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Celeron en TNT overclocking fix

PC Powerhouse heeft wat interessante voor mensen die problemen ondervinden met het overklokken van hun Celeron of TNT:

You definately want to read this if you have been having problems either overclocking your Celeron (lock-ups in Win9x), overclocking your TNT (3D game lock-ups), or a combination of the two. So first off let me say that although my system is stable at 504MHz, when playing 3D games (mostly Half-Life) for any length of time caused either Half-Life to crash, or worse, caused the system to lock-up. What was real bizarre was that I could run endless benchmarks using Quake2 crusher, and 3DMark99, with absolutly no problems. So to run Half-Life I needed to slow the system to 464MHz (still not to shabby, but 504MHz is definately the $hit).

So along comes my fellow web bud Kingman, who goes out and purchased an Abit BH6, Celeron 300a, 64Megs PC100 SDRAM, and a Diamond Viper v550 TNT based card. Now he is telling me that he can't do any 3D when his CPU is overclocked to only 450MHz, yet everything else works just fine. So after countless fiddling (including voltage tweeks to the CPU, adding extra fans to keep the video card cool, and even underclocking his video card using Powerstrip), it's still no good. So I'm thinking maybe his video card is bad, but he say's he hasn't had a problem with the card when running the CPU at 300MHz. Strange is one word that comes to mind.

Anyway, so on Thursday I received some E-Mail that said moving the SDRAM from the first SIMM slot to either slot 2 or 3 could help with CPU / Video card stabiltiy problems. Well, I have no Idea why having the SDRAM in a different slot would make any difference, but I decided to give it a try by moving my SDRAM to slot 3. Well let me just say HOLY $HIT!!!!!!!!! Not only was I able to now run Half-Life at 504MHz, but I can also use PowerStrip to overclock my TNT video card (which I couldn't before without encountering 3D lock-ups). So instead of running my Canopus Spectra at it's default core clock of 90MHz, and memory clock of 110MHz, I cranked it up to 105MHz core and 115MHz memory. The difference when running my Celeron at 504MHz with these changes to the TNT, well so far 3DMark99 (at 800x600x16bit color) went from 2284 to 2358.

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30-01-1999 • 01:52

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