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Cube iWork8 Zwart Review

rayhvh 9 januari 2016, 589 views

Cube iWork8 Zwart

Ik heb mijn review over de nieuwe Ultimate editie van deze tablet. Deze tablet is een echt tablet voor power users. Hij heeft zijn nadelen. maar voor zijn prijsklassen ook zeker een hoop plus punten. Mijn review doe ik voor mijn gemak in het engels.


  • Prijs
  • Windows 10
  • Mogelijkheden


  • Niet gemakkelijk
  • Bugs met speaker en wifi
  • Design


Score: 3Per criterium
Mobiliteit en accuduur Score: 4
Warmte en geluid Score: 4
Ergonomie Score: 3
Bouwkwaliteit Score: 4
Beeldkwaliteit Score: 4
Prestaties Score: 4
Featureset Score: 5
Prijs Score: 4

Cube iwork8 Ultimate Tablet.

Normally when talking about an tablet one thinks of the classic android tablets with the classic app icons and functions. To use for entertainment or reading. However, this tablet is very much different. The reason it is, is because it has windows 10 as operating system. Making it more of an laptop then an traditional tablet. In this review I will talk and explain further about the Cube’s iwork8 Ultimate.
Design and build quality.
The first thing you notice after unpacking this device is its size. Its not that large but not really small either, it instantly reminded me of an e reader. you are able to hold it into one hand easily

Its practical to use for reading or presentation
I’ve been able to use it doing an presentation as well. Looking way better and more professional then using an paper note for sneak reminders.

The build quality seems good. It feels medium weight and even with plastic feels strong and with grip.

The second thing I noticed is that its an bit larger then my other 8 inch tablet. the Chuwi Vi8.

The screen is the same. But the edges are larger.
The screen of the tablet while being just 1280 x 800 is actually great. It doesn’t feel like its an low resolution and the IPS panel has some really nice colors. It also comes with an screen protector already on it.

For the alert people under us might have noticed the Cube iwork8 ultimate has no native windows button. Witch is an shame because it works great on its rival. Witch brings me on the next subject.
Inputs and outputs.
With the iwork8 ultimate missing the home button. It does have the other inputs and outputs.

And unlike the chuwi vi8 witch has some problems with HDMI and TF card slot. They work fine on the iwork8 ultimate. Another thing you can consider an input are the camera’s. They, like most if not all tablets on this price range. Aren’t really worth using. Its 2.0 megapixels and looks like even less.

The sound on this tablet is not something to enjoy. Trying to play Adele’s Hello on 100% volume gives me an headache. And that’s not because the song is THAT bad 😉

I also came to notice after playing an song or video on 100% and waiting an minute. The speaker goes into an sound bug making an tick’y noise until another sounds starts to play or the volume is lowered. I’ve recorded the sound and used audio software to boost it up and make it hear able.
Battery life.
Tablets like this one have incredible battery life compared to laptops because of the Intel Atom processors. And an bit less incredible compared to some android tablets like the Samsung tab. However this particular model is average with about 4 hours of using time. It has an 3300mAh battery. While its rival. has an 5000 mAh battery and lasts about an hour and half longer in my experience. But you will be surprised how productive you can be on 5 hours of an tablet like this!
The performance of the tablet actually disappointing. I expected the Atom x5-Z8300 CPU to be faster as the Chuwi’s Atom Z3735F because the base clock is higher. Looking at the scores

iwork8 Ultimate Single-core Score 761 Multi-core Score 2144
Chuwi Vi8 Single-core 782 Multi-core Score 2189
The ROM / storage speed is about the same.

iwork8 ultimate on the left. Chuwi vi8 on the right.

The iwork actually has more free space because unlike the chuwi its not an dual boot android windows tablet. This is an advantage or an disadvantage depending on who your asking.

Now for the WiFi speed.
iwork8 as 1C4C2MG.
Chuwi as Vi8

The chuwi again is the winner. Definitely because the iwork8 has an nasty WiFi bug where it made my entire network really slow by flooding my router.

This bug crashes my router. Notice the 1Mbit/s
Using the iwork8 ultimate / Conclusion.
Well.. where to start. This tablet is definitely for the power user and more advanced users. It took me myself about 8 hours of time to get it to English. The reason being this tablet has no pre-installed English and did NOT want to install it before it had run about 50 optional components that I could not understand because they where in Chinese. These where optional components like handwriting and spelling error checking. I think this is partly Microsoft fault. However the chuwi vi8 came with windows 8.1 installed in Chinese and it only took me. And my cousin witch is fairly new with windows tablet like these. 5 minutes to change. In the video on my Youtube channel you can see how to change it IF it works.

When the tablet is configured in English its an matter of installing your preferred applications and browsers and you’re ready to go. This is where the fun happens. I’ve used mine a lot more then I expected! Taking notes and looking something up without having to take out an entire laptop or booting an desktop PC is just great. Because of the price I consider it an practical tool more then an jewel like phones are these days. With the screen protector on it and it being plastic its easy to give to an kid without fearing it will be destroyed.

My conclusion is to only recommend this tablet to advanced users before its being setup. Android tablets are easier to use. But this is way more productive.



Het scherm kan ook vrij helder. iets wat ik in de review vergeten ben te melden. Voor de prijs van 88 is dit geen verkeerde keus. een toesenbord en muis zijn wel echt handig.

Zelf heb ik de tablet hier gekocht ;
En heb ik deze review nog een keer op me site staan hier :

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