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Sony 420GS 19" monitor review

Door , 1 reactie, bron: Scott's Hardware

Bij Scott's Hardware hebben ze een review online geplant rondom de dikke Sony 420GS 19" Trinitron monitor. Deze bak heeft een maximale resolutie van 1600 x 1200 @ 75 Hz en een 0.25 - 0.27 variabele aperture grill. Hieronder een hap uit de conclusie:

For a mid-line model, the Sony 420GS is a exceptional monitor with excellent clarity and sharpness. I could find no noticeable flaws with the display other than the standard two faint gray lines typical of the Trinitron line. These lines are actually damper wires which help support and stabilize the aperture grille, and are only noticeable when you have a very light background on screen. The CRT is also curved in the horizontal plane, although flat in the vertical plane, which is not quite as nice as the true flat screens on the market, but once again this is due to cost as this is a mid-range model.

The Sony 420GS is aimed at the corporate user market, as the inclusion of the front input port and selectable display mode options suggest, thus will be most beneficial for those types of users. If you are a graphic professional looking for a new work monitor, or hard core gamer that has money to burn and needs only the best, I would suggest staying with the top end models with the flat screens. For most general home users looking for a 19" monitor, and those with smaller budgets than the high end allow, this is still a great choice.

Overall I think the Sony 420GPS is an excellent value in its class, and would be a great addition for anyone looking to upgrade a general purpose monitor. The 420GS is a bit higher priced then that of similar monitors in the 19" line, so the Sony name and the quality behind it may, or may not, mean that much to you.

Sony provides a 3 year warranty on the 420GS which includes parts, labor and the CRT. The Sony CDP-420GD has a MSRP of $599, however can be found at a street price of $450.

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30-11-1999 • 14:51

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Bron: Scott's Hardware

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