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Logitech Wingman Formula Force Feedback review

Bij Review Finder kun je een uitgebreide review vinden van de Logitech Wingman Formula Force Feedback stuurwiel. Hieronder een stukkie copy/paste:

The first thing that surpised me when I plugged this puppy in was that the wheel automatically calibrates itself. When you boot up, the wheel turns by itself all the way to one side, then the other, then to the center. For some reason I found that very cool. I guess I'm easily amused.

This wheel uses the I-Force system from a company called Immersion. Although I-Force is one of two standards (the other is from Microsoft), it's drivers work with just about any game that can use a force feedback controller. I tried it out with Need For Speed: High Stakes, and the included Sports Car GT, and also the demo version of Re-Volt. While it worked well in Re-Volt and Sports Car GT, the effects were most prominent in Need For Speed. Something I didn't even realize until playing Need For Speed with the wheel, is that when you do thing like hit trees, it actually damages your car. The car becomes harder to control (depending what is damaged), and you start to feel all sorts of strange bumps through the steering wheel. If you get too much damage, it can actually become quite difficult to steer properly. I found the force feedback effect in Need For Speed was too strong, and actually had to turn it down a bit, something which is quite easy to do.

My first thought on using the wheel in Need For Speed was "this is no easier than using the joystick", until I figured out why I was having so many problems. Trying to drive an F-50 down a winding country road without taking your foot off the gas, wheel or no wheel, you're going to hit the guardrail an awful lot. Once I learned to liberally apply the brake, my driving improved by orders of magnitude.

The feedback effects really are quite something. When the road turns to cobblestone, the wheel vibrates very realistically, and if you sideswipe a wall or a tree, it jerks the wheel to the side. Every bump in the road is felt, as well as the car's engine.

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01-12-1999 • 18:34

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Reacties (2)

Wijzig sortering
Ik heb stuurtje ook en ik hem van harte aanbevelen.

Alleen de pedalen heb wat weinig gevoel, maar volgens Logitech komen de recentere versies met zwaarder veren.
cool, Logitech Rulez !! leuk dat ze niet de M$standaard gebruiken. :9 :9 Nu nog wachten op Grandprix 3 van micropose... als die al ooit uitkomt :`(

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