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Burn-in - het helpt

Hardware Extreme heeft wat info van iemand die een weigerende C300A op 450 heeft gekregen door 'm een halve minuut zonder heatsink te laten draaien. Dat geeft maar weer eens aan dat een burn-in werkt, ook al zijn er niet direkt wetenschappelijk bewijzen voor te leveren:

I am a PC hardware vendor and i had a client who needs 10 pieces of 300a (not 4 overclocking though) so i had the chance to test each one of them for their overclocking limits (was hoping to get a 504MHz).Out of the 10 units 4 were boxed, 6 were sl2wm oem 0847 ...when i fired them up, all 6 oems could never get past starting windows 98...even at 2.3 V w/ L2 cache after all the testing i got so frustrated that i inserted the 300a into the slot minus the heatsink...(well, its supposed to be some sort of punishment for the chip for being so stuborn.....) and i left it for about half a min. waiting to fry itself....Turned off the computer, replaced the heatsink , let it cool for a while, then inserted it back(just to see if there was damage to the chip after the BURN IN)...but to my surprise the 300a booted to windows w/out a hitch... i played Quake 2 for about 30 min....still stable...rebooted the compu...still ok... so i though it must have been the burn in thing...although it beats the heck out of me.. i tried it with all other 300a ....the result?...3 out of the 6 units were stable at 450 at 2.2V so thats my story...i hope you get the chance to try it out...and maybe come up w/ an explanation...i really see no relation at to what happened to my 330a...i had the chance to test 4 more units 2 were 0847 sl2wm and 2 are 0846 ...all 4 would not work at 450 but after the burn in the 2 0846 made it to 450 @ 2.2 V...and the 2 0847 can now post and reach the starting windows 98 message but hangs up after that... if u get to try it pls. email me of your results...and some explanations( PLS ) ..i know u guys are the authority on this matter.

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26-01-1999 • 05:26

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