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K7OC Athlon Gold Finger Device review

Op deze site is een review te vinden van het K7OC Athlon Gold Finger Device, waar Femme in deze posting eerder al melding van maakte. Deze GFD blijkt in ieder geval prima te werken: een Athlon 500 behaalde de 800MHz met een voltage van 1.9v.

The card performed very well. I dont know what the deal was with 500MHz but i've still tried and gotten no post. But then again, whats the point of getting one of these devices if you are just going to run it at 500MHz? Its also not the card's fault that my Athlon wouldn't do more than 800MHz, its pretty much maxed out at 800MHz with air cooling. The card performed pretty much the same as the solder mod, except it can't change the cache. So if you dont want to do a lot of soldering, but you are up to doing a little, a simple cache change and this here card and you would be set. Or even better, I've received word that H.Oda's L2 cache divider changing program is going to be available by the end of next week. We shall see.... I was happy I was not able to bump up the bus speed on the K7M and boot with my current mod. But with this Gold Finger Device I could boot at much higher speeds because the FSB wasn't affected. In conclusion, I can say that this is definately worth every penny you will pay for it. Especially at this low cost introductory cost. It does its job, and does a dang good job of doing it. Tom told me he is thinking about raising the prices so if you want one of these you better grab one quick. Would I recommend this card? You bet!! It is the only card I have tested, but it is EXCELLENT! I dont have anything bad to say about this except that there is no way to change the cache, but from what I understand Computer Nerd is going to be selling a Gold Finger Device with optional cache change settings. This card is a great buy anyways.


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ja bij computernerd koop je de losse onderdelen erbij en moet je zelf die modificatie voor de cache maken ik wacht wel op dat proggie van H.Oda

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