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FIC SD11 Athlon mobo review

Bij hebben ze eens gekeken naar de bekende FIC SD11 Athlon mobo. Hieronder een gedeelte uit de review.

The board is ATX, and that's all you will be getting for the time being for the Slot A interface. It fit with plenty of room to spare in my massive CS 802PX. I hooked up the connecters, put in all of the components, and was ready to boot. Power on, bios screen, all was good. I went into the AMI bios setup, and poked around for features. Now FIC has made an attempt in over clocking via fsb settings in the bios. They were in there at 124 and 133MHz memory bus settings. All reports I have received were that they did not work. Well they don't. They are just too high. I would love to see FIC put in some lower settings. I'm certain that they could pull it off. I flashed to the latest bios, and as had been reported, the higher settings are removed in the latest version. Damn. Ok, clean install of Windows 98, install the AGP drivers, and the Via 686A drivers, and I was ready to go.

Stability was one of the major concerns with the Athlon boards. Some Super 7 users may be a bit gun shy from AGP, PCI sound card, and ethernet compatibility problems. No so with the AMD 750 chipset. I tested with the TNT 2, Voodoo 3, MX300, Soundblaster Live, 3Com 905BTX, and the Netgear FA310TX. Now in the past the TNT 2, 3Com 905BTX, and MX300 have given me some troubles when coupled with a super 7 board. I experienced no such problems with the 7IX. Even my Logitech USB mouse worked. I spent a couple of weeks with this board as my main system. That means heavy net use, plenty of office applications, 24/7 RC5 cracking, and a lot of Quake Arena. The board was solid. Of course I was prepared, using a 350 watt power supply and quality PC133 SDRAM for most of the testing. Trust me, spend a little extra on the power supply and ram, and you will be happy.


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euh, foutje, hij heeft het in de review over de 7ix (gigabyte) ipv de fic
Hij vergelijkt hem daar alleen effe met de 7IX. Als je nou effe de link had geklikt...

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