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MSI 6163 Pro mobo review

Bij BXBoards hebben ze een paar dagen geleden een review gepost rondom de MSI 6163 Pro BX moederplaat van Micro-star. Eerdere reviews van dit plankje waren al erg positief, bij BXBoards zijn ze er ook wel erg te spreken over. Hieronder wat over zijn overclocking mogelijkheden:

Overclocking is the name of the game for this MSI board. The MSI board seems to have good stability at overclocked buses. Using my P3 450, I was able to overclock to 607mHz (135mHz bus) at 2.0V (granted its a really good core!). The BIOS used is the standard Award affair. Version 4.51G (slightly older than similarly configured motherboards) graces us with easily customized the BIOS settings. Oddly this motherboard does not have the 103mHz bus, while it is not a major beef of mine some other people may want to get every mHz out of their CPU (i.e. a 300a at 450 which does not go to 504, 464 might be possible, or 496 (110mHz FSB) or 474 (105mHz FSB)). There are several bus speeds in the range of 66-90mHz are good for those that have higher end celerons (a paradox in itself that do not do the jive on the 100mHz FSB. Speeds between 100mHz and 124mHz are well covered as well.

26 Bus speeds are great! The 155mHz bus is extremely high, so only high quality RAM and well selected components can withstand it! Unfortunately stability with several DIMMS at 133mHz or above is rather sketchy, so I would recommend one DIMM for the most insane overclocking success. With my P3 450, I had individually tested a 64MB Micron 8E DIMM all the way up to 142mHz. A 128MB Micron 8C module liked 142 as well. At the 133mHz bus Windows would freeze, but with either DIMM Windows would load fine!

The AGP divider cannot be chosen by the user, it is automatically adjusted (depending on what bus is used). The PCI divider of 4 does not kick in until the 124 Mhz bus. At this FSB speed the PCI is either 41mHz, which is fairly high or some peripherals or 31 mHz which is under the PCI spec of 33.3mHz. Many settings are only available with Spread Spectrum Modulation enabled as well, which is generally not helpful to overclocked stability, as this causes the bus speed to modulate around the chosen frequency. Nevertheless, with Andy's PC133 tests, the board proved as rock solid at high bus speeds as its illustrious predecessor.


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Heb ik. :) Heb ik. :) Leuk stabiel plankje, moet alleen er nog even een nieuwe bios op kwakken. Heb er nu een celly 466@525 op draaien.

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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