
  • The epic moments against the bosses have made a return with few refinements
  • A good variation in creatures and monsters that you fight
  • Music is epic and very appropriate


  • Some of the bosses are disappointing and too easy
  • Some rare frame drops and crashes on PC
  • Unfortunately the last boss was disappointing and the end was not up to par with previous entries in the series


Score: 5Per criterium
Stabiliteit Score: 4
Replaywaarde Score: 5
Prestaties Score: 5
Besturing Score: 5
Geluid Score: 5
Beeld Score: 5
Gameplay Score: 5
Prijs Score: 5

As a DARK SOULS fan I got the Dark souls that I wanted. Its new entry in the fantastic series came without compromising its key features and what everyone loved about Dark Souls. It makes so many little improvement that just makes the game that much more fun, and also introduces new features and ways to explore the dead world of Dark Souls. The sense of exploration is very rewarding and fun. It’s still is very challenging (specially for the new comers to the series) and there is a surprise on every corner.

For the old school fans from Demon Souls and Dark Souls 1 there are a lot of little hints and fan service here and there. And for the new comers the tutorial area have been improved (similar to Dark Souls 2) so you can learn the game a bit before delving in.

Surprisingly to the new players there is actually a story in Dark Souls, except it’s not shoved down your throat. You have to actively look for items lore, and do some reading here and there, talk to this guy and that guy to get more lore and information about what’s going on. It’s rewarding and very special to read about and I think any RPG fan would enjoy it.

Although the story this time around is nothing special. Since it’s just like in Dark Souls 1 and 2 [MILD SPOILERS] you have to link the fire again, and become the lord of cinder after killing the original lords of cinders because they are lazy and don’t want to do any more linking :) .
But it’s not this story that is important in Dark Souls. That’s just an objective for your character. What I personally enjoy in Dark Souls story is the little bits of lore about the ancient worlds that they keep giving you throughout the game. It’s very well written and it tells vague, mysterious and interesting stories.

Aside from story, you fight an endless stream of monsters and creatures that have been created with care and creativity. Every new area has a bunch of new enemy types and each has its own special moves and attributes. Sometimes the new enemies even force the player to change their style to prevail. Something that I actually enjoyed at times, and dreaded at others.In conclusion this is a very good game and a good end for a fantastic franchise. It looks good, it plays good and it sounds good.
It’s so good I’ll be doing NG+ after this..

DONT FORGET: Praise the Sun!

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