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MsI 6163 Nieuw Moederbord.

Ok laten we eens zien wat er in die gloednieuwe board zit...

The packaging contains the manual, the Retention Module and the cables for HDD and FDD and 1 CD. From what I would see, The MSI 6163 looks very similar to the MSI 6119 that I reviewed earlier on. Both has the same footprint. Other than that, the MSI 6163 has 5 PCI, 2 ISA and 1 AGP port for expansion. The most appealing thing about this board is that it now supports the following FSB. 66, 68, 75, 83, 100, 103, 112, 117(2), 124, 129, 133, 138, 143, 148, 153 Mhz.

Other than that, it now includes CPU/System temperature detect, CPU/Chassis Power fan speed detect and CPU/System voltage detect. It also has an optional audio module based on Creative ES1373.

New Features Remote Power On/Off Switch : JRMS1 This is used to connect to a 2 pin push button switch, During OFF state, press once and the system turns on. During ON stage, push once and the system goes to sleep mode : pushing it more than 4 seconds will change its status from ON to OFF. This setting can be changed from BIOS Power Management Setup. TOP TECH II JT3 (Optional) : JT3

This 2 pin connector can be inserted with a 20cm length thermistor. It is located near the chipset heatsink that monitors the chipset temperature. The BIOS Setup for the "TOP TECH. II" should be set to enabled. Chassis Intrusion Switch Case : JCASE CPU Plug and Play II

Well, one of the selling points about ABIT BX6 and BH6 is that it's well known for it's SoftMenuII which you can tweak the multiplier, FSB and voltage for successful overclocking. Now, this useful feature has finally reached the MSI 6163 with the new addition of CPU voltage tweaking. The BIOS will detet CPU working voltage and offers users up to 10% adjustable voltage buffer for users to select them. One thing I find it good is that it's actually able to show you what speed is your PCI devices are running e.g. Adjust CPU Voltage : 2.00V CPU Speed : 350Mhz (100x.3.5) CPU Ratio : x3 CPU Frequency : 68 / 34 Mhz You can also adjust the voltage, CPU speed, CPU ratio etc.

Manual setting is also possible so that you could set the CPU ratio and CPU Frequency accordingly. Clock multiplers supported : 3x - 8x at 0.5 increments FSB supported : 66,68,75,83,100,103,112,117(2),124,129,133,138,154,153 Mhz. Note : If system cannot boot up due to wrong settings. Press F10 until bootup. 117(2) means you can have two different settings of 117mhz with the corresponding PCI speed.

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