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Bron: AGN3D

AGN Hardware heeft een preview van de S3 Savage 4 in elkaar gepleurt, met o.a. wat info over de performance van het ding:

Well, AGN can't tell you how fast the card will actually be until we get it into our systems.  S3 has provided some benchmark numbers that they generated in-house, which reflect the card as being a solid performer that should out-perform everything available today.  We can not say with good confidence what the Savage4 performance will look like in our rigs, as S3's numbers are more on par with what we have seen from the Savage 3D under our tests.  Please remember that system specs are not the same, and that our numbers in no way are comparable to those generated by S3, or any other source for that matter.

We will how ever make the following assumption.  We expect the Savage4 GT to be very competitive with the TNT2, and we expect the Direct 3D performance of the card to meet or exceed that of the TNT2.  It's just a hunch, so don't get the noose ready just yet.  We also expect the Savage4 Pro to be somewhat comparable with the Voodoo 3 - 3000.  I will not put my self on the line and say that Savage4 Pro will out perform Voodoo 3 - 3000, but on paper, the two cards seem to provide about the same level of features and speed. 

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