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Max Payne preview

GibWorld heeft een preview gepost van Max Payne, een first person shooter die ontwikkelt wordt door Remedy Entertainment (Remedy, Bit Boys, FutureMark/Mad Onion allemaal 1 finse pot nat ). De graphics zijn heftig, de storyline is cool en wat betreft gameplay beloofd het een erg tof spel te worden:

The guys at Remedy are real film fanatics, and it shows in the promotional material I have seen! If you have ever watched a John Woo film, you will be at home with Max Payne very quickly, as Max can do almost anything you have seen in the movies. That's right, Max is a very dynamic character, capable of somersaults, sideways jumps, rolling escape moves, and much much more. This means that you can jump sideways from behind a wall, emptying two clips into anyone stupid enough not to duck. Its a scene right out of 'Hard Boiled', probably one of my favorite action movies of all time! Slow motion is another cool effect that will be present to reward you for a particularly skillful kill. If you have ever watched 'The Matrix' you will know what I mean - the scene slows down and rotates, showing the damage to the enemy in slow motion. Spoogeworthy? Not as much as the slow motion rotation effect, which slows the action down almost to a halt whilst panning around the bullet that has just been fired. These effects, of course, could break up the gameplay if overused, so I'm hoping that Remedy are sparing with them. I know that they will be providing an option to turn the feature off, or on in deathmatch if you can't get enough!

In any action game, it is inevitable that the main character will take damage, but many of them seem to neglect the fact that getting shot hurts and may impede your movement. In Max Payne, your character will reflect the damage imposed upon him, limping and holding damaged body parts. There is also a quasi-realistic damage system in place, so damage to certain locations will do much more damage than to others. Get shot in the head and its game over. To aid and hinder Max, there will be a number of different characters throughout the game. Many of these will be enemies and/or bosses that Max has to 'eliminate from his enquiries' with a well placed bullet, but, of course, a few of his old comrades will lend a hand too. All of them, however, will be realized with loving care, and written seamlessly into the plot.

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24-11-1999 • 10:09

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Bron: GibWorld

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