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Soyo introduceert 10 nieuwe moederborden

In een wanhopige poging om de aandacht van ons tweakers te verkrijgen werpt Soyo in ene keer maar liefst 10 nieuwe plankjes op de markt. Interessant zijn vooral de SY-K7AIA (slot-A met AMD Irongate chipset), SY-6ICA (slot-1, Camino met 2xRIMM) en SY-6VCA (VIA Apollo Pro 133). Hier een paar happen uit de press release:

Dec. 20, 1999-- Soyo, Inc. rings in the new year with 10 new motherboards and a new IEEE-1394 Firewire adapter to jump start year 2000 sales to system integrators and endusers building Camino, Athlon, consumer PCs as well as Internet appliances. All new Soyo motherboards support next generation CPUs, chipsets, and peripherals with features such as 100/133 system bus support, 4X AGP support, PCI expansion slots, Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports, and UltraDMA/33 support and integrated multimedia, and integrated networking and home PNA controllers on some models. Most models also include AMR slots for installing low-cost Audio/Modem Riser cards. [break] * SY-6ICA / SY-7ICAD (slot-1, Intel i820, 2xRIMM/2xDIMM): [/break] Soyo will offer two new Camino motherboards for Pentium II/III systems, which feature the new Intel 820 chipset. The SY-6ICA ($139 U.S.) and the SY-7ICAD ($139 U.S.) both include Intel's Camino chipset, Pentium II/III CPU support, 100/133 MHz FSB, 4X AGP graphics, and AC 97 Codec Software Audio Solution with an ATA 66/Audio Modem Riser Slot in an ATX form factor. Both boards are expandable to 512MBs RAM. The Soyo SY-6ICA has two RamBus RIMMs slots, while the SY-7ICAD features two DIMMs. [break] * SY-K7AIA (slot-A, AMD Irongate, 5xPCI, 2xISA): [/break] Power users also have of Soyo's SY-K7AIA, which is designed to maximize AMD's Athlon chip. The SY-K7AIA ($145 U.S.) pushes the microprocessor and chipset envelope to a new level with its Single Slot-A socket for AMD's Athlon CPU, AMD-750 chipset, and 200MHz system interface. The ATX form factor board supports all Slot-A AMD CPU's from 500MHz and above and is expandable with 5 PCI and 2 ISA slots. [break] * SY-6VCA / SY-6VCA (slot-1 / socket370, VIA Apollo Pro 133, Virtual Channel PC133 SDRAM support): [/break] VIA Technologies' Apollo PRO133 chipset with 4x AGP graphics support is the base for Soyo's new SY-6VCA ($105 U.S.) and SY-7VCM ($99 U.S.) motherboards. The SY-6VCA supports Intel Pentium II/III CPUs, including the new 733MHz Coppermine CPU, while the SY-7VCM supports Intel's Socket 370 CPUs. Both boards also accommodate PC-133/VCM to 1.5GB, and feature an ATA-66/AC-97 audio/modem riser slot [break] * SY-6IWM / SY-6IWM/L (slot-1, Intel 810/810E, Aureal 8810 audio, micro-ATX): [/break] Intel's ``Whitney'' 810/810E chipsets and Pentium II/III CPUs drive Soyo's Micro ATX footprint SY-6IWM ($115 U.S.) and SY-6IWM/L ($85 U.S.) motherboards. The 810 chipset lowers the cost per system because it eliminates the need for a sound card, video card as well as a modem while not compromising on performance. Soyo has enhanced its Whitney-based boards with an Aureal 8810 hardware audio controller, and embedded direct AGP with 4MB display cache on the SY-6IWM. [break] * SY-6SWM / SY-7SWM / SY-5SSM Pro / SY-7SWF (slot-1, socket370 en socket7 met SiS chipsets): [/break] Soyo will offer four new motherboards for consumer entertainment centers, Internet machines, and business designer desktops. The boards will be based on SiS' 630 and 540 chipsets. The SY-6SWM (Pentium II/III CPU support, $155 U.S.), SY-7SWM (Intel Socket 370), SY-5SSM Pro (Super Socket 7, $79 U.S.), and SY-7SWF (Intel Socket 370, $105 U.S.) will all feature integrated 128-bit 2D/3D Ultra-AGP video and will be LAN/Internet-ready with an integrated Ethernet and 1Mbps Home PNA Controller on the modem port. Home PNA support allows users to be simultaneously connected to the Internet and to a PC in another location. Memory support includes PC-133 SDRAM/VCM to 1GB. Each board will also include a ATA-66/ AC-97 Audio/ Modem Riser Slot and MicroATX form factor, except the SY-7SWF, which uses the Flex ATX form factor.

The SY-7SWF is Soyo's answer for designer desktops and consumer gadget enthusiasts who do not want to compromise style for performance. The SY-7SWF provides power, functionality, and TV/Internet-readiness. With its Flex ATX form factor this sleek new motherboard will allow designers to get creative with their enclosures and develop smaller and more innovative systems for consumer entertainment centers, Internet machines, and business designer desktops with flat panel displays. [break] * SY-1394 (Firewire PCI controller): [/break] Soyo has also announced a ``firewire'' IEEE-1394 host adapter for high-speed file transfers to 400 Mb/sec. Soyo's SY-1394 ($50 U.S.) is an ultra speed PCI Bus card, with single chip 1394a host controller with integrated OHCI and 3 IEEE 1394 ports which can act as a multi-function adapter. Each port may be used for peer-to-peer networking or as controller for 1394-ready DVD set top boxes, digital cameras, camcorders, printers, scanners, and others. This host adapter will enable all existing systems to be IEEE 1394 ready.



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Bron: Yahoo Finance

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