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Door , , 7 reacties
Bron: SystemLogic

Bij SystemLogic hebben ze eens gekeken naar de Pine D'Music portable MP3 speler met in totaal 64MB aan opslagcapaciteit. Hieronder een gedeelte, lees de hele review hier.

The great thing about this player is itís amazing sound quality, no only does it surpass the quality of competitorís products, it has equalization that works wonders, it doesnít change sound style a little bit like other players but there is a huge distinctive change from going to POP from JAZZ and all the others. There is even an equalization setting for extra bass. The frequency range is great and the sound is crisp and solid. There are two modes in this mp3 player, one of them is mp3 and the other is voice, in order to play mp3ís you have to be in the mp3 mode, but if you want to record a note or a conversation, voice mode must be on. This player has a decent microphone and you can hear what you plan to record through the earphones so you can tell how loud the recording will be prior to hitting the REC button the side. This player does not record immediately, there is a brief setup time .After it finishes recording, a file is saved into the memory named Voice001. Although the microphone is great at short distances, for lectures or long range recording, an external microphone is recommended.

The LCD is a great because of the amount of data that it displays. While a song is playing, the title is scrolled from right to left and when you turn off the player, it even says "GOOD BYE!". These little things make this player a touch better than the rest. Navigation through the player is easy, after hitting the Menu key, there is a menu that can be used with the REW and FF keys and the SEL button.

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Reacties (7)

WOW JIM! Hij zegt GoodBye.



Zo kerstman, die wil ik hebbŻh.
I wanna MamboX!!
Ik wil er gewoon een waar je een cdtje in kunt klikkeren, met 64 meg kom je niet ver
Jajajajajjaa ook van Pine,
in februari om precies te zijn : de Mp3-cdrom-discman ($299)
Ik kan niet wachten !
Zo een wil ik dus ook ;) :) :P :9 :7 }> :o :D
Geef mij ook maar zo'n mamboX
kost $179 dollar en zit je tenminste met minstens 650 meg aan toch 10x zoveel!!

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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